12 December 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week again, and out here in the Midwest, a rather nice day is planned with temps topping out in the low 40s with a fair amount of sunshine. That's sure to get everyone off to a fine start, unlike those days when you peer outside and just want to go the hell back to bed.
With that said, let's get rolling today and see what lies down the road.
*** First up, our military quote of the week.
"A people that values it's privileges above it's principles soon loses both. "
I think in the present state of affairs with entitlements running rampant and the whole "gimme, gimme" mentality that pervades too much of our nation, THIS quote sums it up nicely.
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the jump zone...
*** We made it to TWENTY-EIGHT HOMICIDES in Ft. Wayne, and I know those of you living in cities where the numbers are a LOT farther into double-digits, if not into TRIPLE digits are wanting to move HERE...DO bring your guns with you!
The latest homicide was the result of Friday's double car-shooting in the 700 block of Milton St, on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE. The person transported to hospital in critical condition died yesterday.
Here's the story:
The latest victim was Jeremy J. Walker, also 22.
If you recall, Paul W. Ward II was the previous victim, and he had a history with the local constabulary.
Walker does not appear to have a prior record (unless there are juvey cases which are not revealed).
What I find both incredible AND typical of such people is the "family relations" they've managed.
Both men (barely men at that), had fiancees (?) and each one sired several children.
Ward had THREE children with his current baby-mama, PLUS took care of her previous FOUR children from "another relationship". Walker had TWO children with HIS baby-mama, AND cared for TWO others from her "previous relationships".
Seems BOTH these guys liked to make babies as well as take care of women who very MUCH loved to make babies.
Cripes, to manage a situation such as these, you'd HAVE to have several jobs, or at least one DAMN GOOD one...like a LAWYER.
Somehow, I have this feeling they were "government-sponsored", so that actually means that WE, THE PEOPLE were taking care of these families, such as they were.
The story goes on to say the typical tripe like "they were always playing video games and joking around"...sorry, that only gets anyone SO FAR in life, and is not usually a job requirement. They were not angels as we have come to know the word.
Ward did perform some landscaping jobs to support his family. Must have been one helluva job with THAT brood at home.
Still, what makes some people wind up at the wrong place at the wrong time?
If both men had REMAINED AT HOME, and were being a father to (all) the children, rather than cruise around, they'd probably still both be alive, right?
There is ALWAYS more to stories like this than meets the eye...you just have to know where to look.
Moving on...
*** Those Chrysler workers that were fired up in Michigan for boozing and smoking dope on their lunch breaks were REINSTATED back at their jobs, by an appeals court. Well, that sinks it for me ever buying a CHRYSLER product.
When a company CEO backs off from unions, you know something's shady about the whole thing.
It was argued that the men were NOT doing these things ON COMPANY PROPERTY...oh, so that makes it all OKAY then, right?
We've got a huge problem with drug use (and alcohol abuse) in the WORKPLACE.
I worked for a window maker here, and I can tell you it happened regularly with some employees, and nothing was ever said.
(and that's why I won't buy windows from that place either)
Thankfully, they moved out of Ft. Wayne, so that's a problem for another town.
I just think that the workplace is NOT where you want to conduct yourself in any manner less than professional.
You can manage to beg off the crap for 8-10 hours, right? 
It benefits you, your company and whatever product you manufacture or service you provide...it's that simple.
*** Parking meter rates may be on the rise in Ft. Wayne.
Here's the story:
Personally, I think this is LONG overdue - you folks here have had it too good with parking fees.
In Philly, it's bad enough TRYING to find a parking space and then having to dump a buck or two in change into the meter for 2 hours (if you get that and the meter isn't faulty).
The only contention I have is the parking FINES levied here (Ft. Wayne).
You only cite for a paltry $5...ROFL!
That's truly laughable.
In Philly, it's at least close to FIFTY BUCKS for expired meters.
And the collection history HERE sucks...how easy is it to scoff away $5?
(pretty damn)
I remember that City clerk Sandy Kennedy mentioned that the city was so far behind in collections along those lines...no way to enforce them, right?
Hell, I rarely GO downtown, let alone park along any street there (rather park in the multi-level garage they provide, and pay those fees).
But for those that DO park along the streets with metered access, you can afford to cough up a few more coins for the privilege, right?
We just need to know that the CITY will follow up and recoup the money owed for all the scofflaws, that's all.
*** For you numerologists out there, today is 12/12/12...real easy to remember, and it's a date we'll not see for quite some time, so enjoy it.
Here's a related story of how some people mark the day:
How's about a special at say...McD's - 12 burgers, 12 drinks, 12 fries for TWELVE bucks?
(sounds like a plan to me...LOL)
Or 12 donuts at DUNKIN @ 12 cents apiece..sure to make the LEOs happy!
Perhaps our ghettohood crack dealers will sell 12 rocks for 12 bucks...nah, never happen, unless it's cut with crushed plasterboard or chalk dust.
Bars can serve 12 beers for 12 bucks, and then the police can wait outside and make some (perhaps 12)  EASY DUI arrests.
Or perhaps at gun shops they can do a sale where the first 12 people for the next 12 hours can buy a 12 gauge shotgun for HALF price?
Now THAT would work down here for home defense REALLY well.
Hey, we need a "feel-good" thing like this to take our minds off of a lousy world, right?
*** Lastly today, as the holidays fast approach, it can sometimes be hard to keep our focus.
Juggling gift-giving among friends and family, sending cards out (yes, some of us STILL do that thing), preparing for visits from loved one both near and far can be a daunting premise.
We are running here and there, buying gifts, stocking up for Christmas dinner, and doing SO many things, we swear we need three of us to get it all done...and yet we manage.
We have done so for a long time, too.
It's nothing new.
Our parents did it, as did our grandparents before that.
The main thing as that they remained steadfast on the task at hand.
And we can do likewise, but it does take a bit of work.
It's easier than we think, but thinking has to figure into the mix.
While we're all out doing holiday things, we also have to be aware of things around us - other drivers (impaired or otherwise distracted), shady characters in parking lots or stores, screaming children from distracted parents, rude shoppers pushing and shoving, and so on.
There was a time when people were NOT nearly as bad, and we were a lot more civil toward one another.
Perhaps it was the season, but I'd like to think we were of a better mind.
We realized we all had to live together and maybe even had to rely on one another.
So, we didn't try to cheese anyone off for no reason.
I think at this time of year, we should remember such things, and practice them a bit more than the rest of the year...and who knows, it just might rub off onto someone else...not a damn thing wrong with that, is there?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Re: Ward and Walker- at least it sounds like they had a hobby... and not too expensive as long as you can duck the child support.

