20 November 2012

Tuesday Tidbits...
Here we are again, awakening to clouds in the Heartland with a slight chance of some sprinkles (and not the kind you put on ice cream cones).
After that, today's weather is going to be damn near a replay of yesterday...mild temps and partly cloudy skies.
But enough about that, we've got a post today that's packed TIGHTER than a Victoria Secrets Lingerie Revue, so sit back, buckle up and let's get rolling on down the highway...
*** Item - Twinkie the Kid might yet RIDE AGAIN...
Here's the lowdown on the showdown:
Goes to show you can't keep a good snack cake DOWN...especially when some smaller union decides to go up against the TEAMSTERS.
Coming from the East coast, I'm well aware of the Teamsters and how they can "influence" a judge to make him force a mediation between that "other" union and Hostess bosses.
Nice to know SOME things don't change, hmm?
Don't say it's over YET!
*** Item - Goshen Ave. Subway robbed at gunpoint.
Here's the story link:
Yep, can't work a damn job, BUT got himself a gun (and ammo). I'd advise the FWPD to check on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of town for the perp.
It's called EASY money for a REASON, folks, and these people want it for free...like damn near everything else the government gives them.
*** Item - Arby's in Waynedale ALSO robbed.
Here's the link:
This happened this past SATURDAY, but the police are just NOW getting around to telling us...thanks.
Another BLACK MALE...with a GUN (and no job of course) looking for "mo free sh*t fo me"
Both men made a clean getaway, and are still at-large (guess we can ALSO add that they are most likely ARMED AND DANGEROUS?)
*** Item - Got a "Product Review" of sorts to share.
Ever have some casual shoe where the sole detaches itself from the upper body OF that shoe? Becomes a RPIA when you go outside in wet w4eather (I HATE damp socks).
Well, I have such a pair of athletic shoes, and I tried using EPOXY to bond them back together...and that worked for a spell.
Then, the sole separated AGAIN...(what to do?)
I saw this adhesive that's been out since 1972 (how I missed THIS is beyond me), and it's called SHOE-GOO (no sh*t, that's the name).
Bought some at Connelly's Do-It-Best this past weekend and gave it a go.
IT WORKS...(so far), and damn well.
It takes 24 hours to "cure", but it dries clear, is flexible, and makes whatever you put it on WATER-PROOF.
Now, I'm looking about the house for other applications...LOL.
Costs about $6.99 for a 3.4 oz tube, but that will last a while (unless you own more shoes than Imelda Marcos).
It definitely takes care of those flapping or "unbonded" soles in one's life.
As for those OTHER "souls"? That's GOD'S job.
*** Item - Watched the second and final part of Ken Burns THE DUST BOWL last night...and yes, I was still in awe of the spirit shown by some of those that remained there under such terrible conditions.
About 20% of the people in No Man's Land relocated to California, and were immediately treated like outcasts...as the blacks were back then.
Hell, all these people wanted were JOBS, so the family wouldn't starve to death...no hand outs from the government...just a hand UP to attain useful employment. That's a FAR cry from what goes on today, and I think in many ways, today's society has become too comfortable with letting OTHERS do the hard work for them.
Certainly not as much of that AMERICAN SPIRIT as in decades past. And those of us that still hold to such things...well, we might have the edge there, but even we won't be around forever, or maybe not even long enough to change that many minds. But if we change ONE, that's a big deal.
Burns had another excellent story to tell, and he did it extremely well.
I think we can (and should) learn from this.
*** Item - Three boys were robbed at (you guessed it) GUNPOINT on the south side of town.
Here's the story:
Right at the TASTY PIZZA place...where that man working in the shop was killed a few Christmases ago.
Again, it's nice to know SOME things simply don't change on the SOUTH side of the city, thanks to a marvelously APATHETIC bunch of city "leaders".
*** Item - And speaking of things that DON'T change on the SOUTH side...
There's THIS story not to far from our "Fortress"...
Imagine that...drug dealing AND guns found...in a house where a former (violent) FELON was residing.
Busted were Christian D. Shelton, 34 (he'll give CHRISTIANS a bad name with crap like THIS), and Mildred A. Hernandez, 41.
One of the guns (recovered) was reported STOLEN...(who knew?)
(Nice job, people...now, if you want to mosey OVER a few blocks to OUR neck o' the woods and make some MORE arrests...)
*** Item - WANE has a good multi-part series about Fyt. Wayne's VACANT RETAIL SPACES.
Here's the link with video:
Alyssa Ivanson takes us on a look about town, and how MANY retail spaces have been vacant of late, and WHY.
This is a situation that DOESN'T respect areas of the city...it happens ALL OVER.
I can tell you stories about the SE side, where businesses sat VACANT FOR YEARS...most notably the former Southtown Mall site...which was eventually RAZED after a prolonged and costly fight with the people who bought the property.
We also have the VACANT SCOTTS along Decatur Rd.
You can check my archival posts for my musings on these matters...and the truth.
There is SO much more that unfortunately won't be told about this, especially by the city "suits".
You have to dig much deeper for ALL the facts.
*** Item - Lastly today...Ever wonder if America is looking at a DYSTOPIAN future?
Well, Glenn Beck has a new book out called AGENDA 21 - a novel that describes in depth WHAT could be happening to this nation.
Actually, MUCH of the book is based in FACT...as per the TITLE.
Don't know much about this?
Then be unknowledgable no longer...
Here's the WIKI on AGENDA 21:
This is a United Nations backed "plan" to basically seek control over much of our lives...on a GLOBAL scale.
I know it sounds like FICTION, but it's totally FACTUAL in scope AND implementation.
Not a conspiracy theory...cold...hard...fact.
And it's being done incrementally...at the LOCAL levels first.
It's also being touted as being a "voluntary" implementation...that's a big crock of BS.
Here's another YouTube link for what this is all about:
And here is the official website:
All of this might appear warm and fuzzy ON THE SURFACE...and it's MEANT to.
You're NOT supposed to know the REASONING behind it...
And even your city or state leaders might be won over, not knowing the FULL impact of this.
Here is a link to Glenn Beck's site where you can find a plethora of words that are "attached" to Agenda 21, and why you should be LISTENING and LOOKING for them.
Cripes, even DEMOCRATS don't want Agenda 21 to be put into place, and when THOSE liberals are worried, the REST of us should be terrified into doing something to halt it...period.
Fear CAN be a good thing...if properly understood AND utilized.
So pay attention the next time you read about a "new plan" for YOUR city...or watch a town meeting. Listen to certain words that keep popping up, and then you'll see the truth, and THAT will set you free...free to act responsibly to stop this insidious plan for all our futures...a future we really DON'T want to be a part of.
I can state that MANY words on that list have been spoken ALL TOO OFTEN by the city leaders of Fort Wayne, and that's kinda scary.
Quality-of-Life, Buffer Zones, Growth management, Social Justice, Sustainable Communities Partnership, Transit-Oriented Development...and many more have been spoken at local meetings HERE.
Now, if you want a future than makes Orwell's  1984 or Huxley's Brave New World seem GREAT, than sit back on your ass and don't do a damn thing.
But, if you want a place that is (at least) the same as it is today and/or perhaps BETTER than your grandparents could envision, then get busy seeing what you can do to stop Agenda 21 wherever it rears it's heinous head, because this has the possibility of making the book of Revelation seem like a family outing to the park...just not as BIBLICAL in nature...but every bit as horrific.
Time (for us) to make some more best choices...and I think all of us are up to that task.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

