27 November 2012

Tales From The SOUTH Side...
Tis time once again for another installment in the (seemingly) NEVER-ending saga of the societal cesspool quaintly known as Fort Wayne's SOUTH side. Now, this isn't to say that every SINGLE inhabitant dwelling down here in the ghettohood is to be held in contempt, and is only worthy to wear an orange jumpsuit and flip-flops.
There are those (very) few of us who DO remain here, because we believe in something much greater than what others around here (and at City Hall) believe.
We (few) believe that, with the PROPER management and PROPER disciplines, this part of the city CAN (and should) make a comeback, instead of becoming the perennial poster-child for rampant crime, ignorance on the part of so-called city leaders, and bias perpetrated by the minority communities against everyone else (including the POLICE).
I can truthfully state that there is rarely (if ever) a day hat passes where you don't either hear about something going on or witness something out-of-the-ordinary, like this mook driving a FORKLIFT up our street for a few blocks (they "street-legal" NOW in Indiana?), who hasn't worked one day in over 15 years since we lived here, but has been known to conspire with scrappers, hold impromptu yard sales (for weeks), is a former felon with multiple DUIs that still holds a drivers license - (gotta love "the system") and helps people break into other houses.
Aside from that, he's harmless...(yeah, right).
It's always something down here.
With THAT premise in mind, let's look deeper into the specifics that have transpired since last we met.
*** An update to the Foster's Sports Pub shootings.
And here's the story:
Oh, so it was a DRIVE-BY...couldn't have seen THAT one coming down here on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of town.
Considering the INCREASE of like activities down here, it does make sense.
There is not ONE day that passes when you DON'T have some sort of "shooting" (police signal 58) that invariably takes place in this area.
You can check out the SPOT-CRIME website, type in ANY street on the SE side, and then access a 1-3 mile radius of that location to see what I mean. You won't be disappointed.
The two men who were shot are Adrian L. Davis, 34 and Eric D. Lewis, 35, both of Ft. Wayne.
The Eric D. Lewis I found was BLACK, 5'5", 130 lbs and had multiple arrests for cocaine, resisting, and even an escape from a correctional facility. Been on the Allen County grid since 1991.
The Adrian L. Davis I found is also BLACK, 5'10", 190 lbs, with previous arrests for drunk and disorderly, animal breeding permit violations, a pot bust, and sundry vehicular violations. Also been on the Allen County grid since 1996.
SO, perhaps these "victims" aren't as victimized as some would seem to paint them...neither of them is what we would call a stellar citizen, and maybe someone just wants to cull the herd?
Whoever the shooter is, they need MORE RANGE TIME.
Both men gave different vehicle descriptions, too. One man believed the car was WHITE - the other man said it was MAROON.
Can't get much further apart in colors than THAT, can you?
With passing traffic (even at 3AM), they could both be right...sorta, kinda.
Makes you wonder how PROACTIVE the FWPD is when it comes to crimes such as these...(my guess is not all that much - just let 'em shoot one another).
And I base MY findings on FACTS and STATS, so MY guess is often better than most every other city leader's "facts". Plus, I LIVE THE ADVENTURE (much like Remo Williams) every day, and get to see and hear it all (not that I wish to).
But wait, we're far from done...
*** Another shooting on the ...(you guessed it...)...SOUTHEAST side about the time that FWCS was letting out.
And here's THIS story:
According to sources, police are NOT saying if these two shootings were the result of a third party, or "if" the people shot one another.
Gee, wouldn't finding a GUN at the scene clue anyone in?
Well, there was nothing said ABOUT finding any firearm, so we're left to ponder that .
Police are hoping that witnesses would come forward...GOOD LUCK with THAT one.
Considering the TOD (time of day) this shooting occurred, there HAD to have been someone who saw SOMETHING.
Like I said, schoolkids are usually all over the neighborhoods (between 1500-1545 hrs), returning from school, and being dropped off at corners by the buses. hard to believe that no one else was around.
A 19-year old man was transported to hospital from the intersection of Warsaw and Boltz Sts in fair condition. A 24-year old woman was taken to hospital in serious condition, but was downgraded to critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds.
Helluva way to spend a Monday evening, I can tell you.
*** Another apartment complex fire...again.
Here's the story:
This complex is located on the near NE side, but still within the purview of criminal activity (because, as I've stated many times, it's SPREADING both NORTH and WEST from the SE).
If you stop by THIS link from WANE, and then scroll down to read the comments, you'll find some people already know the score at this complex, and that it's not a really "upscale" place to live, thanks to government-sponsorship of SOME of the residents there:
The fire is listed as being caused by a faulty light fixture.
*** Then, there is something we call closure.
And here's the proof:
Antonio Henderson better get used to wearing STRIPES, or at least the color ORANGE (not to be confused with The Color Purple), as he becomes a guest of the jail for more than a few years in his child abuse case.
The kids will be scarred for years after this crap, and how exactly does one pay back the indignities perpetrated against those children?
At least Judge Surbeck noted this thug's lack of remorse for what he did to the children.
See, that's a highly RECURRING THEME with these men today...that lack of remorse...the whole "consequences? what consequences?" gig.
These males (and an increasing number of females now) have absolutely NO qualms about escalating their abnormal behavior to the violence-strewn realm.
They have no societal boundaries for themselves and believe themselves to never be held to ANY standard, except what THEY want to impose upon themselves.
And we let this behavior continue...WHY, again?
*** Lastly today, there is never a lack of "issues" where Wifey and I happen to live, and the problems never seem to go away.
They just keep multiplying like some bacterial infection.
Seems to be a cultural problem.
Some people can talk about cultural diversity until their face falls the hell off, and you are not going to get me to believe that what WE experience down here in the ghettohood is exactly THAT, and that we should embrace it to ANY degree.
That dog just ain't gonna hunt.
These people HAVE NO culture...NO sense of self, NO real identity (save the mugshot at the local hoosegow...is THAT considered a "VALID picture ID"?), NO future, and NO cares about ANY of that...how sad and pathetic that has become.
Such people live for what they can get, legally or (as is the usual case) ILLEGALLY, be it a fraudulent "assistance" application that falls through the government cracks, street pharmaceuticals, firearms...whatever they want to take...they will.
And when government or any other authority turns a deaf ear and a blind eye, that only makes it worse for the taxpaying public that fronts such behavior from a generational standpoint.
Weaning such people off of the government teat will be nothing short of a monumental challenge, and it will most likely cause uproars in many communities that have been riding that gravy-train for FAR too long.
All things do come to an end, sooner or later, and the sooner these people come to realize that, and start fending for themselves, the better off THEY will be, for they will come to understand what is meant by SELF-RELIANCE...and SELF-WORTH...something they lack right now.
It's a good place to start.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"These people HAVE NO culture...NO sense of self, NO real identity (save the mugshot at the local hoosegow...is THAT considered a "VALID picture ID"?), NO future, and NO cares about ANY of that...how sad and pathetic that has become." The sad thing about that is that they have a choice evrey day to change that... but don't, because 70 years of Socialism masquerading as the Democratic party have told them, if you don't get it from the government, you don't need it. Sad because they'll never know the joy of making something of yourself because their leaders have taught them they can get more out of life by not doing so. I saw a t-shirt the other day- "Hard work pays in the end- lazy pays now." Felt like slapping him.

