06 February 2013

Humpday Happenings...
And it's time for more "fun" things that we never seem to run out of.
We'll actually get to see the SUN today, but temps will remain below 32 degrees F.
Reflective melting WILL however, take care of most of the roads nicely.
So, hopefully, we'll have some normalcy returning to the streets and roads here (yeah, LOL...I can dream).
*** First up today, the Motto Of The Week, otherwise known as WHO SAID THAT?
"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can."
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the fortress...
*** Next up, we had our first SNOW PLOW come through...it was f$cking amazing!
Around 1342 hours, I heard this obnoxious noise outside on the street, and living where Wifey and I do, you always have to check things out, in case someone is being arrested on YOUR property, or some vehicle decides to park and/or break down in front of YOUR house (they love white people - we're such a "novelty" around here these days ).
What I saw instead, was a city truck loaded with salt, PLOWING the damn street!!!
First one I've seen since winter weather hit.
Hey, maybe someone in some city department READS this blog...(like I said...I can dream).
That's usually the way though...you bitch, and THEN, something (maybe) gets done.
Seems to be S.O.P. in THIS city, at least...sometimes.
In the other cases, it takes an act of GOD to motivate City Hall into some sort of action.
*** This next item relates to this ongoing "problem" I have with our paper carrier (Journal Gazette).
This latest carrier has this nasty habit of running up the side "hill" across our lawn, walking over a decorative wire fence to deliver the paper.
Yes, the FOOTPRINTS in the snow make THAT much OBVIOUS!
And, I have complained to the paper SEVERAL times so far...apparently to little if ANY avail.
The carrier goes back to running up the lawn after a short time.

I know what you did...
 Now, I don't know if this person is BRAIN-DAMAGED or what, but to be THAT damn lazy as to NOT use the CLEARED SIDEWALK, that I spend time shoveling to make things EASIER...well, that says so much about this person.
I'll give you THREE guesses as to the ethnicity of the carrier, and the FIRST TWO don't count.
And whatever WAS said (if anything) to the carrier, must have leaked out of his ears over the last month!
(as we can plainly see THIS morning)

And I see where you went.
 I told the newspaper representative I'm not going to be liable if the person falls or gets injured while doing what they're NOT supposed to be doing (using the lawn rather than the sidewalk), and the rep said they'd pass the request along...(for the FOURTH TIME!)
If they don't want our business THAT much, I can easily change papers to the News-Sentinel, which will be my next (and final) step.
It's as though SOME people need to be constantly TOLD the right and proper manner to do things...
Guess they're making skulls THICKER these days?
In any event, this carrier has GOT to learn that you can't take the lazy-ass way of doing things in life.
(especially, when an actual less snow-covered way is PROVIDED by someone else)
I have thought about getting up early enough to confront him...now THAT would be fun (for me, anyway)...haven't told anyone off face-to-face in a while...gotta stay in practice, you know...LOL.
*** Next up, is the "State of the Realm" address today by none other than our local monarch, King Henry.
It's GOOD to be "king".
It's supposed to take place downtown around midday, and it should provide some much needed amusement for me.
I can't wait to hear how MUCH is being done...everyplace ELSE but where WE happen to live.
I'm sure our king will tout HIS accomplishments for "our" city (translation - downtown improvement, Costaplenty Square, and the ballparkand the hostile takeover of Aqua Indiana)
Yeah, all that is REALLY helping us down here in the crotch of this city...with businesses drying up faster than a piss puddle in the Sahara, crime on the RISE, fewer police to manage it, and a majority of the minority populace causing most of the trouble.
And that's only for starters.
Still, when you never fully define the PROBLEM (let alone acknowledge it), there's NO way in hell you're ever going to SOLVE it...right?
(...and YES, you may quote me...)
*** Being a Fort Wayne "meter maid" CAN be hazardous to your health.
And here's the proof:
The picture doesn't appear on the online edition...ONLY in the printed version, and I have NO idea as to why.
(Just so you know)
I took a picture OF the picture just because I love you guys!
*** The trial for the second ambulance shooter (from last year) continues...
Here's the story:
Dontay (Sir thugs-a-lot) Martin, of the 4100 block of Hessen Cassel was the perp wielding a Glock 17 with a 30 rd mag who is accused of shooting at the TRAA ambulance (reference my archives - 17 September 2012) along with his already tried, found GUILTY and awaiting sentencing "cohort", one Traneilous (Mr Badass) Jackson of 4801 S. Hanna St (just one block over from our "Fortress" - see blog post from 14 September 2012 ).
Part of the plea deal with Jackson was that he would testify AGAINST Martin...sweet.
These thugs have as good weaponry as the damn POLICE for God's sake...how's that possible?
Who GETS this stuff for them, and why can't it be stopped?
We need to ENFORCE the gun laws we ALREADY have...simple as that.
There are FOUR counts of attempted murder pending along with a litany of other GOOD charges, and if convicted of them all, Martin faces TWO HUNDRED YEARS in jail.
I say off BOTH of them,...and call it JUSTICE.
Thugs such as these two have NO place in society...just have them neutralized...period.
Two FEWER thugs on OUR streets.
Now THAT'S urban renewal!
*** Lastly today, it could be a case against hi-cap mags with that ambulance story, but let's tell things the way they really ARE, and not how some would want them to be...
All of that fracas could have been avoided...IF the "combatants" were more CIVIL to one another, and weren't prone to flying off the handle because neither of them are intelligent enough to conduct themselves in a more human manner.
People like this are purely REACTIVE in nature, and not with the best intentions.
But, when you haven't the intellect or knowledge to TALK things out like rational people, all you can do is become an animal, and act more savagely and instinctively. Screw consequences, right?
Like I say, we are ALL capable of becoming murderers, given the proper impetus and circumstances.
Thing is, most all of us choose a lot more WISELY, and do not allow such escalation to the level of violence these thugs have apparently grown accustomed to.
That does not mean we will never become violent...when the need arises.
I've learned over time, that you cannot talk to such people on ANY intellectual or CIVIL level - they can't comprehend it, nor wish to do so.
Their only rebuttal to anything YOU have to say is to ramp up the drama...ergo, the violent intent.
The most direct way to diffuse such a scenario is with like intent on your part...and the willingness to back it up with whatever means, should you feel yourself in imminent danger from THEIR violence.
It's not the BEST way, mind you...just the only way to deal with such assholes.
If they believe you value THEIR life so damn little, they usually back the hell off pronto.
That's the only way to beat back a coward who displays more hormones than reason.
We'd much rather be able to TALK things out, but when pressed with such low-intelligence people, there are few options available.
We can thank the lack of CIVILITY and MORAL BEHAVIOR in our society for this.
Cooler heads USED to prevail a lot more in times past.
And it would be nice to return to such days...if only to prove we are truly EVOLVING...as a species.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((P.S. - For all you fine folks, today is the birthday of Ronald Reagan. H/T to Rush Limbaugh for the reminder))


