25 January 2013

Friday Follies...
Well, it's going to be one of THOSE weekends...I can just FEEL it, friends.
The reason for a later (and probably abbreviated) post today, is the my one (Sony) STICK DRIVE decided to go belly-up...for NO damn reason.
So much for all the DATA on that drive...for the time being.
Well, it IS several years old...gotta love that technology and planned obsolescence, hmm?
Luckily, I DID backup most of the data previously, and was going to UPDATE that backup THIS weekend...
THAT task is shot to hell as well now.
What pisses me off MOST, is that I don't know ALL that I may have lost.
The blog's "original copy scripts" are already POSTED, so no big deal there, but it's the pictures (and personal files) I've accumulated that might be missing. Still, much of it does exist elsewhere for the time being and IS accessible.
Guess we'll have to back things up a lot more often...just in case.
Well, as they say, it might slow me down, but it WON'T stop this old bird...nosirree!
*** Today's weather in the Heartland...as LOUSY as my disposition.
We're going to get about an inch of snow, temps will still remain under the 32 degree mark, and we might get some freezing rain JUST in time for the Monday commute. Like I said...LOUSY!
Meanwhile, let's see what the hell is going on everyplace else, okay?
*** An update to the S. Anthony death investigation.
Here's the story:
Looks like the person who died was "squatting" after a fashion...a bed was found in the vacant store space and a kerosene heater with improper ventilation looks to be the culprit of the "suicide by stupidity".
The place has been condemned (wish the city would move as fast with some of the ghettohood HOVELS).
What's weird is that the store "owner" didn't know about the women, but they HAD access to the property (as no signs of forced entry were seen).
At least it's not a HOMICIDE, right?
Moving on...
*** Today, in D.C., there is supposed to be a march on Washington...a RIGHT FOR LIFE MARCH to be exact.
This is one of the LONGEST running events regarding the anti-abortion movement in the USA.
Here's one site that mentions today's events:
But, how MUCH attention is being paid to it by the "lame-stream" media, huh?
Not all that much...if ANY.
Stop to consider THIS:
Since the passing of Roe v. Wade, this nation has aborted roughly FIFTY-FIVE MILLION LIVES (that's 55,000,000).
Excluding those abortions that were medically or emotionally warranted (life of the mother, rape, incest, etc), that STILL leaves a HUGE part of that initial total, does it not?
Also, think on THIS:
--Stalin killed between 10-20 MILLION people.
--Hitler killed around 12 MILLION
--Leopold II of Belgium (Congo: 1886-1908) - killed 8 MILLION
--Mao killed between 49-78 MILLION.
And here WE are, the USofA...with 55 MILLION deaths.
Seems in some perverse way, we're in "good" company, right?
Yet, we ALLOW things like abortion freely in our country...and at the same time, WILL NOT PUT TO DEATH those on death row who deserve it, or execute those who warrant it. Isn't that just a wee bit duplicitous on the part of some of the people here?
I can fully understand the need to have an abortion under conditions I have stated above, but when women use it as a means of birth control, I just gotta draw the line.
On the other hand, if we, as a society are SO evolved in using abortions so readily, then why NOT kill off the people in jail who DESERVE the death sentence, and then chalk it up to a "long-term" abortion...
Face it, euthanasia is a far cry from the manners in which a fetus is terminated.
One might even say that abortion is a form of "eugenics"...and we all know how well that goes over in such regimes that practice fascism, right?
Well, I had the balls to mention today's RIGHT FOR LIFE MARCH in D.C. - even if the ones that SHOULD be doing so...don't.
*** At the center of today's shrubbery maze, is none other than Dianne Feinstein.
((...rolls eyes...))
Here we go...AGAIN.
Leave it to a Dumbocrat...from the Socialist Republik of Kalifornia.
And here's the story of her latest attempt at gun control:
Included in this article is a LIST of all her specific weapons she wants to have banned.
And folks, it's DAMN extensive.

Jazz Hands - I HAZ them!

