04 February 2013

Monday Musings...
If you prefer your weather a bit on the LOUSY side, then today in the Heartland is gonna be right up your alley, friends.
We're supposed to have snow over the course of the day, with accumulation of between 1-3 inches, depending on where you live.
Temps won't get much into the TWENTIES, so any reflected melting is out the window.
And hearing the radio chatter today, looks like both the FWPD, and the FWFD will have THEIR hands full with drivers not paying attention to deteriorating road conditions.
With that said, let's settle in for the day, get cozy, and pour a cup of whatever beverage strikes your fancy.
*** First out the door is the passing of Ft. Wayne Bishop John D'Arcy yesterday.
And here's the story
I never knew, or met the Bishop, but I've spent my share of time among Catholics in and out of church (not bad for a METHODIST - even met a Cardinal once in Philly), and I have to say he was a (godly) man of the people.
His devotion to his following and his priests was exemplary, and that's just from what I heard about him.
Many who knew him would say it was so much more.
Always sad to see a man of the cloth get called home, as such is the fate of us ALL, but he did it with the grace that a man of God should.
And, I'm sure he will be missed by many.
*** One of the most dangerous men in our military history was killed this weekend.
And, he was a decorated war hero.
I say he was dangerous, because the ENEMY was the one who nicknamed this man "The Devil of Ramadi".
He was a navy SEAL team sniper and noted author Chris Kyle.
And here's the tragic story:
Trying to help a fellow warrior suffering with PTSD can be lethal.
Kyle was the author of the book "American Sniper", and worked with soldiers coming back from theater suffering the effects of multiple tours of duty, often referred to as PTSD.
Going to a shooting range was a good venue to help these warriors through their struggle.
We have to wonder about this tragic event, considering the suicide rate for troops is literally off the chart, as evidenced by THIS story:
Imagine that, we had MORE suicides than combat deaths last year...something is terribly WRONG here.
And yet, there were men of honor like Kyle, who KNEW the stresses of combat and multiple tours (he served FOUR), and would work WITH potential candidates for suicidal behavior and help them through the difficulties.
My prayers to his family, friends fellow soldiers, and his friend (who was also killed) and HIS family as well.
Godspeed, Chris.
And thank you!
*** That female white-trash armed robber was finally caught yesterday.
And here's the story:
Looks like Traci Dennison made one too many BAD choices, and the law of averages caught the hell UP with her (as they always do to such people).
She didn't steal ONE car, but TWO on Sunday. The first car, a white Bonneville from the K-Mart lot and then promptly crashed it (the owner's gonna love that). Then, she goes to the Target on Stellhorn, and steals another car, a black Acura from THAT owner.
And officer saw the car a short time after and apprehended Dennison after she pulled into a parking lot.
She admitted to both thefts...
And they have active warrants for her heist back on 11 Jan at that Walgreen's.
Wonder HOW the Allen County PROSECUTOR will let THIS one off the hook?
Damn shame Traci has a history of drugs and crime, because, if you clean her the hell up and put some makeup on her, she might look a helluva lot BETTER than she does in that mug shot. She ain't no fugly-girl...just a dumbass girl now.
*** Punxey Phil does NOT see his shadow.
(who knew?)
And here's the lowdown:
An EARLY Spring?
Someone needs to clue in Mother Nature...unless she's working all the NASTY out of her system (this week in the Midwest) in anticipation OF that early Spring...
Phil looked less than enthusiastic (as usual - who wants to be rousted out and paraded around by some old white guy in a top hat that stares at you?) as he gave HIS "prediction" for the season.
Still, 20K+ other people braved the weather to get the 411 from Phil.
Got to be something to it, but I'll believe it when I see (and feel) it.
*** Lastly today, there are heroes and villains everywhere these days. Some seek or find notoriety...others, not so much.
Our society (erroneously) tends to sensationalize the evil ones to a much larger extent than we do those performing GOOD acts upon humankind.
Is this by design?
It's because those that perform evil to their fellow man can be exploited to a much greater level than those doing good.
Many would see a philanthropist as so much a syrupy, corn-laced story, while the mass murderer keeps our attention riveted.
Games, or sports fills the gaps between those evil stories, and keeps the masses entertained.
If we're not careful, we might wind up losing more of our own CIVILITY than we think.
Lord knows, we lost too much of it already, and we see the resulting instances every night on the news or in the papers.
We need to promote the GOOD in people a lot more, rather that all but laud the evil in people.
So what if it doesn't see AS MUCH air time or newsprint...it's who we REALLY are, down deep.
We are all inherently good people...it's just that many get side-tracked onto the wrong road in life.
There's always a way back, but some don't want to be bothered.
I think to be bothered is nothing short of God tapping you on the shoulder, trying to motivate you to being better than bad...much better.
We need to stop for a spell, get quiet, and hear what is being said to us.
There indeed IS a time for everything.
Have yourselves a good week and mind the weather.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I was sorry to hear about Chris Kyle. My older son finished his book a few months ago, and really enjoyed it. We all take calculated risks, too bad that his attempt to help turned deadly.

