07 January 2013

Monday Musings...
It's the first FULL week on the new year, and traditionally, the holiday season is now "officially" over, with yesterday's Epiphany (6 Jan).
But we'll give you a few more days to get those decorations down, and the Christmas tree dismantled. Nothing wrong with wanting to keep the spirit of the season alive a bit longer.
And since BLOGGER hasn't YET corrected THEIR photo-upload screwup, we're doing the PLAN-B gig, which means uploading pictures either through HTML or Google Chrome (so they can track you better).
Posts might be later than usual...sorry for that.
Today's Heartland weather will be cold again, but not anywhere close to last week. Temps will rise to the low 30s today, after the slight fog and drizzle subside. Going to befairly SUNNY today as well, so get working on that "tan"...lol.
So, let's start getting busy taking on whatever the world has planned for us today, shall we?
*** First up, another shooting on Fort Wayne's...(...all together, friends...)...SOUTHEAST side leaves one man in the hospital.
(I was wondering what TOOK so long for these moolies to get with their program)
Here's the story:
They didn't update the story to include comments by a woman who lives NEAR that intersection (in ghettoland).
She stated she was MOVING, because she feared for her childrens' safety...AND the fact that her Aerostar was struck by several of the rounds, one of them shattering the rear hatch glass.
This area hasn't been a good place for well over 15 years...it's only been getting worse, as has MOST of this part of town.
All this due to some black males who had to prove that THEIR testosterone was better than another group's.
Sure makes a case against violence...and that "rally" that was held about 12 hours PRIOR downtown.
And that brings me to the NEXT article for your enjoyment...
*** About 100 people attended a rally to end the violence, especially on the (...you know where...) SOUTH side of the city.
Here's THIS story:
Chief York, his SE quadrant lapdog, (Cpt. Garry Hamilton) and members of the black community came together this past Saturday in an "effort to spread awareness about the need for CHANGE (we can believe in?) in the Summit City".
(and NOT just where the majority of the crimes occur...like DOWN HERE?)
Now, this COULD be a "WTF???" moment, but let's not be too hasty...
Twenty-two out of THIRTY homicides were IN the city last year (if we count Josh Frisby, it's ACTUALLY 23)
Now, I suppose all this IS well and good...I mean holding rallies and meetings will CERTAINLY send a message to these thugs.
(yeah, right - they've been laughing at the city and the department for YEARS)
And, as I've noticed, praying one's ass off isn't making the TYPE of effect that was initially desired, either.
But it IS better than doing nothing, right?
MY problem with ALL of this several-fold...
1) I JUST saw BLACK community members there...nothing regarding the HISPANIC community, which has a RISING problem with crime and gangs. And that's only been happening for the last 5-8 years (when the city's Hispanic population began to take off).
I think that EVERY ethnicity should be involved if we're to get any dialogue going with EVERY community where crime rears it's head.
2) People admit there is a violence problem, but I didn't hear anything about the ROOT CAUSES.
Face it, when it comes to gun violence (for example) it doesn't occur because some firearm JUMPED off a shelf or out from a drawer and lept into some criminal's hand...right? It's a PEOPLE problem...and always will be.
3) Not a word about violence being a "cultural" issue, meaning that due to violence as portrayed in ethnic MUSIC and/or FILMS, as well as the manner of dress and overall lifestyle pertaining to specific cultures, or more specifically...SUB-CULTURES withing out society.
THAT needs to be addressed FIRST, but once again...the silence was deafening.
Any problem resulting from any form of violence is not due to MY cultural one damn bit...I didn't start ANY fire under these mooks.
The music listen to doesn't promote violence, demean women, laud drugs, and state that I'm oppressed in any way.
The people at the rally want the violence to stop...which it will not (at least not easily), but they don;t admit that it's mostly THEIR problem.
Black communities have traditionally higher unemployment, fewer two-parent families, and higher crime.
They also enjoy MORE government "assistance" (read sponsorship) than other communities, but the Hispanics ARE catching up, as are some whites.
Many of the attendees want a SOLUTION...but until the PROBLEMS are fully-defined, it's just another bunch of talking heads looking for a cheap photo-op...but that's just what I've come to know from living "in the belly of the beast", as it were.
*** The BLACK community has allowed crime to permeate it's every nook and cranny, as well as spill over into OTHER neighborhoods (which when vacated soon become the realm OF the same, crime-ridden blacks).
Sure, there are ALWAYS a few blacks that WILL fight back as best they can...but even THEY wind up moving, or they die in related crimes perpetrated on THEM "by their fellow man". That hardly allows for ANY opportunity to rise above it all, does it?
When you embrace a drug culture, dress like a damn prison bitch or slob, take from everyone and give back to no one, and then cry the blues because the GOVERNMENT isn't doing enough FOR you...something is dreadfully WRONG with your way of thinking.
If, from this rally, a seed is planted that will grow into something that WILL actually diminish the crime in these infested areas, that's a damn good thing. But, if all this becomes is lip-service to the few that really DO care, then it's just so much wasted time, isn't it?
This FWPD chief has had TOO long to find some sort of solution, but HIS problem is that he has never figured out the problems to solve.
He's been purely a reactionist in this regard...and it shows.
As a result, the ethnic communities have little trust in the police, and it's NOT the fault of the patrol officers one damn bit.
They just catch the flak that Rusty created.
Add to that a GANG problem that has been allowed to GROW almost exponentially over the last several decades, with a sense of denial by the FWPD chief, while I've been saying we had a gang problem since LONG before this blog began 6 years ago.
Thing is, no one paid attention to what I had to say, and they're all now reaping the benefits of their decision.
We've heard about Phil Marx's house being fire-bombed years ago, drug deals out front of his house, the brick through OUR window, fights on our lawn after midnight, and the like...
We've counted up the DBs along the way, tallied homicides yearly, along with too numerous robberies, assaults, rapes, arsons, burglaries and all the rest, until the cows came home, and STILL...no change in either tactics or viable solutions to these problems, by the FWPD ...OR the specific ethnic communities involved.
You want to change things?
Fine, start making the TOUGH decisions.
And you can start by targeting the SMALL sh*t - things that have been too long neglected by the FWPD...like NOISE VIOLATIONS.
There has always been a DIRECT CORRELATION between boomcars and criminal activity. Time to start enforcing THE LAW.
Same goes for the judiciary, where most ALL the balls are dropped when it comes to criminal arrests.
Stop turning the BAD eggs back on the damn streets...break the "chain of command" with these thugs, and don't allow others to take their places.
The solutions are as many as you can count, but unfortunately, you HAVE to find the PROBLEM...and then DEFINE it...and then TARGET it by proactive actions, and not reactive ones.
THAT will make this city a lot better...for everyone.
Anything less, is just blowing smoke.
(you pick the orifice)
Have a great week, such as it might be.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Blogger is giving me frustrations today as well...

