03 December 2012

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the (foggy) month of December here in the Heartland.
That's right, no sleet, no snow, no ice...just some morning FOG.
Temps today will climb into the 60s, but after tomorrow, it'll feel a bit more like December...sorta, kinda.
(we might even see some snow/rain mix by week's end)
So, without any further ado, let us plow forward into the last month of the year.
*** A city, any city can be described in a vast number of ways...
I like to use the prologue of "A city is only as good as it's..." - you can fill in the blank with whatever you deem appropriate.
Now, I can faithfully add a "new" finish to that sentence.
"A city is only AS GOOD AS it's POLICE DISPATCH".
See, we have this asshole in the neighborhood that bought a sh*tload of fireworks and feels the need to set them of randomly during the evening...very disturbing if you're reading, or doing anything normal people would be doing about the house.
This moron doesn't set that many off...just enough to make you jump...several times a night.
Needless to say that scares the crap out of the pets, and must bother infants (unless they're already deaf from the loud music abounding from boomcars).
So, on Saturday night, I do what ANY law-abiding citizen would do (after several large items were set off)...call in the "Marines", or in this particular urban scenario...the FWPD.
I placed the call into dispatch around 1700 hrs., and having been monitoring the radio, didn't notice any real situations requiring the police to be elsewhere OTHER than our part of the ghettohood.
I told dispatch I wanted to report fireworks being set off, and was put ON HOLD...FOR FIVE F$CKING MINUTES - (seemed I was rather PUT ON IGNORE instead) at which point I hung the hell up.
Suffice it to say, I'm still quite pissed off over this.
I am thinking of contacting the mayor and giving HIM a nice large piece of my mind!
This is nothing short of inexcusable.
(but is also typical of New Years Eve...another post for another day)
Now, this "could" have just as easily have been mistaken for GUNFIRE, in which case, we would have some sort of issue that obviously would not be readily addressed, thanks to dispatch's FUBAR handling of MY call.
The police (and dispatch) are PAID by the goddamn TAXPAYERS, and if one were to make a "business-related" analogy to this, one might say WE, the citizens are the "customers", while the police are the ones providing a SERVICE.
Well, it's been said that one SATISFIED CUSTOMER will tell FIVE people, while ONE PO'ed CUSTOMER will tell TEN...that's just the ratio retail uses.
And for the taxes, I'd like to EXPECT better "customer service".
Now, I'm NOT placing blame on the boys and girl in BLUE on our streets...they're too busy "chasing the radio", instead of doing PATROLS that could negate much of the problems we suffer daily.
The BLAME rests on the COMMAND STAFF and DISPATCH in the piss-poor handling of this city's most crime-ridden area (that would be us).
What I;m noticing is less and less REAL police work, and more and more "follow up" investigative work being done by the FWPD.
Gee, that used to be the realm of ones we used to call DETECTIVES.
THEY were the ones that showed up AFTER something bad happened.
Personally, if the department wants to "make this up" to ME, they can GIVE me a lifetime CCW permit GRATIS...wave the $125 cost.
You see, when SECONDS count, the police ARE still only MINUTES AWAY (if not LONGER, thanks to the method used to determine the PRIORITY of a given call into dispatch, like the ones that get IGNORED such as MINE).
If you want to truly SERVE THE PUBLIC, then EVERY call should be IMPORTANT.
You let enough "small ones" slip through society's cracks, and pretty soon, you've got more BIG ones than you can handle, especially when you're OVER TWENTY officers down in staffing for street work, right?
It really makes me stop and think when I see much smaller towns with much smaller police forces doing BETTER police work on a more consistent basis. THEY make more arrests, and wind up preventing more crime than we have in larger cities.
Must be that damn RATIO of officers to citizens...or better prioritizing by THOSE command staffs making the difference?
Who can say, but I can only wonder what will come next?
Being put on hold by the local SUICIDE-PREVENTION HOTLINE?
You never can tell in THIS city...but you can look to other cities like DETROIT for a peek into OUR future.
Meanwhile, back in the Squad Room...
*** Another shooting on the near EAST side of Ft. Wayne.
Here's the story:
This happened in the East Central Towers and Gardens Apts, located at 901 Francis St at E. Wayne St.
The victim, shot in the leg, was Kyle Bolton, 21. He was transported to hospital in fair condition.
No suspect description has been released, BUT police want YOUR
help in finding who the person was. Now, HOW THE F$CK can I possibly know WHO the perp might be when YOU don't provide a DESCRIPTION, hmm?
Do I LOOK like f$cking KRESKIN or something?
(lemme check my TAROT deck...or gaze into my crystal ball)
Again...lousy "customer service", isn't it?
I mean SOMEONE (like the victim) should have seen who SHOT him, right?
Maybe we should not question or "interview" people as much as interrogate them?
(there is a difference, and one often leads to MORE information forthcoming)
