11 December 2012

Slip Slidin' Away...
With the morning here in the Heartland looking a bit more wintry, thanks to some overnight dustings of snow, the police radio is abuzz with all sorts of minor vehicular bumps and bruises, which tells me that there ARE some folks out there thinking their car, truck, or SUV operates in like manner whether it's fair weather OR bad...WRONG!
Thankfully, no REAL accumulation occurred, but there's enough to affect areas that tend to freeze over first, such as bridges, so if you have to venture out this A.M., DO take it easy, because the people driving around you might NOT be.
Meanwhile, let's set our sights on the things that have been going on around us, shall we?
Sit back, get comfy, and top off that refreshing beverage nearby...this will hopefully be an enlightening experience.
*** Anyone see the commercials for the movie Django Unchained yet. It stars Jamie Foxx, who DID portray Ray Charles in an Oscar-winning movie a while back and USED to be a good comic when they had the show In Living Color...
But THESE days, it seems he's taken a few pages out of the "Calypso Louie Farrakhan Book of Racial Hatred" when he smirked on last Saturday's SNL program that in Django "I get to kill all the white people...how great is that?"
And the studio audience CHEERED...
Here's the link (with SNL video clip) for the source story:
Yep, this is a "WTF???" moment to be sure.
Foxx is being called out on this, but NOT by the lame-stream media (biased as THEY are)...wonder why?
Yes, this is the SAME Jamie Foxx that recently called Obama "Our LORD AND SAVIOR"...
Another "WTF???" moment as well.
Must be all that "medical marijuana" in his bloodstream?
Now, suppose I shot my yap off and stated that I get to "...kill all the black boomcar drivers in my neighborhood...how GREAT is THAT?"
Well, although highly sensational AND racially-charged, it sure as hell WOULD be QUIET after such an "urban renewal" policy implementation on MY part.
But you see how this divisiveness works, right?
Still...Obama as lord and savior?
I think the hell NOT.
I'd pray to a head of cabbage before THAT ever happens.
(the cabbage could probably produce something Obama hasn't YET...a national BUDGET)
And speaking of Farrakhan...there's THIS:
*** Calypso Louie goes off on CHRISTMAS...why, I have no idea.
Here's the story link (with video, naturally):
I saw this clip on FOX news, and had one of those "standing there with my mouth gaping open" moments.
There are times when you just cannot believe what your ears are hearing...you MUST be mistaken.
Freedom of speech is ONE thing, but it's STILL against the law to yell "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theater, right?
And this loon has followers out the wazoo - people blindly lock stepping behind his racial, black Muslim rhetoric, inspired by his hatred of a specific RACE of people...wow, just like Adolph Hitler...(how great is that?).
Here's a man that would love to see white people eradicated...period.
Like, if were not for such (white) men, slavery would have lasted longer in the USA, the NAACP would not have been founded when it was, and the Civil Rights movement would have resulted in a lot more bloodshed.
But screw history, right?
Screw all those white men that saw BLACKS AS EQUALS, and did something about righting a huge injustice, right?
Goes to show that James Earl Ray shot the WRONG man...
Wouldn't bother me one damn bit if someone offed Louie...be a godsend to the human race.
Then again, it WAS white men, specifically the DEMOCRATS that OPPOSED freedom of the slaves (and actually began the KKK) in America...check your history.
And it was a WHITE MAN (one Lyndon B. Johnson) who began a very large slide down a very slippery slope when he enacted the WELFARE program.
Originally meant as a "safety net" for the recently indigent, it was also meant to be...(wait for it)...TEMPORARY - IN - NATURE...!!!
It was never meant to become a damn LIFESTYLE CHOICE.
(but so many entitlement-driven blacks have taken to it that way, as did whites and Hispanics, and now, we about HALF of the total population of this nation waiting to queue up for a ride on the gravy-train)
As we see, our government has sought to constantly INCREASE welfare to many undeserving people, while denying needed assistance for those requiring it...like the elderly on fixed incomes (who get a COLA raise IF the government is feeling magnanimous).
Just another crock of sh*t, folks!
*** A little closer to home (Ft. Wayne), we have this wonderful tidbit of trash:
This article deals with the city "wanting" (which actually means claiming eminent domain and SEIZING) properties near the ballpark to "redevelop".
Now, anyone with half a brain, KNOWS that means someone's going to HAVE to move.
Greg Leatherman (Cripes, not THIS whack-job again) Misdirector of Redevelopment, says: "the idea is to create a site that is prime for...especially residential development".
Gee, isn't most of it ALREADY RESIDENTIAL in nature?
