04 December 2012

Tuesday Tidbits...
If you're a duck, you will just LOVE the earlier part of today...starting with rain and then progressing into LOWER temperatures (yes, today will be back-asswards) then breaking clouds by tonight, where it will become DARK... and remain so until tomorrow morning.
In the meantime, sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage, and let's see just HOW screwed up the world has been making itself since a mere 24 hours ago, hmm?
*** Oh my God, they KILLED Papa Smurf...you bastards!
Well, maybe not the "REAL" Papa Smurf, but a reasonable facsimile.
Here's the scoop (that they probably needed for the "body" ):
((Warning - this next photo could be TOO INTENSE for small children! )) - lol.
Seems SOME people (in Angola, IN) have a little TOO much time on their felonious hands these days ('ya think?) when a Papa Smurf plush was detonated in an Angola neighborhood.
People heard the boom blocks away, and one person who moved there from Chicago felt as if she was right BACK in Chi-Town.
Local police are investigating the fireworks-stuffed doll, and have made no arrests.
Yeah, it's pretty smurffin' sad when folks feel the "need" to display their smurfin' stupidity is such way that could traumatize little smurfin' children.
(nah, these idiots were just practicing their 1st Amendment "rights"...to BE f$cking stupid!!!)
I'm sure the ACLU would toss out ANY case against the perp(s).
Gee, if the people in Angola are bothered by this ONE incident, they ought to thank their lucky stars they're NOT in MY part of the ghettohood of Ft. Wayne come New Year's Eve...when it sounds just like when an embassy comes under attack in Benghazi...!
*** Sportscaster Bob Costas blames a GUN for the death of a Kansas City Chiefs football player and his girlfriend.
Yeah, and I blame FLIES FOR GARBAGE...and CARS FOR DUI DEATHS, as well.
Here we go AGAIN...with the lame-ass gun-control assholes that would deny you YOUR 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
Perhaps Costas misspoke about guns...I don't know the man personally, so I can't say, but to use a HALFTIME event to proselytize his feelings towards firearms makes NO sense, and should be dealt with by NBC accordingly (which means rather than fine or even fire him, they'll pat him on the back as any leftard would and say "That's okay"...you're not a conservative, so we won't bust on you!").
I will say that's just ONE more reason not to watch football in America any longer.
As to the killings?
It was a PERSON that killed both his girlfriend and himself...and if he was that set on offing the both of them, and didn't have access to a firearm, he could have used a KNIFE on the girlfriend (where have we heard THAT before?), or, given his sheer SIZE...his own TWO HANDS.
And he could have just drove his vehicle into a tree or something, or slit his own throat.
Sure is a far cry from the days where footballers RARELYIF EVER committed such crimes...they were too busy NOT taking steroids or pain-killing drugs that could alter their brain chemistry, and they were NOT being hit by such chemically-enhanced mega-brutes on a weekly basis.
Is this a tragedy? Depends on your POV.
I think it's more a "sign of our times"...anything to entertain...anything that's sensational.
THAT is what brings the sheeple to the stadiums (and TV screens) every week...just ask ANY Roman emperor.
Bread and Circuses, baby!
*** There is an epilogue to the good-samaritan NYPD officer/homeless man story.
And here's the "4-1-1":
(courtesy of the POLICE-ONE website)
Goes to show that "no good deed ever goes unpunished".
The homeless man (who was helped by NYPD officer Larry DePrimo), Jefferey Hillman of Plainfield, NJ (what's he doing in NYC?) was recently seen BAREFOOT AGAIN...I mean WTF???
Yep, seems that Homeless Jeff wants IN on all the viral ACTION (who knew?).
And he's hidden the boots given to him (in a gov't-sponsored apartment?) because "They're worth a lot of money".
He states the picture was circulated WITHOUT his PERMISSION...?!?
Guess the NEXT step for Jeffy will be to SUE the city of NEW YORK for all the surveillance pictures they probably have of him wandering about Manhattan?
Or, he could just be cited for...LOITERING.
Yes folks...MORE signs of our times.
*** This story has got me scratching my head...
And here's the link:
Now, as you know, Wifey and I like to grocery shop on a specific day (and early enough to not be bothered by crowds), so imagine our surprise THIS past week when we bop over to the Scotts in Waynedale to find NO KROGER BRAND BREAD on the shelves...AT ALL!
Granted, they DID have other, more EXPENSIVE brands, but we buy the $1 "Kroger" loaf (round top)...tastes the SAME and works for us (in a bad economy).
But here, we have Aunt Millie bakeries DONATING all these loaves to the COMMUNITY HARVEST FOOD BANK (to be given out for free), and WE can't even BUY the common loaves we WANT...somehow, that's just not "kosher" to me.
Maybe, we should stop by the food bank, and like (too many) others, fraudulently NAB us some free bread?
Nah, I like to SLEEP at night whenever possible, barring the noise from those who DO frequent the food bank in their ESCALADES and other assorted NEW vehicles that the government sponsors them with.
BTW, this is NOT the first time that the Waynedale Scotts store has been DEVOID of bread...time for a Bobby G. "Nasty-Gram" to their website..
*** And speaking of NASTY-GRAMS...
We have this problem in our ghettohood - vehicles that sit...and sit...and sit some more...for WEEKS and then MONTHS on properties without being started, worked on or moved a single inch.
And, according to city ordinance, THAT is a violation, and citable.
--City code - 72.07, 72.23, and 72.24 - courtesy of the AMLEGAL website.
Amazing that "I" know this, but the city DOES NOT (and they created it).
But, as is the case, there must be a different "set of rules" for such people and their vehicles.
I've been TRYING to get Neighborhood Code Enforcement to have the vehicles tagged and/or towed for OVER A MONTH, and still, they sit.
I used to regard NCE with a greater modicum of respect because they did a decent job...these days, not so much.
Some folks detest NCE, calling them Nazis, whenever they come to THEIR neighborhood, because the department DOES do something someone usually doesn't like.
That's called ENFORCING THE CITY CODES, dumbass!
Around here, it's more like pulling teeth...a LOT.
I don't know the REASON behind this, but I know an eyesore is STILL an eyesore, and an invitation for CRIME.
Just more of the type of things you, the average citizen NEVER hear about, because no one EVER does a report on it.
(so, like most things down here, it gets ignored)
Well, not if I have anything to say about it...it will be noted HERE, if nowhere else.
*** Lastly today, I got all the Christmas bears into the living room...and I've come to several conclusions:
We need:
1) a bigger sofa
2) fewer bears
3) smaller bears,
4) a larger house (my personal favorite...FAR away from this sh*t)
5) some folding chairs to sit upon, should we ever have more than ONE person in that room at a time...LOL.!
Like I said yesterday, for me, it does get a bit harder to REALLY fall into the holiday spirit.
When you were a child, it was SO damn easy, even when it as a "lean" Christmas.
When you had family around, and a sense of being protected and safe, it was...well, easy.
When you had friends over to share the holidays with, it was quite easy.
But, as you get older, too much of the "charm" wears off, like the shine on a new coin.
Still, you TRY and make the best of it, given the circumstances....you want to recapture that feeling of your youth.
And sometimes, that is enough...the TRYING.
I do like the holidays..the smells, the music, the decorations, and yes, even the gift-giving.
I LIKE it when you can put the world outside for a spell, and just enjoy the season and it's meaning for a brief time.
It's just that we have to work at it a bit MORE these days...that's all.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"...these idiots were just practicing their 1st Amendment "rights"...to BE f$cking stupid!!!"

