28 January 2013

Monday Musings...
We're sure starting this week off in fine style, weather-wise.
We had some freezing rain, now turned TO rain, and rising temps today topping out in or around the FIFTY DEGREE range.
Goes to show that the Heartland has plenty of weird in the clouds overhead (and accoording to one story today, even on the streets).
Tomorrow plans to be even warmer, but if you're thinking of packing up the thermals...better hold off until week's end, when we drop BACK into the freezer...just so 'ya know.
Meanwhile, let's peek in on all the fun things that are happening...
*** Looks like in Ft. Wayne, we have HOMICIDE NUMBER THREE...already!
(Cripes, at THIS rate, we'll top out past THIRTY)
Here's the story:
This happened in the 2500 block of S. Hanna St around 2000 hrs on the city's...(... all together gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE!
That Captain Garry Hamilton is REALLY halting shootings down here...NOT!
If anything, they've gone UP since Captain Nancy Chamberlin retired.
And so far, it's been all black-on-black homicides.
The victim was suffering from MULTIPLE gunshot wounds when police arrived, and after transport to hospital, he died shortly afterward.
WPTA reports that witnesses saw a dark red or burgundy car quickly leave the scene, turning down Warsaw St.
Police have no one in custody, no suspects, and are searching for information.
(Hey, why don't you get some detectives to canvass MY part of the ghettohood...plenty of dark red and/or burgundy cars for you to look for and choose from.)
Neither of US owns one, but lots of BLACKS do for some reason (I thought it was a clique thing for a while).
The name of the 23 year old victim has not been released yet.
But rest assured this WILL be the third homicide for 2013.
*** Did anyone watch the mutual "stroke-fest" otherwise know as 60 Minutes last evening?
Steve Kroft did an "interview" with Hillary Clinton and "that guy" who is our president.
I didn't know WHICH of those two was going to "cream their jeans" first...there was SO much love in the air.
I could almost hear the smooches they were placing on one another's asses.
Goes to show that even after a president tosses you under a bus, if you're of the same political leanings (progressives as the day is long), you'll STILL side with them...blind obedience...JUST what this administration would expect from ALL OF US...!
Sorry...ain't gonna happen, people.
I mean when you don't really ask the HARD questions of people, you never really get to the bottom of the issues, do you?
I'm surprised we didn't hear Kumbaya playing somewhere in the background.
Well, at least I didn't feel I wasted TOO much time in my life watching this love-in. What I can't wait to hear is what OTHERS from the conservative side of the aisle thought. THAT should be good, and a LOT more informative..
*** Okay, so 232 die in a pyrotechnic blaze started in a nightclub that was filled with probably more people that the fire codes would allow...in Brazil.
And the lesson we learned from other tragic events like this over the years was...WHAT (again)?
Seems no one learned a damn thing, otherwise THIS event would not have had the tragic end that it did, right?
We (in America) create certain LAWS regarding the safety of others in public venues for a REASON.
Maybe that's why we don't really like to have people who CHAIN-SMOKE working for AMMUNITION manufacturers...and that makes sense.
And maybe that's why we don't allow DRUNKS to drive public transit of school buses (and when we catch them, they are dismissed).
Some things just add up...and we act accordingly.
Like NOT having pyrotechnics in a low-ceiling, flammable surroundings environment.
WE learned from past mistakes...for the most part.
Our government NEVER seems to grasp that, however...wish to hell they WOULD for a change...we'd all be a lot better off.
Anyway, hope these Brazilians learned their lesson...hard as it was.
*** We often wonder WHAT has happened to the "middle class"...
Hell, I've been a part OF that class all my damn life...as my parents were before me, and theirs before them...and I'm not ashamed of it ONE damn bit, either.
I'm proud to know the working class man or woman IS (and always has been) the BACKBONE of this nation.
But today, things are not all they seem.
And here's a story that relates this all too well:
This is a really GOOD read, too.
I started to see such "innovations" as early as the late 1960s...at my Dad's plant.
He would tell us of the things going on there, and I actually came to enjoy the stories he would tell...because they were true ones.
Making such boring items as CANS doesn't seem that big a deal, but when technology comes in and starts replacing those (mundane) jobs with machines that do the work instead of people, that becomes a two-edged sword.
On the one hand, it makes production more efficient, faster and more accurate...it also displaces people who WORKED at those jobs, who maybe took a little more time to make sure it was done right.
Well, buying a machine IS a "one-time" outlay of money...except for servicing the unit(s), so no WAGES to fork over...and no UNION DUES either.
(that is more a blessing than the wage thing)
What happens to those that lose their job?
They can learn to operate the machine...until it becomes programmable, or they can go someplace that doesn't have machines...yet.
(and start the ball rolling all over again...)
Workers can no longer depend on their jobs, or retirement, or pensions they paid into...not like they USED to.
And that's kind of sad.
We lose a whole generation of CRAFTSMEN for the sake of that bottom line...
Well, it could always be worse...we COULD STILL be using "slave labor" as they do elsewhere around the world, undercutting the costs of OUR products and workers, but that dynamic is for another day and another post.
*** The DUMB-o-crat led senate has cut a deal to allow ELEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS a (quick) path to citizenship, basically rewriting this nation's immigration laws...(fundamentally TRANSFORMING IT, no doubt).
This will most likely include HEALTH CARE...and this will RAISE the cost for EVERYONE...didn't see THAT one coming, did we?
Here's the story:
Tucked into this "deal" is securing our BORDERS...I'll believe that when I see it.
This is supposed to be a bi-partisan deal, but I got a sneaky feeling the DEMS are gonna pull a fast one on the REPS that support this legislation.
Be VERY wary whenever these socialists propose ANYTHING these days...you simply cannot trust anyone that says "we have to pass the bill FIRST to read what's in it"...That kind of bullsh*t belongs on the farm, on some fallow field, and NOT in our government.
*** Lastly today, yes, I did get another flash drive this weekend to replace the one that crapped out, and I have another one coming from eBay...just in case.
Seems technology scored a minor victory yet again.
And that should bother us...just a wee bit.
In that one story above, we read that science fiction WARNS us about dependence upon technology and how the downfall of mankind can be one possible outcome.
And what have we DONE?
We've become dependent upon technology for most everything in our lives...with the belief that it's ALL supposed to make our lives "better" somehow.
Yet, we can be tossed back to the 18th century by just ONE EMP (electromagnetic pulse), or CME (coronal mass ejection).
Well, that's not fair, is it?
No,but it IS a part of our lives these days...just as our computers and other social media devices have us transfixed in a digital world with no boundaries and no consequences.
And it IS part of our FUTURE...but to what degree and depth?
It's little wonder we have a generation that doesn't know HOW to behave, or interact, or correspond to one another by writing a damn letter!
Such aspects of humanity seem Victorian by nature, right?
We're probably closer to TWO generations in that regard...
We seemingly exist to be entertained...and those that do the entertaining are raking in the bucks hand-over-fist, while those working to purchase the technology in order to keep up with "progress" are seeing their jobs disappear.
Something's drastically wrong there.
But, I'm sure that, given enough time and research...we can even create an APP for THAT, as well.
Welcome to the future...like it or not.
Have yourselves a good week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

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