13 February 2013

Humpday Happenings...
And, it's the middle of the week again, with another nice day in store for those of us in Hoosierland, with temps again reaching for the high 30s by late today. No sign of precip in the air, but a few clouds sticking around to let us know they're there.
It's Ash Wednesday, which kicks off the start to the Lenten season for Catholics around the world.
Since I'm a Methodist, my take on that is a simple one - I gave up LENT for Lent (but I will still take those filet o' fish sandwiches on Fridays).
Now, before we get into the meat and potatoes of today's post, we've some other business to attend to.
*** First up today is our Motto Of The Week, otherwise know as WHO SAID THAT?
"You don't lead people by hitting them over the head. That's assault, not leadership."
I thought this MOST appropriate considering recent events, and you'll see HOW this fits into things as we go along today.
So WHO said that anyway?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the trenches...
*** Another DB turns up in Ft. Wayne.
(could this be the NEXT member of the DEAD POOL?)
Here's what is known so far:
A body was found by police by the railroad tracks near the intersection of S. Anthony Blvd and Wayne Trace.
Authorities do not suspect foul play at THIS time, and are treating the investigation as a suicide.
(or maybe this person had "help"...like an "assisted" suicide?)
Never rule ANY possibility out when dealing with people on the SE side of the city...they might surprise you.
*** It would appear that the CA gunman and ex-LAPD officer, Chris Dorner, has gone to his "just rewards" after yesterday's gunfight (which left one sheriff's deputy dead and another critically injured) and subsequent barricade in a mountain cabi at Big Bear mountain.
Here's just one of many accounts of what transpired:
By early evening, the cabin became engulfed in flames (could have been set by Dorner, or my guess would be smoke or gas grenades or perhaps flashbangs sparked the fire), but officers on scene did not see anyone leave the cabin while it burned.
Forensic evidence will determine whether the charred body found in the cabin is, in fact, Dorner.
The manifesto stated that the violence of action WOULD be high, and Dorner was right there.
As to what was in the gunman's mind...we will never know.
And to all the assholes who were actually CHEERING this guy on...WISE UP.
This wasn't a case like in the movie VANISHING POINT (the original version with Barry Newman was better)...where a man is pursued by police for seemingly nothing and becomes a "folk hero" of sorts...
THIS very disturbed gunman (Dorner) KILLED several people and doesn't deserve ANY praise for his actions.
So stop being dumbasses and try embracing...a REAL HERO!
...instead of some cold-blooded killer!
Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.
*** Next out of the barn, that nasty SOTU message last night...
((...rolls eyes...))
Well, I DID play a drinking game along with this "dog & pony" show.
Every time "That guy" used a personal pronoun, I took a sip.
Thank GOD it was NON-alcoholic...!
I would have been sh*t-faced in a half hour.
But, my eye-teeth were floating after the first 40 minutes.
I confess that every time I hear this guy bloviate, I am amazed at how well he tries to package the barrage of lies, deceits, and falsehoods that come from his pie hole.
Naturally, he failed marvelously when it came to me.
I know better and been lied to by MUCH more professional deceivers.
And of course we HAD to hear the hackneyed "fair share" and "level playing field" BS tag lines...cripes almighty!
He even plagiarizes his OWN past speeches...how tiresome is THAT?
The only real HIGH point for me was when he said "God Bless the United States of America"...even if he really didn't MEAN it.
His 2nd term is just like the first one...with different packaging on the same pieces of bullsh*t.
He's got ALL these grandiose plans to better America like put people to work, educate the poor, repair our infrastructure, research alternative energy, stop climate change, and help poor nations around the world, ALL THE WHILE maintaining our place in the global arena with the BEST military on the planet (as he defunds it).
I'm surprised he didn't toss in curing cancer, along with ALL other diseases known to man or beast, resurrecting the passenger pigeon, finding Jimmy Hoffa, turning lead into gold, walking on water, and proclaiming himself the Messiah.
(NEXT year, perhaps?)
The only, MAJOR problem with such an unrealistic and altruistic agenda becomes:
That guy CLAIMS it won't add one cent to the national debt...BULLSH*T!
Who the hell do you think you're kidding, Bub?
You don't want to even address YOUR administration's SPENDING jag...and you bitch about CUTS.
-- You REDUCE the deficit by CURBING SPENDING, asshole...that's the way EVERY family in this nation does it.
When you SPEND LESS...you SAVE MORE...got it, dumbass?
And when you SAVE MORE...you can PAY DOWN your creditors (or in this case, the national debt).
Geezus H. tap-dancing Christ...how much EASIER can it get??
THIS is the kind of mindset that comes along with a President who is woefully UNQUALIFIED to hold the office he bought.
He's just a community-organizer...NOT a socio-economic savant.
He SHOULD be off somewhere toking weed, making protest signs, and getting busted for crapping on police cars...
We need a LEADER for our nation...and all we have is another "boss".
BIG difference between the two...believe me!
There, I've said it again.
-- At least the rebuttal from Sen. Marco Rubio made a LOT more sense, as it was supposed to.
And so what if he took a drink of water from a glass off-camera...no big deal...shows he's HUMAN...and kinda nervous for his "first time" outing.
But the "kid" did okay in my book...got his points across well.
Leave the man alone because HE has a plan to straighten this nation's mess out...something this empty-suit Prez has yet to do.
All That Guy wants to do is "fundamentally change America", and by God, he's off to a decent start.
The latest EO to come down will be one that's "alleged" to keep cyberspace SAFE (from hackers).
Be WARY of this...it's a (backdoor) grab at controlling the Internet (which would be civilian surveillance and possible censorship).
The GOVERNMENT sites should be the only ones the government watchdogs...
And don't expect Captain EO to stop there...if he doesn't get HIS way, more dictates from our "ruler" will again circumvent our Constitution, giving more undeserved power to the wrong people for the wrong reason.
This guy is smug...and he's arrogant...and he's been emboldened by his re-election, and his minions are gathering at his feet.
We will need to become even more vigilant in our pursuit of the TRUTH, and we'll probably be called every damn name in the book BECAUSE we do as much.
That's the only recourse such cowards have...
And in many ways, trying to even debate ANY of them is akin to shooting an unarmed individual.
Pay attention to everything being said...question everything that requires it, and hold those "servants" accountable to WE, the people...who REALLY are the ones who OWN this country. The REAL power rests with US...not them.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

