04 January 2013

Friday Follies...
(( Prologue - Since BLOGGER has decided to place it's HEAD UP IT'S ASS today, I cannot post ANY pictures...dunno why. Please bear with me until they solve their cranial-rectal inversion...thank you.))

(( Update - 0950 Hr: I CAN add pictures if I use HTML...one at a time, and THEN update and modify picture size and location...helluva way to do things, but it's better than NOTHING, so thank you in advance for your patience.))
We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog post:

Here we are...the FIRST weekend of the new year, and that means all those taxpayer-sponsored EBT cards have been "recharged", so expect longer lines at checkouts, as well as lots of uneducated people asking dumb questions of the cashiers and trying to get even more stuff for "nuffin".
The weather today will be seasonal, with temps topping out near (but neither at nor above) the freezing mark, with some sun and some clouds.
So get comfy, relax and we'll see what's been going on since last we met here.
*** First out of the gate today, some "splainin" by our chief of police over WHY only THREE homicides were solved last year (out of THIRTY).
Oh, and by the way, the CRIMESTOPPERS "commercial" was looking for tips regarding JOSHUA FRISBY'S HOMICIDE...imagine that!
Now, if I figure the math right (which I always do), we can ADD Frisby's death to the OTHER THIRTY we already had, so in FACT, we REALLY had THIRTY-ONE homicides last year...but no one else is saying that...maybe THEY need some remedial math courses?
Anywho, back to Rusty...
Here's the lowdown (with video from WANE):
My FIRST contention with the story is that we already KNOW there were THIRTY homicides...it was listed in the Journal-gazette, for God's sake.
And, if we ADD Josh Frisby's death, it becomes THIRTY ONE...how simple is THAT?
But where does anyone come up with TWENTY-TWO, anyway?
Talk about "fuzzy math"...
The THREE that were solved were TWO listed as police-action shootings (by an officer) and one other a homicide-suicide...THERE is/are your "three".
So, that leaves TWENTY-SEVEN unaccounted for (or is that 28?) right?
And two DOZEN is 24...last time I checked, unless it's two BAKER'S dozen, which would be 26.
See...you HAVE to follow up on this sh*t...otherwise you wind up believing incorrect "facts".
The TWO (least they got THAT number right) major problems with solving these homicides are:
1) WITNESSES...as in they dummy up and "dinsee nuffin"...typical.
2) EVIDENCE PROCESSING...which is sent elsewhere in the state to ISP (state police) locations and can cost SIX months of lost time.
York also goes on to say that MANY of the homicides were either DRUG or GANG related...
I thought only a COUPLE of the deaths were GANG-related...changing the story (again), huh?
I've been saying you have a drug AND gang problem down here for...let's see...EVER!
Not seeing it addressed all that much. We still have the movers and shakers.
Much as I hate to say it, if it wasn't for FEDERAL agencies aiding in some (read most) of these cases, the overall tally would be lower still.
York has to REALLY start active patrolling in hot spots...keep these perps off their guard...let THEM know that the POLICE are around 24/7/365...
Time for a (here I go again for the umpteenth time)...PROACTIVE approach instead of a REACTIVE one.
Make penalties for the smaller sh*t HIGHER, so it doesn't escalate to the BIG sh*t...like HOMICIDES.
It's either THAT...or watch this city become a mini- Detroit...right under your primate noses.
*** Next up, a little more info on Mr. "ORANGE JULIUS" (nice jumpsuit) aka the USPS robber.
Here's the story:
Seems that the perp who was caught, left a "calling card"...actually, he left the whole damn PHONE behind...LOL.
Guess those saggy-baggy drawers ARE good for something...like dumping your pocket contents at a crime scene when hopping counters.
(that's when you're NOT waddling down the streets like a f$cking drunken PENGUIN)
Investigators traced the dropped phone back to Lawson, through fingerprints and friend "contacts".
Lawson faces one count of attempting to rob a person having custody of any mail matter, money, or property of the UNITED STATES.
Good luck trying to duck THIS one, sh*t for brains!
*** And last up today....a rare visit from the avian world...
Wednesday afternoon, we were graced by the presence of something we don't see all that often, and when we do, we need binoculars to view it properly, as they tend to never get close to the ground, let alone on our patio furniture.
A COOPER'S HAWK paid us a nice visit for the better part of 15 minutes...it was AWESOME!
Naturally, we had to snap any pictures from INSIDE the house, so as not to scare him off.
Otherwise known as a "chicken hawk", this is one beautiful bird...must have stood about 18-20 inches tall with about a 3 ft. wingspread.
No wonder the other birds, squirrels and rabbits were nowhere to be found.
The bird was a male (we have a huge book on birds that Wifey's Dad left us), and very well-marked.
He had these huge golden eyes that didn't seem to miss a move anywhere.
Now, I'm not a big one for superstition, but I DO believe in a higher power...and that we are being watched over.
I also believe in appreciating and respecting the EARTH and it's CREATURES (except when ants, roaches or spiders come into the house...a man's gotta have his limits...and I will NEVER 'hug a tree"...just so's you know...lol), so perhaps I share some sort of kinship with Native Americans.
There are some interesting beliefs when it comes to Indians and the hawk.
I gleaned the following from the several Internet sources:
(( The hawk - as totem animal - which means that you are connected in some way....
This means that you either see hawks in your dreams, or see the hawk, often, in your waking state, and you can even have an affinity for the hawk and not know why, feeling in some way a part of or connected on some level, when you think about or gaze upon the hawk.
The hawk itself, is a sign of the great mystery, they carry with them signs and wonders from the world beyond. It is also said that they fly directly, back to the land of the grandfathers, in some Indian lore.
Hawks are helpers, helping us to understand our dreams, don't be surprised if they appear in our dream state, often, bringing messages, that increase our psychic awareness and spirituality. The hawk is showing up to make sure that you proceed with your journey on this earth plane, within the bounds of spiritual balance..))
Now, although I can predict with accuracy the number of homicides in the city most years, and am rarely wrong on other criminal aspects around here...doesn't make me psychic in any way.
But I was told once by someone who knew a Miami Shaman that it's a sign that someone is watching over you...like stopping by to say "hi".
And far be it for me to question a Shaman.
In addition, the lore of the hawk continues:
(( Hawk’s Message: The hawk is a messenger of insight, adaptability and openness, it is also about visionary power and guardianship. Hawk’s meaning teaches us to be observant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don’t use, a blessing for which we haven’t expressed gratitude, or a message from the universe.
The hawk has keen eyesight, it is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us. Hawk awakens vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose. Look to the world around you for there are symbols buried in everything.))
Now THAT I can get on board with...and it seems I speak to such things in the epilogues of my posts...all about bettering oneself, and being grateful in life.
I can't find a flaw in any of that.
I've always been one of those God-fearing people that NEVER discounts the METHODS that God can (and often will) use to convey HIS thoughts to every one of us.
It's the whole "...entertaining angels unaware." thing to me.
Anyway, it was a very uplifting experience to have this feathered visitor spend a few minutes at our humble "Fortress", deep down in the crotch of this city.
And if I came away with anything from the event, it was a sense of hope...that things work out through patience and persistence.
-- Now, if only FRONTIER (FIOS) CABLE company would quit messing around with our channels and turn (back) on the ones were paying for (their screwup - not ours)...so we can watch them.
(that's another story for another day, my friends)
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I think you are on to something with the questionable crime stats Bob. Big city averages for homicide closure is 20-30% .

