01 February 2013

Friday Follies...

It's the end of the week, AND the beginning of February...how convenient is THAT?
If you like COLD weather, then you'll simply enjoy this morning's chill, which is around 10 degrees BELOW zero (with that nice breeze).
We're not going to rise above freezing today (highs in the mid-teens), so feel free to hose down the nearest intersection and "watch the fun".
Some snow is coming our way tonight and into tomorrow with 1-2 inches accumulation possible.
In the meantime, keep that hot chocolate coming, and the whipped cream handy (the ONLY way to enjoy it)...we've things to ponder today.
*** February is Black History Month, and quaintly enough, February in Old English was once called Solmonath, which means MUD MONTH.
How odd is THAT?
It was also called Kalemonath (named for cabbage)
February is also LGBT month in the UK (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), but more importantly, it's NATIONAL BIRD FEEDING MONTH in the USA!
Last year's theme was "If you feed them...they will come", and by God they were right.
I fed the birds...LOTS of birds in fact (downright "Hitchcockian" in nature), and then the SQUIRRELS and RABBITS also came (...along with the birds).
Where's the GRUB, Bob?
I just refer to it as: "National Bobby G. Feeds the Critters Month".
-- For the shortest month of our calendar year, it's also one of the "busiest", what with Groundhog Day (tomorrow, and which we will speak about on Monday), Valentine's Day (and the massacre which happened in of ALL places..CHICAGO...still much the crime capital of the USA), and even leap day (every fourth year).
-- It's also when the (yawn) Super Bowl is on TV...for what that's worth.
Personally, there is nothing there that would attract me enough to actively WANT to tune in...seriously.
Several commercials that were going to air have already been pulled, thanks to uber-sensitive leftards with no lives.
Volkswagen had a great commercial with a white guy doing a damn good Jamaican accent to laud the fun derived from driving a VW.
Taco Bell poked fun at people that bring veggie plates to a Super Bowl party (like that would ever happen at a REAL fan's house)...instead praising their 12-pack takeout...and the irony in that was that the TACOS that were shown in the commercial had LETTUCE in them
Last time I checked, lettuce was STILL a vegetable.
(and so were the brains of progressives...lol)
Beyonce promises she will sing "live" at the halftime extravaganza, too...like I really give a rat's ass what the hell she does.
(talk about a colossal waste of femininity)
-- And there has been a dismissal of ONE of the Baltimore Raven's cheerleaders because she gained...(get this) TWO WHOLE POUNDS.
Cripes, the girl probably only weighs about 107 dripping wet...geezus, what a bunch of prigs!
-- And a SF player apologized for not being "sensitive" enough when it came to the possibility of gay players in the locker room.
(he wasn't down with that...but he has seen the light, Hallelujah)
I mean, this is some real BEYOND STUPID SH*T...you have to admit it!
And that's WHY I won't be watching THAT...couldn't care less who the hell wins.
-- I will be watching...PUPPY BOWL IX on Animal Planet instead!
No "PC" bullsh*t to bother me for several hours.
(thank you, Lord!) 
No sensitivity lessons for those (of us) who don't embrace LUNACY on a daily basis.
(and I hope to hell THEY show the commercials mentioned above...that would be payback)
When it comes to most ALL pro sports..."the bloom is off that rose" for me...too much HYPE, too much marketing, and way too much commercialized sensationalism to make ANY event worthwhile. Just play the damn game or drive the damn race.
*** And while we're acknowledging black "history" month....there's always things like THIS:
A shooting at an Atlanta MIDDLE SCHOOL leaves one 14 year old injured.
(yes, from the footage, it appeared to be in a preominantly BLACK neighborhood)
Here's the lowdown (with video):
And here, at the Huff and Puff Post:
The GOOD news was that the shooting took place OUTSIDE the school, on a courtyard, and NO "assault weapons" were used...oh, wait, the shooter, who was ANOTHER TEEN, used a PISTOL...that HAS to qualify, especially if it has a "pistol grip"...!
Thanks to an ARMED school officer, the shooter was disarmed without further gun play.
Score one for the GOOD guys.
The HARD part to all this is the fact that you had ALL these parents becoming "lookie-loos"...standing around and encroaching upon the perimeter the police had established.
Such things actually FASCINATE these people...
It's like WORK for them...they can stand around and WATCH it for HOURS!
Meanwhile, back at the bus stop...
*** Here's proof that either SOME people like to "get an early start" to their day...OR they NEVER sleep.
The BP station on N. Clinton at Coliseum was robbed this morning around 0445 hrs.
Here's the story:
Two males went into the store with one being armed (with an "assault weapon", Bob?)...with a HANDGUN.
One clerk was struck across the head.
The cash register drawer was taken and the perps left on foot.
A K-9 unit was dispatched, but was unable to track the robbers.
Police did not provide any suspect descriptions, as investigators were still on scene.
Any bets as to the ethnicity of these jerkoffs?
-- A little later, a Marathon station was also robbed around 0650 hrs out by Lima Rd.
-- Radio chatter states the perps were two male BLACKS, about 5.5", (one being slightly shorter) wearing all dark clothing, with one perp having the drawstring of his hoodie pulled tight around his face.
Possible getaway vehicle was a dark-colored Cherokee.
A black REVOLVER may have been the piece used in the robbery.
Can't be THAT much of a coincidence...can it?
I'd say both robberies = same pair of thugs.
*** Lastly today, between yesterday's stats about blacks in Indiana (and yes, that includes Fort Wayne), and the nature of the types of behavior we're seeing exhibited by some in their community, it's not just becoming a dangerous place for THEM to live...
Everywhere THESE perps go, it becomes dangerous for OTHERS...of every race.
And when the blacks begin to be displaced by the increasing number of Hispanics, then it will become a dangerous place for the Latinos to live.
That's been happening in the Socialist Republik of Kalifornia for YEARS...blacks and Hispanics going at one another.
Thing is, you pay attention to human nature LONG enough, and you can spot tell-tale signs for bad behavior and criminal intent a mile away.
And life is much about us being observers, after a fashion...
Many of us learn a lot JUST by watching.
Yet, even watching has it's own limits.
We cannot just be content to ONLY watch...and never act, unless we derive some perverse pleasure in societal voyeurism.
There comes a time when men and women of good conscience cannot sit idly by while action is required.
That goes for the officer that disarmed the shooter in Atlanta...or the passengers of Flight 93 back on 9/11 over a decade ago.
Our actions (or inaction) will dictate what happens around us...that's a fact.
But, our actions don't always have to be so overt. Many times, it's all the small things we CAN do that accumulate and add up to produce a lasting effect for the better. Conversely, inaction ALSO adds up over time,and allows evil to propagate just as readily.
Every day IS indeed, a new beginning, and as good a time as any to motivate ourselves to action of SOME kind.
So much depends on it...as do so many.
Have yourselves a good weekend and be sure to see what Punxatawney Phil has in store for winter (and us) tomorrow.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I have not seen any of the super bowl commercials yet but did hear that the VW one was being described as racist by some.