Someone needs to tell those clowns that that's what Election Day is for.

As for the "If he didn't have a gun, these people would still be alive" argument, did these folks miss the (multiple) news stories about the bow-and-arrow murder/suicide in Casper, WY. The guy used a bow and arrow for one of the murders, and a knife for another murder and his suicide. It ain't the tool, it's the man holding it. This is just common sense, but there's a serious shortage of that these days.

ms nk rey said...

The house across from me was abandon years ago and neglected even though there are ordinances and laws here in Podunk. It has taken years to get something done about it. There were abandon vehicles in the yard, as well as piles of scrap metal. I feel for you as it is very frustrating to try to work with in the system. and about your needing a bigger house, I could not agree more, and it needs to be in a safer part of town. I can't believe how bad it is in your area. It used to be so nice.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I keep saying it's BIZARRO WORLD...everything is going the WRONG way...and is TOTALLY ass-backwards!

Too many people will believe the falsehoods, turn to the most charismatic, embrace the opposite of common sense, and do anything that WE used to think was the RIGHT things (to pursue) in life.

And we call THIS "progress"?

I'm just not convinced, as I know YOU are not as well.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Roll safe out there.

Bob G. said...

- "If the system is SUPPOSED to be for ALL the people, then WHY make it SO hard to get anything done BY those same people?" seems to be MY querstion.

But Lord help anyone when the CITY DECIDES to do something like practice "eminent domain", and literally FORCE people out of a particular place (for the CITY'S benefit).

Again, we see evidence of this nasty-ass DOUBLE STANDARD-ism we have running rampant in this country.

Didn't use to BE that way, did it?

As to a larger house...well, there IS that "mansion" awaiting me in the NEXT life - plenty of room for Christmas Bears THERE, eh?

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment today.

You stay safe and well down there.