07 February 2013

Sometimes, the System Works...
...And I'll explain why in a minute.
The Heartland weather today will see a day where the temps WILL actually rise ABOVE freezing (by late afternoon and early evening).
How 'bout THEM apples?
We are supposed to have some RAIN later on as well, and that will give way to a changeover to snow as the temps drop back below freezing , but no appreciable accumulation is anticipated.
So, we have a little bit of damn near everything...talk about "variety".
Meanwhile, back at the gambling parlor...
*** First up this Thursday is the answer to our WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can."
This was spoken by someone probably none of you have heard of, but that's okay...I hadn't either until I looked him up and learned about him.
His name was Sydney Smith, an English writer and clergyman (born 3 June 1771 - died 22 February 1845) and yes, he DOES have a WIKI:
Sydney is one of those people that you WISH you were taught about in school, and not because he was extremely remarkable, but rather because he was not, and yet attained a level of prominence that many have sought.
Smith was one of those people that attended lots of schools, and not due to his being tossed OUT of them, as is often the case today.
See, back in earlier times, it was very important to become a LEARNED individual, and since Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet in the Colonial period, and Henry Ford wasn't around to allow people to travel distances by car, education in other places took TIME (to just get there and back).
Smith became a preacher in London in the early 1800s, due to him being ordained in 1796, and it was in Amesbury where he provided the rudiments of education to the people there, making better things possible.
He was considered a man of "restless activity and ingenuity", which provided him a podium for his preaching and lecturing.
Apparently, the people loved it, and flocked to wherever he was speaking.
Curiously enough, he never sought POLITICAL office, even though his speakings could be touted as being charismatic.
Smith was thought to be rather radical for his time, but was really more progressive and far-sighted, as he favored education for women, abolition of slavery, and the teaching of practical subjects, rather than classical ones.
One quote of his can even be found in the Dallas Museum of Art, so his influences and legacies have been far-reaching
It's a pretty good read for someone we never even knew about...until today.
Moving on...
*** Here is the (followup) story to which the TITLE of today's post is based:
Yep, Dontay (Sir thugs-a-lot) Martin was found GUILTY on NINE counts, and it took the jury LESS THAN AN HOUR to reach the verdict!
Now THAT is what I call a SPEEDY trial (by his peers)...
I can see light at the end of that long judicial tunnel...finally.
The article is worth reading because of the nuances presented, such as how the accused conducted himself (little if any remorse - seemed like he was sorry...that he GOT CAUGHT), along with the friends and family of the guilty (crying crocodile tears because...he GOT CAUGHT), and even some young black men, who milled around the courthouse, where they waved at Martin as he was led back and forth from the courtroom.
During the trial, these men slouched or NAPPED in courtroom seats.
As Martin was led out, a few in the group called to him, to which Martin replied with repeated chants of ALLAHU AKBAR (God is great)...
Seems like the same phrase uttered before people blow themselves up.
Yes, that IS from Islam.
The deputy prosecutor, Jason Custer is a man worth applauding.
He stated in court the following:
"We're lucky, not because he's (Martin) reckless, but because he's an INCOMPETENT MURDERER". (my emphasis)
Custer told the jury in closing arguments:
"We avoided becoming a community of a mass killing...but just by a hair."
Martin, along with Traneilous Jackson and Alphonso Chappell are members of the M.O.B. street gang.
Guess we DO have a gang problem in Fort Wayne, hmm?
Sheriff Ken Fries was on scene for the proceedings, as was OVER A DOZEN Allen County police officers when the verdict was read...just in case.
Good for YOU, Sheriff...!
Sentencing phase of the trial is scheduled for next month, I believe.
Maybe someone should check any connection between black islamists and the M.O.B. gang...just a thought.
Hope Dontay likes being the new prison bitch of cell block D...keep them pants saggin,'"brutha"!
*** The King holds court...
Yesterday King Henry addressed vassals and serfs alike throughout the realm, and the message was a bit one-sided.
(as I expected).
Most of the oratory was spent on all the GOOD things he's done to...I mean FOR this city.
Don't get me wrong...Ft. Wayne DOES have some good points.
As I stated yesterday, the ballpark, the Harrison, downtown improvement...most all the things many of us couldn't be that concerned about, because we're up to our hips in crime, the lack of retail, low-income housing around us, and low-information residents who have all day to do nothing at the taxpayers' expense.
 NONE of THAT type of thing was mentioned.
The mayor cites the lack of property tax revenue for shortfalls (read challenges) in budgets across the city...
Well, how about this - What about the rising number of government-sponsored RENTALS that took a bite out of that as well, thanks to people moving OUT of the city (the county isn't hurting nearly as bad - as proof). or what about the LACK of retail on the SE side, thanks to the rising crime that shuttered OVER A HUNDRED businesses in the last decade and a half (including a mall)?
How soon "we" forget about THOSE, hmm?
So, the city has to raise the parking meter rates...((rolls eyes))...yeah, that'll overflow the coffers in NO time.
Why is it that any NEW housing developments are in the COUNTY, rather than in the city confines?
Distressed neighborhoods, crime, no stores...ALL of this leads to a devaluation of existing properties...I know...I "live the adventure" (just like REMO WILLIAMS).
Our property tax payments dropped from around $600 a year to WELL UNDER $100. The house is worth LESS than what we paid my wife's parents for it.
Hell, it's damn near twice of the ORIGINAL selling price...from back in the late 1960s...!
And that price was around $12K and change.
Henry stated that both the FWFD and the FWPD are doing a great job...(I would add)...for being two city departments that have a COMBINED shortage of staff numbering close to FIFTY pairs of boots on the ground!
Yeah, that LAST part he DIDN'T mention...wonder why?
You cannot laud the HIGH points of a city, while all but ignoring the LOW points, and any mayor worth his salt would address the good AS WELL AS the bad, and how the city hopes to change that.
That's what a "State of the _____" speech is all about.
Henry DID say that each of us can make a difference, and should.
Hell, I've been TRYING for YEARS...small as it seems, but I'm a believer in what Rev. Smith was quoted as saying (above).
I do WHAT I CAN, no matter how small it might appear.
*** Lastly today, the system DOES work...sometimes, and provisionally-speaking.
Other times, not as well as intended, and certainly NOT with the frequency that it should.
If we carried an analogy over to say...our personal vehicles, we'd be suing the manufacturer for them selling us a damn LEMON.
(and you can only make so much "lemonade" at times)
The "system" is one of those things that needs constant attention...like an infant more so than a car or house.
And, is often the case, we get distracted from that required attention, which leads to some sort of breakdown.
We have to maintain the system, or it WILL fail every one of us.
Thing is, the system has grown SO complex over time, that we barely recall how it's supposed to operate, let alone operate PROPERLY.
Many times, the only thing we can do is keep it running...after a fashion.
It might backfire, stall, or even strand us, but somehow, it eventually starts up again.
We need to keep close watch on not JUST the operation of the system, but how WE figure into it's "maintenance".
Each of us is a (sort of) caretaker for the system, and like our cars or even families, we are responsible for it's function in some part.
We just need to be better able to repair it when needed, using the proper tools at our disposal (which could be a simple vote), and not be afraid to get our mitts dirty when we know things need fixing.
And much like our car...the "system" can run like a dream...or become a "hangar queen" (military term)...and it all depends on how it's cared for.
Just something to think about...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"Thing is, the system has grown SO complex over time..."