Re: the Chrysler thing: When I was a security guard at UTA Grabill (the old Sheller-Globe), second shift maintenance and engineers always took us out in the parking lot with them so we wouldn't report them- and the guards that trained us toild us it really wasn't worth the hassle of reporting them. Funny thing, though, of the three major injuries that occured to employees during my five years there, NONE of them had anything to do with intoxication or those who indulged. One was a cherry picker that broke and sent a maintenance girl to her death; one was a maintenance guy who neglected to shut down power to a buss bar he was drilling into, and spent several seconds knowing what it was like to be Johnny Storm; and the third was an engineer who failed to be situationally aware and lost a finger to a press.

Bob G. said...

--Hobby...ROFL...yeah, that's just gotta be it, and I'm SURE it's also VERY "tax-deductable" as well.

--Granted there are many cases where absolutely NOTHING happens, and yes, equipment DOES fail, but maybe if the repairman wasn't stoned, he would have CAUGHT the imminent failure...lol.

My Father lost part of his thumb and he was sober as a judge at work.
Had a boss that lost a finger in a punch-press, and HE was sober, too.
It was poor maintenance and old equipment with NO safety-guards on the presses that was to blame in both cases.

Still, why take the chance of toking or boozing...you DO have to drive HOME, right?
Or even better - would YOU buy a car that was built by folks either drunk or high?
(maybe that explains ALL the recalls from those auto makers of late).

Hey, thanks much for stoping by today to comment.

Stay safe up there.