(sure, Bob, but most of the houses are boarded up or are rentals)
Well, we can't have THAT, can we?
Would it not be CHEAPER (all around) to just RENOVATE the EXISTING structures and then do the "historical district" gig as a marketing gimmick to SELL them to buyers? C'mon now, use your f$cking BRAIN for a change, Greg! Stop thinking with your glands.
Studies have indicated that having MORE people living downtown will spur MORE development THERE.
And after all, that's what's REALLY important...DOWNTOWN...screw the rest of us, and especially screw the SE side, where we seriously NEED some "redevelopment"...or ANY f$cking development that would bring about a POSITIVE change...right?
You can have the BEST damn downtown area on the freaking planet, and if other (purposely neglected) areas of the city remain intact, if not growing outward, it won't mean a damn thing, because ANY city is ONLY AS GOOD AS IT'S WORST AREA, people!
I love the mentality of these so-called city leaders...hurray for ME; the hell with you!
Besides, don't we already have ENOUGH "white elephants" in Fort Wayne?
(apparently not enough for the Rajah, our mayor)
Time will tell...and so will all the wasted money.
*** Remember when I spoke about AGENDA 21 - the global plan to control most every aspect of humanity?
Well, here's more PROOF that the plan (not a conspiracy theory) IS moving forward:
The (...cue that "Darth Vader theme" music...) NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COUNCIL released a 140 page report (that was probably held captive against it's will) stating we're all in for some serious "trends" that will "TRANSFORM THE WORLD" within the next 18 years.
(pay no attention to those men behind the curtain, KOMRADE)
Here's the WIKI for the NIC:
There are FOUR major trends the report focused on, and they are:
1) The end of U.S. global dominance.
2) The rising power of individuals against the states.
3) A rising middle class whose demands challenge government.
4) A Gordian Knot of water, food, and energy shortages.
BTW, a Gordian knot is from the legends of antiquity and here's THAT WIKI:
Think of it as that huge ball of Christmas lights that Clark Griswold handed to his son, Rusty to UN-tangle.
Leading this dog and pony show is nothing short of the "crisis-prone" global economy.
What is in this report paints a rather bleak future, and it's NOT because the USA is having difficulties.
It's the REST of the world that impacts upon what goes on in OUR country, sad to say.
OUR problems (here) just "enhance" the situation, and could literally HASTEN it.
The era of Pax Americana, which began around 1945 is fast winding down...so says this report.
Despite that, the reports goes on to say that America will remain: "first among equals" in 2030.
(well laa-dee-f$cking-dah)
Wonder how much levelling of how many playing fields THAT will entail...hmm?
*** Lastly today, I know how bad it can be to focus on the holidays , what with all the angst going on around us,both here and across the globe.
And you probably ask yourself where you fit in with all this?
Well, we each have our parts to play in this worldwide "theater of the absurd", but that doesn't mean we're relegated to being the stage-worn buffoons in this tale.
Nor are we mere backgroynd scenery...
We are much more than any of that.
We can still make good decisions, question the things that require it, and demand answers to their questions.
Some might contend we're no longer THE #1 country in the world, but I assure you that we're MILES ahead of whoever is NUMBER TWO.
And in that, I believe we can all find some solace.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

I've seen the trailer for that movie DJANGO UNCHAINED. It actually looks pretty good. I'll probably see it if the opportunity arises.

As for Jamie Foxx, I'm not going to get too worked up about his SNL performance. What he said was part of the opening monologue, which is supposed to be funny. It wasn't, but that's par for the course of about 80-90% of what they do on SNL these days. And Foxx has long been up front about his views, and his views make him a jerkweed in my book. Just like a goodly portion of the folks that provide us with our entertainment. If you expect a jerk to be a jerk, you'll never be disappointed.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, I initially thought the preview appeared ok (not as good as the original SHAFT, though...lol)
I just get tired of being made to "want to feel guilty", as I'm sure a LOT of us are these days.
Hell, "we" didn't do a damn thing to warrant such verbal (or even physical) attacks.

To think Foxx portrayed Ray Charles...and RAY was a REPUBLICAN...love the irony there.

SNL hasn't had consistently FUNNY material for a VERY LONG time (imho).
I look at them as "Bill Maher Lite"!

Good to know I'm "not disappointed", as you wonderfully put it.

Jerks WILL be jerks, will they not?
(now THERE'S transparency for 'ya...LOL)

Hey, thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Roll safe out there.