John DuMond said...

What's so strange about driving down the street in a forklift? Everyone in my neighborhood has one now. That whole golf cart craze is so over. And driving to the local tavern on a riding mower is just trashy. ;)

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the DEMS have been working hard at this for DECADES...so the entitlement-driven don't HAVE to...(while everyone ELSE DOES).

What the hell is FAIR about that?

Nothing but CLASS-WARFARE...plain and simple.
(starting to sound like the CASTE system in India, only there, everyone STILL works)
Thank GOd most of "US" get it, and like the "transparency" here...we CAN see right THROUGH them (and their agenda).

Hey, thanks for stopping by and speaking your mind.
I appreciate that.

Stay safe up there

Bob G. said...

John D.:
ROFL...funny you mention a GOLF CART!
Yep, this mook has driven one of THOSE down the street as well as various mopeds and bicycles.
(got a whole multi-year photo file on his ass)

And he NEVER gets stopped (gotta have the PO-PO IN the area FIRST to do that, right?)

He's the proverbial "bad penny that keeps coming back", thanks to our judicial system.

One other guy DOES drive a riding mower (complete with trailer) around...never cut one lawn yet!

Tell 'ya, it IS a freakshow...no doubt about THAT, Boss.

Thanks a lot for rolling up today and commenting.
You stay safe out there in "Cuomo-Land".

catererin said...

why does so much crime, like robberies and shootings happen on the southeast side of Fort Wayne? nothing like that happens here on the southwest side!