John Stossel was criticized for a show he did on race several years ago in which he asked people of all colors why they tend to congregate. No one could give him an answer. If one thinks multiculturalism is working, just visit any prison and you'll see how groups form strictly upon race (and then gang affiliation). It is a difficult nut to crack for sure.

Enjoy your Monday, Bob.

CWMartin said...

"Many of the attendees want a SOLUTION...but until the PROBLEMS are fully-defined, it's just another bunch of talking heads looking for a cheap photo-op...but that's just what I've come to know from living "in the belly of the beast", as it were."

Exactly. You can sing We Are The World all you want, but until you give the starving kid bread, you've done nothing. I've always thought that these marches against violence were a waste of time unless you're marching with a list of offenders that you plan to run out of town, or at least confront. That dog's got no teeth, people.

Bob G. said...

This is something that's buged me for YEARS (if not decades).
We permitted wholesale INTEGRATION (in the name of CIVIL RIGHTS and EQUALITY)...and what happens?

People tend to RE-segregate thenmselves with LIKE individuals just like it was BEFORE.

I don't see how that really works out all that well.
Seems like that "nut" is made of case-hardened STEEL!
(just like those prison bars)

Thanks for swinging by today to comment.

YOu stay safe out there this week.

Bob G. said...

THANK YOU...you DO SO "get it".

Let's start seeing NOT JUST the public postings of registered SEX OFFENDERS...let's OUT THEM ALL!
(billboards would be nice...lol)

EVERY person convicted of a half-decent crime...PUBLISH ALL of them...in EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD!
The rapists, car thieves, burglars, robbers, domestic battery perps, those with chronic DUIs...the LOT!

Hold the PROSECUTOR's feet to the fire whenever ANY of these thugs goes to trial (because they all eventually WILL) and the FWPD command for targeting these people and taking them OFF the streets.
Hell, hold the MAYOR responsible as well...it's "his" city, after all.

And if these folks DO plan a "march" (which they should...and weekly, if not monthly) hold up the pictures OF the perps and march IN the neighborhoods they live in...

Hell, stand in FRONT of their houses and protest.
And have FWPD attend each and every march...as a sign of some "solidairty" with the ethnic community.

Now THAT is a damn good start...IF you REALLY want to chase out the bad guys.

THAT is the kind of dog that WILL hunt...every time.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe up there in Scrappyland.

John DuMond said...

"Stop turning the BAD eggs back on the damn streets..."

If you look at the crime rate over the last two decades, you'll see that the crime rate has gone down as the incarceration rate has gone up. Coincidence? I think not.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Nationally, THAT statistic tracks true...
Locally, it's a different story.
(and we're probably one of many cities that skews the stats)

It's hard enough to get anyone to come forward when they DO witness something, but even harder to get the prosecutor to STOP with all the damn PLEA-DEALS and turn the perps back out!

We've had KNOWN drug dealers use that "revolving door" at the courthouse WAY TOO many times.

Crime here on the SE side of Ft. Wayne has bucked all the trends and GONE UP 14% (like I said it would years ago)...while incarcerations have NOT risen one bit.
If anything, the converse is true...incarcerations have gone DOWN, if not remainmed STATIC...and with lighter sentences.

It's gonna be a long, hard road to hoe here, that's for sure.

Thanks much for taking time to roll on up today and comment.

Stay safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

Interesting topics, Bob G.! Race will always be an issue in one form or another. Slamdunk is right...a tough nut to crack. Hope you have a wonderful and prosperous New Year and our Blogger problems get fixed. Very frustrating uploading photos. Ugh. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Time was, I grew up smack dab in the middle of the whole CIVIL RIGHTS movement...(AND in a big city) and the ONLY problem I had with race, was being called a lot of nasty things by MY OWN PEOPLE...for befriending some really cool and decent black students in my high school.
Those were great friends, btw.

Granted there will ALWAYS be a few bad apples in ANY bunch, but today, we (and by that I mean the police as well as the general public) have to view things with a hole NEW paradigm.

Generational dependency upon government, more heinous crimes, and LOTS more dugs and gangs...all of this and the breakdown of traditional familes sure sin't making race relations ANY easier...among ANY race.

But I will not carry any guilt that others place upon me for THEIR problems (as we often see today).
I didn't create any racial mess...yet I always keep a broom nearby...

Hey, thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.
And do have yorself (and Bug) a very prosperous NEW year, Kiddo!

You roll safe out there.