22 January 2013

Baby, It's COLD Outside...
It's a morning reminiscent of something out of Scott of the Antarctic, or perhaps The Red Tent (both good movies, mind you), with temps ONLY in the single digits...toss in a decent wind chill factor and it "feels" like FIFTEEN BELOW.
But, never fear...the high today will reach a balmy TEN DEGREES!
Sorry folks, but that's all she wrote.
Then, we slip back INTO the deep-freeze overnight, and get to do this all over again TOMORROW.
Global warming....climate change...whatever...um, yeah...not convinced all that much...how 'bout YOU?
In the meantime, let's pour something HOT into our cups this morning, and settle back to more comfortable condition in our humble dwellings, as we see what's been shaking (beside anyone who's been outside today)...okay?
If you'll permit, please pardon me while I give in to the side of myself that feels this need to RANT...just a bit.
*** The "inauguration" of our very own "anointed one" went without a hitch yesterday, and I am happy to say I watched NONE of it, save for whatever snippets they showed on the local newscasts...
And even THEN, I flipped the channel, so my "exposure" to our poser-in-chief WAS minimal.
I DID however, download the TRANSCRIPT of the speech from "that guy"...as something to hold over his head, should the need arise (by next week).
There is this annoying constant that our fearless leader professes whenever he DOES make a speech...it's usually on an 8th grade reading level.
And that says that you CAN attend Harvard, AND graduate as smart as an 8th grader.
It also speaks to the LOW-INFORMATION people in this country...literally.
Interesting to note that our Anointed One also "borrowed" from THREE of Lincoln's speeches...so much for originality, hmm?
Sounded more like a CAMPAIGN speech than anything else, but what can you expect from someone not FULLY QUALIFIED to be President in the first place?
This guy NEVER stops campaigning...that's his PROBLEM!
He just wants things HIS way...period...like that spoiled brat that no one wants to play with.
It's always about him. (the "me" aspect of narcissism)
But fortunately for the Whiner-in-Chief, he has his minions...his blind followers...those who idolize him and whatever he has to say.
And, as cold as it is TODAY, he might even "walk on water".
Yes friends, another four years of (as Bernie Goldberg put it in his book of the same title) A SLOBBERING LOVE AFFAIR.
And quaintly enough, Mr. Goldberg had a marvelous quote on last night's O'Reilly Factor:
"A free nation deserves a free press, but to keep a free nation, they need a FAIR press."
(I hope I got it correct)
Anyway, you get the gist of the matter...
Today's media (with the exception of FOX news) is overwhelmingly BIASED towards the left. Some more than others.
Now, how can ANYONE see both sides to any story, when ONLY ONE is presented under such auspices?
The network media sources are more than willing to lead YOU around by that ring this President (and his cadre) placed in the nose of many Americans, for the sole purpose of advancing THEIR agenda.
To them, you're just "cattle"...a commodity, to be "bought, sold , or traded", and even...sent to the slaughter if and when the need arises.
THIS is what the majority of low-information people in this nation have become...and the sad thing is...too many of them aren't even aware of it...or even give a damn. That's pretty sad.
Keep giving these folks whatever they want (or the government thinks you "need"), and they'll do whatever you ask of them, no matter HOW adverse to the founding principles of this nation those suggestions become.
Perhaps we ought to just do away with the 2-party system (as some people on the radical left would LOVE to see), and just RENAME the Democrat party...the party of NORSEFIRE.
And if you're wondering where I get that name...it's referenced as the political party that rises to power and leads the UK to a Totalitarian state in the graphic novel (and movie) V For Vendetta...
Sorry to keep bringing this up, but I told you this particular dystopian vision of a possible future was EVIDENT.
All we really need is some "disaster" to hit this nation (God forbid), contrived by our OWN government, and meant to instill FEAR to our people, so that we will all (willingly) turn to someone (or political party) that can lead us OUT of such darkness.
Like I said before...FEAR is a motivating factor.
It can cause people to turn to something they would have detested in times past, for the sake of security. It can become our worst enemy, masked as our best friend.
Technology will be a large part of this, as 24/7 news sources have already proven they can befuddle and steer many citizens in the wrong direction.
That same technology can manufacture pandemics that only the same technology can (miraculously) cure, causing the people to marvel at the way a specific "government" can really HELP US, when it was they that brought about the problem in the first place.
And, after we relinquish our freedoms for the sake of feigned "security", we will inevitably wind up WITH NEITHER.
But, perhaps we'll all be too stoned on government-sponsored drug programs to notice.
It's been said that the main similarity between FICTION and FACT...is the manner of implementation OF that fiction to make it BECOME fact.
I really don't want to see any of our freedoms or liberties erode away into the dust beneath our feet.
Government is there to SERVE us...not to RULE us...EVER!
And that also means we're not to be "served" up on a damn platter with an apple in our friggin' mouths, either.
So, I guess my question becomes: "WHY are the servants running the manor?"
Some would say that the PEOPLE have spoken...I disagree.
I would state that many of the people have been HORN-SWOGGLED...plain and simple.
They BOUGHT that bottle of snake-oil from that flim-flam man, and believed it to be a universal panacea.
Many Americans were bought off...the factions that be, played to hedonistic desires and fostered class-warfare, so as to DIVIDE this nation, rather than bring it together under a banner of real UNITY.
*** When I see people do nothing in life, and get rewarded for such "unproductiveness", I have to wonder.
When I see such things as common sense, integrity, honor, and civility become words rarely spoken (and used in PROPER context) by ANYONE in governmental power, that bothers me greatly.
When I see people settle for THINGS (provided to them on the dime of the working class), rather than take personal responsibility for themselves and become better citizens, I am disillusioned.
When I hear our own President say ONE thing regarding our country, and then do everything contrary to his own "words", that shakes my confidence in the leadership of this nation.
And I DO know I'm DAMN sick and tired of being made to "feel guilty" when all the crap that's come down the river over the past four years hasn't been of MY doing one single bit.
As I said yesterday, this man might be "A" president, but I do not recognize him as "MY" president. I acknowledge the OFFICE, but not the impostor that has been there for the last 4 years, and will be there for another four.
I'm tired of being discouraged when it comes to MY country.
We are STILL the best this world has to offer, no matter WHO sits in power and tries to subjugate it.
It's time we stood tall, regarding what this nation DOES stand for, and not what some are trying to make of it.
Sure, it's very hard to do some days, but those are the days when we need to hold fast a bit longer.
We need to let our Founders beliefs in this nation...that this "Grand Experiment" in a new form of government was NOT destined to fail after only 236 years, but was meant to ENDURE.
There now, I feel much better, and I will now step down from my soapbox.
It's YOUR turn now.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Is it over? Is it over? That has been my thought for the past few days leading up to the inauguration. Sigh.

