26 November 2012

(Cyber) Monday Musings...
Yes, it's THAT time of year again...time to get all those ONLINE bargains (I prefer to get them throughOUT the rolling year), so if you encounter some stoppages, crashes, or traffic slowdowns along the Information Superhighway, you can take solace in knowing that whether you're driving out and about OR logging on your computer, it's not you - some things just SEEM THE SAME
But at least the weather here in the Heartland is cooperating for online shoppers. With some sun, a few clouds, and a high today of ONLY around 40 degrees F, it might be best to get some shopping done in the realm of the digital revolution.
It was nice to spend most of the weekend watching either the JAMES BOND movie marathon (on the CLOO channel) or the FRINGE marathon (very interesting show, now on the Science channel)...both were highly enjoyable, and went very well with Thanksgiving leftovers.
But now we're back to Monday (yawn).
In the meanwhile, while we're "standing" in that "virtual" checkout line, let's see what else has been transpiring since last we met...
*** Yepper, another shooting on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of Fort Wayne.
This time it was a "two-fer", but no deaths resulting from the mayhem.
It happened at Foster's Sports Bar along S. Clinton st.
(gee, didn't we have another shooting around there this year?)
Well, if we check my archives from 2 May 2012, there we go...a shooting back then
Here's the lowdown on this NEWEST shooting:
Now, it's interesting that BOTH men were (according to police) shot outside the bar, but one was found inside the bar, and the other in a nearby house in the 4100 block of S. Lafayette St. Maybe we have some really CARING people down here?
(nah...that can't be it)
Didn't know the bars were open until AFTER 3AM either...maybe we should close them down EARLIER on Sundays?
How about we return to the Blue Laws, and not open them on Sunday AT ALL?
Police are looking for a vehicle that MAY have left the scene, but no description was forthcoming.
Be interesting to find out HOW the questioning goes, given the "nature of the beasts" down here.
Information is harder to find around this part of the ghettohood than a decent retail store...or a book store...or a hobby shop...or a mall...or a safe neighborhood...or a...well, you get the idea.
*** And speaking of retail, there's THIS little gem...
Remember I spoke about how Wifey found this recently open place to get GYROS (and they also have cheesesteaks - not bad, but could use some "help" from someone that lived in Philly). It opened up in the old Long John Silver's building across from the K Mart , which is across the road (rt 27/33) from where the old Southtown Mall used to be, which has been the site of our very own Wal-Mart and Menards.
Well, now we can add THIS establishment to the "recently robbed" among us.
Here's the story:
Chi-Town Fish and Chicken, located at 7505 S. Anthony Blvd are the newest recipients of the "gun-in-your-face" thug demeanor that seems to permeate this part of town.
An undisclosed amount of money was taken by two BLACK robbers (who the hell else?) who then were said to have fled in a PURPLE sport utility vehicle (I have seen a purple GMC JIMMY in our parts - they tend to "stand out" - I'm checking my lists for any tag numbers) last seen heading towards Decatur Rd. and Serenity Drive (a haven for crime in and of itself...thanks entitlement programs!).
Geezus, at THIS rate, we'll lose yet ANOTHER (relatively new) BUSINESS...just as we've lost over a HUNDRED others over the past decade.
And NO ONE downtown at City hall seems to make THIS CONNECTION between crime and the loss of retail or other business...astounding!
That might be because NONE of them LIVE down here...a true DISCONNECT.
*** Like I said at the top, today IS Cyber-Monday, and when it comes to shopping (for me, anyway), I would prefer to shop ONLINE for most things.
We have only TWO malls in the city, both located far from our SE side "madding crowds". Glenbrook up NORTH, and Jefferson Pointe out WEST.
(neither of which is within walking distance of our "Fortress", thank you)
And taking pubic...I mean PUBLIC transportation wouldn't imbue me with a sense of protection either (unless you prefer the smell of stale urine), as would riding a bicycle (unless you prefer getting run off the road or assaulted by the locals).
The ONLY way to feel somewhat "safe" would be to take the CAR (and lock the doors driving about, so you don't get jacked).
So, it's online shopping for me.