I can't tell you of a worse State of the Union Address as I heard last night. In fact, I couldn't watch it all. Oblahblahbama said a lot of nothing except his Democrats are going to step on all the Republicans and that is that. What a joke. As for Dorner..good riddance. Now I just hope he is truly dead and some innocent he set up.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
It looks to be fairly certain that the "crispy critter" in that cabin IS Dorner.
He just didn't have the patrticualr training in spec ops (Seals, Rangers, LRRPS, AFSOC) to mislead authorities that way.
And lugging whatever ammo he had on him MUST have taken it's toll as well, even after ditching 2 rifles and loaded magazines in that truck he torched.

As to the SOTU?
I SHOULD have had alcohol with my drinking game...but then I would have had one HELLUVA hangover this AM...LMAO!

It was the same old pablum being tossed our way, and it WAS boring.
But at least I DID get to scream at the TV for the better part of 45 minutes...everything from "LIAR" to "HOW YOU GONNA PAY FOR ALL THIS SH*T?"
(and then some)

Don't know WHAT that boy is smoking, but it's a far cry from those NEWPORTS, eh?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to roll up today and comment.

You stay safe out there, Kiddo!

CWMartin said...

First off, I'm guessing the answer to your quote is NOT Bashir Assad.

Second, a democrat would neve ressurect the passenger pigeon. He'd go for the Dodo.

Bob G. said...

1- Nope, NEVER Assad...evah!
(the quote is from "one of OURS")

2- LOL...That WAS gonna be my SECOND CHOICE...no kidding!!!
I think maybe YOU got that one right (for the "left")!

Well done.

And thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe (and dodo-free) up there.