Slamdunk said...

Glad you saw the elusive plow truck Bob. I am spoiled in the small township I live, even living on a dead-end street they make a pass or two per storm. This is much better than where I came from where it is every man for himself.

When we have subscribed to the local paper, it was only the online version, so I never had to be concerned with delivery probs.

And your meter maid pic reminds me of a post I need to write.

Bob G. said...

Hell, I was beginning to think they were only RUMOURS...LOL!

Yeah, that parking control oficer sure had one helluva unexpected "ride" yesterday.
**Note to self: NEVER buy a Ford Escape - to prone to rollovers when broadsided by red light runners!

I'll be looking forward to that post of YOURS.
Thanks for dropping by today and commenting.

You stay safe (and well-plowed) out there.
(...somehow, that didn't sound quite right...ROFL)

Momma Fargo said...

OH, now come on, Bob! You didn't need a snow plow for that! LMAO. Front wheel drive or 4-wheel drive and you are outta there! Don't tell me you are driving an electric car or scooter and have gone soft on American cars. :)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I happen to drive a CLASSIC - 1983 Firebird...(a classic...just like me,...LOL)

Truth be told, whenever we get 1-3 inches (or more), and it gets packed down, it's slicker than snot on a doorknob.
And ANY wheel drive doesn't get you off that kind of stuff easily.

The city USED to come down and plow...or at LEAST they would dump salt at the intersection, and let traffic do the rest.
Not any more.

This was a first for the season...and long-awaited.

But then, I'm from the East coast...and driving in crap weather was par for the course EVERY year.

I have no problem with driving in this...it's the IDIOTS that have no idea how to drive in it that bothers me...a lot.

Guess I got a toucb of Wyoming in me...LOL.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...

You could probably solve your paper carrier problem with some strategically-placed Punji sticks. But I suppose the law would probably frown on that, as it seems to frown on a lot these days. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
We think SO much alike...it's downright SCARY.
Way ahead of you there.

I USED to place Punjis when I had kids running around the corner of the house, before I put up a nice fence to prevent THAT.
I also strung some barbed wire between the two trees (where the carrier would walk,) but NCE (code enforcement) nixed that idea...and I iold them THEY could pay to re-seed my lawn.
Haven't bothered me since, but I did take the wire down.

I STILL have a BUNCH of punjis down in the basement (nicely sharpened...it's a gift)..awaiting their turn at "planting".
(and I have CATS, too, if you get my drift).

Amazing the stuff you learn through the years.

Hey thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and punji-free) out there.

CWMartin said...

Damn it, John stole my comment!
Alternately, I suppose you could put up a series of arrow signs pointing the right way. Since you have to encourage them to read, maybe you could have a nice picture of a bottle of Ripple next to the arrows...Nah, then they'd wanna come in. Punji sticks way more efficient.

Bob G. said...

LOL...well, great minds MUST think alike, and besides, THAT is why ALL you fine folks keep coming back here...

--The only arrow "sign" these mooks would understand would be something from the TV show ARROW...(a green-flighted, steel tip variety)
Yes, a gratuitous DC comic reference.

--Don't see much ripple throwaways on the streets these days...
But LOTS of cheap-ass brandy - the new ghetto-swill of choice for the discriminating taste...

"gots taget daflava uv baby-mama spit outs MA mouf."
Too Ebonicized?
(nah - just right)

--Yes, punjis & cat do-do...gets the job done.
(ask any Nam era vet)

Thanks much for swinging on by today to comment.
Always a pleasure.

Stay safe up there!