You INTERVIEW prospective EMPLOYEES...not victims or suspects.
Jeezus, whatta BIZARRO WORLD mentality.
*** Now, if you think that the FWPD are only chasing the radio...think again.
They ALSO chase LEADS, like in THIS story:
Seems we have a case of snatch and grab of GIFT CARDS from a SOUTHSIDE CHURCH, and this woman is believed to be the person of interest who's been USING them to "feather her own nest" at someone else's EXPENSE.
The church is located at 5310 Old Mill Road (Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ft. Wayne), and they reported the theft on 15 Nov.
(took a HALF MONTH to show a screen cap of tihs person???)
An A/C unit was shoved from a window to gain access to the church, where the gift cards were taken.
A computer, a new sound system and cash was also taken, totalling $6400.00.
One of the gift cards, a CVS card was used at the location at 3918 S. Calhoun St.
Always good to get out EARLY to shop for those significant others in your ghetto-crib, isn't it?
(even if OTHERS paying for it, thanks to your sticky fingers and criminal mindset).
*** An icon of our very own U.S. Navy says "farewell"...
America's FIRST nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Enterprise has been deactivated this past weekend in a ceremony out in Norfolk, VA.
Here's the lowdown:
And here's the WIKI on this proud ship:
Launched on 24 September 1960, she was the longest serving aircraft carrier in U.S. history, taking part in every war since Vietnam.
And she was her own "Class" vessel. Every other "CVN" since has only had TWO reactors onboard, while Enterprise had EIGHT.
Her distinct "island" (tower) was part of her trademark wherever she served.
I had a former co-worker that served on her during the 'Nam, and he was part of the flight deck crew (fueler), and he always remarked how BIG she was..and how easily LOST you could get below decks, even on "Broadway"...LOL.
The name ENTERPRISE dates back to Revolutionary days when a sloop-of-war served in the Continental Navy (1775). She was decommissioned a mere two years later and burned to prevent capture. A schooner class vessel bearing the name sailed in 1776.
Here's the WIKI on ALL the vessels with the name ENTERPRISE (including Star Trek)
Now, if you think that "The Big E" as she was called, is no longer...well, there are plans for a NEW ENTERPRISE (CVN-80)
And, like her fictional 23rd century counterpart, you can NEVER go long WITHOUT a vessel named...ENTERPRISE.
(all we need is a CAPTAIN NAMED KIRK)
*** Last up today...yep, it's time to begin the "decorating protocol" around our "Fortress", and I will be doing so throughout the week.
I will start in the living room, as it has the MOST decorations and is the room most seen by anyone entering our abode.
Wifey and I did get out to K-Mart this weekend and snag us a 2012 Christmas Bear. (on sale for $9 - down from $15 earlier)
So, within the week, we will have the house decorated for the holidays.
But, it's always bittersweet for me...times past remembered of better days.
In some ways, I like having a festive house, while on the other hand, there are reasons to not want it.
I mean, you DO have to take it all down (again), although some idiots leave the lights up all year (lazy), and some put them up by Thanksgiving (impatient). Some don't even bother at all (apathetic).
We are someplace in-between...and yet detached from these people.
I suppose the holidays would be better if the locals weren't so obnoxious with THEIR celebratory gatherings.
Way too loud (as they are all the rest of the damn year), drunken on any given day (moderation is not on their list), and inconsiderate beyond compare (other people ALSO exist in "your" universe, pal)...these are the trademarks that are representative of most ANY holiday down here.
So, you can see why my reverie when it comes to what the holidays mean, is somewhat tarnished by THEIR behavior.
Still, I'll make the best I can of it...as I usually do.
All the while wondering how LONG it would take to get the police HERE...should I ever...need....them...!
Ignorance might be bliss, but I'd rather side with responsiveness and effectiveness than blissfulness when it comes to protecting ALL citizens.
I think that would work for ANY of us, right?
Do have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Next time you call dispatch, use your "ghetto accent" and see if you get better service. Or have Mrs. G get on the line and tearfully explain about the noises that have her in fear of her life.
It might be they just know you too well... no excuse,butuntil they take down the "If this man should call..." sign...

Bob G. said...

'Ya know...if I was chronically guilty of doing the "Butt-Dial Bossanova", and chasing an officer out to OUR place like SO many idiots around here do EVERY single week (or more), I guess I COULD see a picture of me along with my phone number on the FWPD's dispatch "Watchlist wall of shame"..LOL.

But I call only about TWICE a month (sometimes, not at all - depends on the idiots).

One would think "We'd be getting a better return for our investment"
Guess King Henry, Prince Rusty, and the Duke of Ellington, Councilman Glynn Hines, think OTHERWISE.

Maybe they're all just plain,...dare I say it?...RACIST!
It does work both sides of any street.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting today.

You stay safe up there.