21 November 2012

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of this holiday week...and we're at the doorstep of Thanksgiving.
And if you have NOT begun to THAW your turkey...well, you're going to have some fun tomorrow, that's for sure.
Today's weather will be nice (after some light fog burns off) with a high in the mid-upper 50s, and few if any clouds.
Thursday's weather will be even nicer, with a high in the 60s, before we get a cool-down to seasonable temps.
And speaking of Turkey Day, anyone been noticing how LITTLE regard has been cast at what takes place TOMORROW?
Seems we went from Halloween RIGHT into the Christmas season, and here in Fort Wayne, they're even shooting off FIREWORKS at Parkview Field tonight...WTH for?
We're kind of shuffling Thanksgiving a tad farther down into the deck is would appear.
More about that at the bottom of the post, but first, let's get into today's military quote of the week, known to all of you as: WHO SAID THAT?
"The terrible power of a standing army may usually be exercised by whomever can control it's leaders, as a mighty engine is set in motion by the cranking of a handle."
Sounds pretty deep, especially since we've seen at least FOUR major commanders of OUR armed forces fall by the wayside, and NOT due to wounds inflicted in COMBAT. So, who said that? The answer at the top of FRIDAY'S post.
Meanwhile, back at the Officer's Quarters...
*** The mediation between Hostess Foods and that obstinate union, which a judge had convened has failed to settle the strike OR the problems in that company, so it looks like those 18,000 + employees will get an "early" holiday vacation....in the form of a permanent LAYOFF (without pay).
I guess the TEAMSTERS, even though they CAN assist in bringing people to the mediation table, simply cannot FORCE people to concede anything in order to preserve jobs, as well as the continued viability of the company.
That would mean that Twinkie the Kid got shot off the damn horse.
I wouldn't worry all that much, in spite of this setback...there are more than a FEW other companies interested in purchasing Hostess and quite possibly continuing the product line. As to WHEN that will occur?
Well, that's anyone's guess.
In the meantime, a Happy Holidays to all those put OUT OF WORK by their UNIONS, and to the UNIONS...may those of you IN that union that allowed this to happen choke on a turkey bone tomorrow...you bastards!
*** The second installment (and complete story) of WANE'S "The Big Empty" (large retail space vacancies in Fort Wayne) can be found HERE:
*** Yes, Virginia, the holiday season IS in full swing, as evidenced by the BUSY day yesterday in Fort Wayne, which saw not one, not two, but THREE robberies in the same part of town within a few hours of one another.
Here's the story link:
I just LOVE the title of the article...
"As Robberies SURGE, Police seek HELP".
(my emphasis)
Yeah, I'd say that by being (how many is it again?) TWENTY-ONE officers down in staffing, you DO need help, but your "chief" sure isn't going to give it to you boys and girls out there on the thin blue line.
It's actually interesting to see the police come along AFTER all these robberies occur...
The money's been taken, the perps have vamoosed, the employees are shaken (not stirred), and all the 5-0 can do is watch a video...and HOPE they catch a break.
For ALL this technology we have, nothing is done to be PROACTIVE here.
Now, I always thought that the BEST way to stop crime is to PREVENT crime.
You ain't stopping a damn thing by showing up after the criminal act has already BEEN committed, right?
You're basically an "investigative" minion at that point...trying to FIND whoever did the crime, unless you cop (no pun intended) a break and catch the perp fleeing from the scene, at which point, you give chase and take them down.
FWPD PIO Raquel Foster states "...we always see a spike in robberies at about this time."
Yeah, but THIS year's "spike" is DOUBLE the number of robberies we had LAST year...care to explain THAT one, dear?
Let's not blame it on the ECONOMY...or POVERTY.
These thugs aren't THAT poor that they can't afford a GUN and AMMO, right?
They ARE probably "entitled" though...
-- Let's recap...we had a Chase Bank robbed around 1023 hrs at 6704 E. State Blvd (black male suspect with a gun) , then a Burger Dairy at 1147 hrs (black male and female - the woman had a gun) at 1450 St. Joseph Blvd, and then a Dollar General, located at 6414 E. State Blvd was hit around 1422 hrs (male Hispanic) who also pulled a handgun.
All fled with cash and are still AT LARGE.
And unlike the police statements to the media, I WILL state that ALL these perps should be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS!
(in other words - you see 'em, you shoot 'em FIRST...problem solved. And it will save the city, county and state a LOT of expense and paperwork)
I dunno, but I see this dichotomy at work here.
One the ONE hand, the police are (seemingly) ALWAYS seeking OUR help (from the citizens), and on the OTHER hand, when you attempt to PROVIDE information, you get the brush-off...what the f$ck is up with THAT, anyway?
You either WANT our help...OR NOT. Make up your damn minds.
I already KNOW you get little IF ANY information from most of the mooks, moolies, and morons that abound on the SE side of town, even WHEN you question them AT LENGTH. So why think that EVERYONE ELSE is like-minded and won't be forthcoming with information you CAN use?
That's being extremely presumptuous, isn't it?
Well, that's on YOU (the department)...not me.
You need to get to know (well) those few citizens that WILL provide good information, and on a regular bases, so YOU (law-enforcement) can be BETTER able to know what you're up against down in the ghettohood (since NONE of you even LIVE down here).
Now THAT makes sense, doesn't it?
*** Lastly today...let's tone a down a bit...Tomorrow is THE day...a day for GIVING THANKS.
And I know these days, it doesn't see as if we really DO have much to be thankful for...but that's not the case.
We ALWAYS have something to be thankful for, regardless of how trivial it might seem.
To be thankful that we are ALIVE should be at the top of a lot of lists (I know it is with mine).
And that certainly hits home when you lose a family pet in your arms ON Thanksgiving day...as I did another lifetime ago.
Still, it would be nice to have the other chairs at our table tomorrow filled with loved ones...the ones that have unfortunately passed on.
An empty chair at ANY Thanksgiving table is a somber sight, for we recall who once occupied that chair, and think of them with fondness and love.
To be thankful for FAMILY is very important, whether they are older than us or younger.
Age matters not here.
Their presence does.
Being thankful for WHO we are should also mean something, and not just in God's eyes.
I know that I am thankful for the manner in which I was brought up, what I've been taught, what I have learned both from others and on my own, and thankful for a thirst for knowledge and wanting the truth, and to seek wisdom, rather than settle for falsehoods and deceptions.
I am most thankful for those I have come to know throughout my life, and can call FRIEND.
And I suppose if I knew ALL the people whose lives I've touched, and had them come away with a positive feeling, I would be humbled beyond words.
Well, let's save that for the NEXT life, eh?
-- So, in the best holiday spirit as it relates to Thanksgiving Day, let me say that Wifey and I wish ALL of you the very best of times, whether with family or friends, and know that no matter what may come, we share in the celebration and quiet humility we are bestowed in being TRULY thankful.
Have a fantastic and HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and we'll see you on the other side this Friday.
Do keep those who find themselves in harm's way in your thoughts and prayers.
Be well, make a difference to someone both today AND tomorrow, and always take the time to...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Well, my guess (George McClellan) wasn't close, but it is interesting that you put up this quote as I approach the end of Winston Churchill's The Great Democracies. The speaker is still in the midst of his very prominent part where I'm at.

Bob G. said...

I just thought it would be appropriate considering the way our leaders in the military seem to be "missing in action"...or is that missing BECAUSE of their actions?

Good first step to replace the leaders by whatever means possible...so you can place YOUR people in their stead.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and do stay safe out there.