Sorry, not even her  JAZZ-HANDS will work on THIS one...(she doesn't do them all that well,anyway)
Fortunately, the NRA, is riding up in their white hats with THIS rebuttal:
Good for THEM...makes me feel my membership is well worth it now, more than ever!
Why doesn't this old crone go babysit her GRAND KIDS somewhere...
Geezus, surely she must have BETTER things to do at her age...like go hunting with Dick Cheney...lol
The 2nd Amendment has two purposes - it's meant to:
1) Protect us from each other (like criminals).
2) Protect us from a TYRANNICAL government
3) We can also hunt and compete in sport shooting
(okay, so maybe THREE purposes)
4) Don't forget recreational shooting for fun, Bob.
(alright, make that FOUR purposes)
Let it be said here that I AM for thorough background checks, even on a national level. (although the state level is pretty good as that stands)
I am also for LEGAL gun ownership, by RESPONSIBLE people.
I am also for a LOT more comprehensive MENTAL HEALTH system...unlike what we have now, where everyone gets "mainstreamed" in the air of "fairness". Sorry, I don't like lunatics sharing MY streets or cities. That's why we USED to have INSTITUTIONS for such loons.
Go BACK to that system.
I am also for STRONG penalties for CRIMINAL activity involving a firearm...like ROBBERIES and HOMICIDES.
(even possessing a firearm with obliterated markings)
NO plea deals...NO bargaining...NO slap on the wrists...PERIOD!
You get caught...given all AT LEAST FIVE YEARS in a FEDERAL PENITENTIARY...with NO amenities other than the BASICS.
I don't think ANY of that is too much to ask for...do you?
This whole issue about VIOLENCE with PEOPLE using firearms CAN be solved, but it will never be by limitations imposed ON THE FIREARM ITSELF. That's the typs of lunacy that gets people COMMITTED to those institutions in the first place.
(even got a room waiting for you, Ms Feinstein...nice padding, too)
*** Lastly today, everything I have spoken to is all about the PEOPLE involved...NOT the items or tools, or devices utilized in the commission of whatever these people are up to.
It's not about guns...or soft drinks, or alcohol, or vehicles, or sugar content, or baseball bats, or knives...or whatever else you can call to mind.
We treat the PEOPLE, and all those "things" will remain just that...inanimate OBJECTS with NO more soul than a rock...or a plank of wood.
And the sooner these leftard idiots figure that out, the quicker we can get back to living normal lives, with less government intrusion.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

IMHO, the only thing to be done to right this nation is to declare the Northeast and Califonria independant nations and secede THEM from the union.

Momma Fargo said...

You know what slays me? Isn't Feinstein older than dirt? Shouldn't she retire? Oy

Bob G. said...


LOL...yeah, nuts to the EAST COAST of us...nuts to the WEST COAST of us...

Seems lots of folks IN BETWEEN are fairly OK, though.
(who knew?)

Thanks for stopping by today to comemnt.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Not when she's a career politician...they NEVER do...and THAT'S the problem.

She needs some help from the guys in those nice white coats...
(got a LIST of people they can collar while they're at it...lol)

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.

gadfly said...

Hello Bob G:

Now is the time to update your ancient backup habits. We don't talk about, let alone use, memory sticks any more - we use THE CLOUD - dontcha know?

Lots of freebees on the web - Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Drive A, Mega and the beat goes on. Some will give you 50 GB for free, so five or six of them gives you a "whole nother" disk drive. And of course, everything that goes to Blogger is retrievable all the way back to Post #1.

I know, I know, us old folks are just resistant to change - but this time, listen to your second dad.

Bob G. said...

The only "cloud" I'm interested in is the one with the NUMBER NINE on it...LOL!
But I hear 'ya...

I do have a 320Gb portable external drive...as abckup to the backup to THE backup...LOL.

(cripes that's larger than both these computers put together.)

I AM resistant to change (for change sake), and maybe that's why I drivea 30 year old car...we USED to call such things CLASSICS...

If that's still true, count ME in the mix as well.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.