I did laugh at your early riser/late nighter criminal. Our shift change was around 6:30 am and the old timers that worked days hated having to take robbery reports then; messing with their breakfast--as the 24-hour-awake dopers needed to fundraise for their continued fun.

Bob G. said...

Seems everything ANYONE says is "racist" THESE days...
The guy in the commerical does a REAL good imitation of island inflections.
I spent some time in the caribbean, and he NAILED it!
(as I can also on a good day...lol)

This whole "black-face by proxy" BS is just that..drummed up by the elft to instioll somwe form og guilt (but it's okay whenever THEY do something similar.."it's all in good fun")

I've know a LOT of good black people and they laughed their butts off whenever I would crop into "ghettospeak".
They'd say "Damn, you sound like you BELONG there"
I told them "it's gift and NO, I will never belong there".

LOL..love you "fund-raise" remark...perfect!
Yeah, some of these mooks NEVER take any time off...talk about job-security for those behind the shield (and yes, ALL those missed breakfasts).

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.

You stay safe and warm out there this weekend.

John DuMond said...

Wow, a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun? I thought that kind of thing only happened in Wayne LaPierre's fantasies. I guess reality doesn't feel obliged to conform to what passes for the "wisdom" of the elites.

As for the Super Bowl, I may try to get out to a movie on Sunday. Provided I can convince the wife to go. The theaters are usually empty, so it's a good time to go.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
LMAO...your wonderful sarcasm is NEVER wasted on me...EVER.

"Wisdom of the elites"...by God, I think you JUST discovered our NEWEST OXYMORON!!!

Going to see a flick is a GREAT idea...you're right, it's empty (and pretty much QUIET) on Super Bowl Sunday.

I'd opt for that new Stallone flick - personal preference.
(a gun show would be cool, too if one is in town...lol)

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there this weekend.
((And have a Happy Groundhog Day!))

CWMartin said...

That little friend of yours is adorable! Puts me in mind of a certain booogle when he thinks it's treat time!

And that kid that got shot shoulda listened to DHS and pulled a pair of scissors on him! If you hadn't heard that one yet, tune in Saturday and I'll go over it.

Bob G. said...

I take it to mean the SQUIRREL and NOT the cheerleader (Wifey would kill me if I was feeding HER...lol)

He's a little "no-tail" buddy I nicknamed STUBBY (obviously), and he comes darn near right up to the door.
Without that tail, he's not able to balance like those that still have one.
And I always root for the underdog...or squirrel in this case.
He's the sort that has nothing to fear from me.

I saw that PSA from the DHS...are they SERIOUS?
And, if taken in the proper context, those scissors COULD also be called an "assault weapon".
I can't wait to see what you have to say about it...should be VERY "informative" (which means you're gonna ream someone a new butthole...LOL).

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there