Large urban areas have the same probs with evidence and witnesses that you list. So, three out of 22 (13%) or 3 for 31 is 9.6% and either way that is lousy.

Enjoy your weekend.

CWMartin said...

What a fun post! Start off bashing blogger and light right into Rusty! Someone should remind him that Allen County doesn't do well with that Obama math...

Then we move to the saggy-baggy robber...what can you say, other than at least we now know the level of intelligence in the criminal required for the FWPD to catch them...

Hawk! (JEALOUS....)Of course, with the vermin in YOUR area, what you really wanna see (not necessarily on your fence or furniture) is a ROC!

Bob G. said...

Well, I am originally from Philly - where several HUNDRED homicides a year was (and still is) "typical".

Ft. Wayne is close to 1/10th the size of Philly, and sizing down the ratios are easy enough.
Stir in 21 fewer officers than we SHOULD have on the streets in this city, and it's easy to find the truth.
Not enough active patrolling to cover the territories. Just run from call to call.

And the murder stats don't even take into account years PRIOR to 2012...where way less than HALF of THOSE were solved.
The average yearly rate in Ft. Wayne is indeed...LOUSY.

Thanks for taking time today to put forth your observations and comments.
Much appreciated.

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Thing is, I had this ALL planned out this AM...then Blogger decided to screw with me (and others, according to the forums), and THAT got me "behinder" than I've been in some time!

We were VERY fortunate to have the hawk stop by...and it's highly unusual.
(they're usually up around 500 ft or higher, riding the thermals)

And if by a ROC, you refer to the one from legends of SINBAD...then I totally agree.
A little LARGE for our fence, perhaps (or HOUSE for that matter)...LOL.

But...if I could just TRAIN one (without becoming a snack)...then MAYBE crime WOULD go WAY DOWN!

Right now I'm caught between a ROC...and a hard place...ROFL!
(stop that groaning)

Thanks so much for stopping by today and taking time to comment.

You have a nice weekend and stay safe up there.

John DuMond said...

Damn, Bob, is this your way of flippin' us "the bird" on Friday? ;)

Cool pics, by the way.

Glad to hear the EBT cards got recharged. As for the rest of us (i.e., we who work for a living), this month brings us a change in financial fortune as well. Thank you, DC, for hitting us with a SS tax increase. Way to look out for the "middle class."

Bob G. said...

After seeing the size of that boy's TALONS...I would NOT attempt to flip him...in ANY manner...to ANYONE...lol!

Yeah, what happened to NO TAX INCREASE for the MIDDLE CLASS?
(got one large and in charge lying SOB in D.C., don't we?)

It's ALWAYS an increase for the middle class...my DAD told me that much growing up, and that was back in the late 50s through the 60s!

At this rate, there WILL be no middle class in a few generations...just sheeple with rings in their noses, waiting to be led around by whoever OWNS the nation...IF...we're not careful.

We need to be SHEEP DOGS!

Damn, I want OUR AMERICA back.

Thanks for roling up today and commenting.
Stay safe out there this weekend.