The love affair thing is disturbing. I just don't see how people survive life being like that.

Stay inside next to the heater there Bob--same temps here.

Diane said...

Gee. instead of V for Vendetta, my mind flipped to the movie The Wall, this clip http://youtu.be/0bDY0DfEjmo

And, I've come to think the R's are only a few steps behind the D's in awaiting to disassemble this country that has been built up.

Bob G. said...

I was beginning to think this "second anointment" as being akin to the season premiere of AMERICAN IDOL...!
Talk about HYPE!
Most all the same parameters seemed to be in place for BOTH venues, if you get my drift.

This guy likes himself way too much to make us think otherwise.
I say GET the hell BACK TO WORK...and DO something (good) for a change.
Or, maybe it would be BETTER if he didn't SIGN anything for the next FOUR years...?

--Yeah, that furnace of ours is going to be putting in some SERIOUS O/T this week!

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe & warm out there.

CWMartin said...

A blogger called Mad Jack did an MLK day post in which he mentioned the rather obvious plaigerism in King's thesis and speeches. Can't hardly fault Obama when he was set such a good example.

Bob G. said...

I never thought about that particular video, but THAT DOES make a lot of sense, and is very similar in tone to the whole "V" regime...even the same colors (black and red)

Nice find!

And yes, there are SOME Reps that are a few locksteps away from becoming a Dem, but I'm seeing a FEW (too few in fact) Reps that are trying to get their point across for conservative values...not that the left will allow that.

John Dickerson, head of the political NEWS division of CBS said "we need to divide the republicans - get them to fight among each other".

The left isn't content to defeat the right in ANY arena...they want to ERADICATE them wholesale!
(one world governemnt time?)

How "fair and balanced" is THAT, hmm?
Thank God for FOX NEWS and others like them that DO tell both sides of the stories, and aren't afraid to speak the TRUTH.

Thanks much for dropping by today and commenting.
Nicely enlightening.

You stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

It strikes me as NO surprise that "the anointed one" LOVES to TAKE from others.
He's proven as much with his AGENDA, let alone his speeches.

Only thing, if there IS an analogy with ROBIN HOOD, our fearless leader has it ALL WRONG.

Robin Hood took from the (undeserving) rich and gave it (back) to the poor, from whence it first came.
So, he can't even get THAT right, either...LOL.

Once a thief, always a thief, hmm?

Thanks for spending some time here today and commenting.
You stay safe and WARM up there.