I can get free delivery (it comes to me...how quaint), save as much as I could by going to a store, looking for parking, lugging packages around, hoping the car doesn't get broken into, fighting the numbnuts not paying attention WHILE driving, and so on...
What many fail to realize, is that though the REAL stores have their own staff to pay,the "virtual" realm has many people that WORK behind the scenes as well. In many cases they far outnumber the people working IN the stores themselves.
You have the distribution centers, complete with order processors, the warehouse pickers, the packers, and customer service.
Then there are the rail freight handlers, truckers, and air freight personnel that ensure YOUR package gets to YOU, and in good dispatch.
That's a sh*tload of PEOPLE working, and in THIS economy, we want to KEEP them working, right?
Plus, I don't have some over-gregarious (and worried about his/her commission this week) salesperson in my face, playing "twenty questions" when I already KNOW what I want to buy...
NO, I don't need any "assistance", unless you want to arm up, follow me back to our part of Ft. Wayne, and help me take out some neighborhood thugs. THEN, you can "help me"...otherwise, bug off.
*** Anyone ELSE as tired of hearing about this impending "fiscal cliff" as I am?
Seems like every hour ON the hour, we hear this phrase, and I wish to hell they'd call this financial disaster for what it REALLY is.
First off, using the word CLIFF denotes that there is a bottom past the cliff.
We can look at this in TWO ways.
1- It's not so much a "cliff" as it is an ABYSS...a bottomless pit, a void where we don't really know HOW far we're going to fall.
2- It's less a cliff and more like a dip in the road (and that dip could be one of several people in government, from the Prez to Berhanke, to Geitner...or all of the above...whatta dip...LOL)
Hell, it could even be more like a "pothole"...something we run over, shakes the crap out of us, but we still motor on, even if the suspension took a beating in the process.
Cripes, Obama thinks all problems we face in this nation are "just a bump in the road".
Well, bub, we've got some SERIOUS bumpy road staring at us, don't we?
Or, we could say he's trivializing the BAD stuff...as liberals tend to do, unless it serves THEM directly.
In ANY event, and whatever the geological premise this government paints for us, financially-speaking, WE have to keep our heads about us, much like when we're shopping for all those bargains.
*** Lastly today, Wherever you shop during this time of year...be cautious.
There ARE people out there wanting YOUR stuff, and even YOUR identity (to buy more stuff under your name for themselves).
With every advance in some technological venue, there always follows the criminal aspect.
Seems we can never get ahead and stay ahead (it'd be nice for a change).
So, if you're shopping online (at ANY time of year), be wary and make sure the site is SECURE.
Have yourself a good malware detector and eliminator on your computer (two is even better, as long as the programs don't get in each other's way).
And always remember that ANY bargain is only worth what the seller wishes you to pay for it.
In this day of a devalued dollar, it takes more to get the same stuff, which could be downsized like many grocery items.
What is "on sale for 30% off" might actually have been marked UP 20% before it even hit the shelves to cover overhead for the supplier and stores.
That only nets you a TEN PERCENT saving, right?
Do your homework, pay attention to the "fine print" and shop around.
Bargain-hunting is like anything else in life...with practice, you DO get better.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"And NO ONE downtown at City hall seems to make THIS CONNECTION between crime and the loss of retail or other business...astounding!"

Well, you are asking politicians to apply logic. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen, Bob. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I think that LOGIC would be a good first step.

These politicos ALSO need:
-Common Sense
And a lot of other stuff that WE, the knowing, take for granted.

And I stopped holding my breath over THESE assholes a LONG time ago...
After all, I come from PHILLY, where NO ONE with a functioning brain cell EVER holds their breath when it comes to politics THERE!

(and look how well being ignorant has worked for them so far)

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
(now go do some online shopping)

Stay safe out there, J.