We have a lot of that empty retail space in my neck of the woods too. And when a new store comes to town, they usually don't move into one of these spaces. More often than not, they build a completely new building on an empty lot, leaving the abandoned location still abandoned.

Here's a pretty cool site on empty retail space:


Bob G. said...

John D.:
It's funny you mention THAT particular website.

THERE is where I found pictures of OUR former mall...(Southtown, Ft. Wayne)...great site.

Tonight's story on WANE will continue with why they do what you mentioned.
(hint...got a feeling it's ALL about POLITICS - isn't it ALWAYS?)

Hey, thanks for rolling on by today to comment.

You stay safe (and Agenda 21-free) out there.

gadfly said...

Bob G:

As the Teamsters have already said, the Bakery union needs to give its membership the benefit of a secret ballot and the 8% wage reduction contract will be approved.

But wait ... there is yet another Private Equity fund that wants to buy Hostess and the Mexican bakery cartel, Bimbo Grupo, that makes Sara Lee, Brownberry, Thomas Muffins and Entenmann's branded goods wants to buy the Hostess recipes and trademarks.

I am sure that you can readily see the benefit of turning a hostess into a bimbo.

Bob G. said...

Oh, I know there is a line forming to BUY the Hostess brand AND the recipes already (on the off-chance the "deal" falls through).

ROFL...turning a hostess into a bimbo...now THAT is brilliant!

Well said.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting today.

Stay safe (and sugar-filled) out there.