And, I am sure Traci will get a whole 8 or 9 months behind bars before she is released back into your community. Yea.

Bob G. said...

When I heard about Kyle being killed...it was one of those "stop me in my tracks" moment...!
I mean for all the good he's done...it somehow doesn't seem fair - to survive four TODs with the highest kill rate of any sniper, and then shot in the back by someone who just flipped.
Makes a case for more comprehensive mental health care.

And yes, I'd wager that woman gets turned BACK out soon enough...where she can start all over again.
Didn't know they had THAT MANY revolving doors down at City Hall.

Thanks for stopping over here today and commenting (in spite of the snow...lol).

Stay safe (and warm) out there.

Diane said...

You know what used to be called "trailer trash" is now celebrated on TV as "gypsies". I see commercials for the idiots... since when did the low-down scum become worth of a TV show? Kind of like Jerseylicious. Or Real Housewives of blah blah blah" they're just rich trailer trash, from what I see of the commercials.

Seems like TV is just going further into the dumps and dregs of society.

We've had the AC on a couple days ago here - it got to almost 80 :O

Bob G. said...

I know what you're talking about.
back in my day, they WERE called gypsies...mostly because they moved around so much.

Mom used to call us that laughingly...we rented until I was in high school.
Those "reality" shows are worthless, and I bust on Wifey for indulging herself by watching them.
I call them the real MOOKS of MOOKVILLE.
A lot of TV these days makes the COMMERICALS more interesting...sorta-kinda.
Cable is full of garbage channels, and network isn't far behind with some of it's programming.

You had the AC on???
We might run OURS...just to warm UP..ROFL!
Nah, it's going ABOVE freezing later this week...global warming my patootie!

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and keep cool?) down there

John DuMond said...

"...drivers not paying attention to deteriorating road conditions."

Well, they don't pay attention when the weather is good. Why should a little snow and ice change their standard procedure (or make 'em put down the "smart" phone)? :)

And speaking of weather, I hope that dopey rodent is right about winter ending early. Not holding my breath, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.*

*Finger-crossing is less likely to cause one to pass out than breath-holding. Or so I've been told.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I too have given up on breath-holding for the MUCH safer finger-crossing (arthritis or not)!

Our drivers here (Ft. Wayne) are often worse than the infamous "Joisey" ones...LOL.
Must be a thing about "flat-staters".

Don'cha miss the days when the only distraction while driving was when you had to take a leak, and you looked for a good (Tree-lined) spot along the interstate?
God, I miss ThOSE days!

Too MANY things to keep people's eyes off the road (where they really belong).
No wonder the tech-heads are trying to perfect vehicles that DRIVE THEMSELVES.
(and mankind gets a little more LAZY).

Thanks much for rolling on up today and commenting.

You stay safe (and warm) out there.

CWMartin said...

Trying to be brief as I am a day behind everybody's posts!

First, Bishop D'arcy is one of those rare people whose Christ-likeness really comes through. Another man we may never see the likes of again.

Second, on Tracy the trash- beauty is only skin deep. A lot of maggots inside that bag,

Third, that ground hog's from Pennsylvania too, innit he?

Bob G. said...

--They broke the mold when they made Bishop D'Arcy...and Godly men such as him.

--Yeah, we need to "empty that bag" first...LOL
A shame people HAVE to choose the BAD things in life...consistently.

--Phil is from PA...but not near Philly...why, does he act like ME in the morning ?
(short answer - YES)
...I also hate to be dragged from MY "burrow" when I'm sleeping...for ANY reason!

Thanks for swinging by to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.