I'm beginning to suspect that this isn't an accident. As the system becomes more complex, we find ourselves depending on a cadre of professionals to operate it for us, and to help us navigate through it. Said cadre consists of politicians, lawyers, and bureaucrats. They have, by default, evolved into a de facto ruling class. I really don't think this is what the founders intended.

Then again, maybe I'm just paranoid. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That's a VERY valid point.

OUR part in all of this can easily become compromised.
It's like having a mechanic who, instead of fixing your car, causes several MORE things to go wrong...

Sure doesn't mean HE is the guy you HAVE to keep going to, is it?
(there are always more mechanics)

Excelllent observation.

Thanks for stopping by today and commentiong.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

John has pulled back the curtain in Oz and found the Babylonian priests. Of course there is a god in Babylon- because we told you!

Thats scary about the mass killing. How much longer will we scoff at those who warn us until our luck runs out and Karen declines to prosecute the man who takes out a whole school?

Philosophic? Nah, just having a PBR for the first time in a while. Hope this is all spelled right.

Bob G. said...

Hey, with MY number of typos, I ain't counting for anyone else...LOL.

Yeah, sometimes, we refrain from pulling back that curtain, but hopefully, our curiosity will always get the better of us, and we become bolder in our search for the trut.

The mass killing sprees are becoming too frequent to ignore, or paint with a GUN control rhetoric...something isn't wrong with the WEAPONS used...it's the PEOPLE using them that have gone "bye-bye" in the head (by design or choice).

Not philosophic, my friend...just LOGICAL.
(who knew that PBRS had a VULCAN basis?)

Thanks for swinging by to comment today.
Stay safe up there in Scrappyville.