12 February 2013

Oh, so it's THAT Tuesday...
...And we'll be discussing the exact meaning of the "that" in just a bit, but first, we've got a relatively nice day on our hands (as winter days go) with temps reaching ABOVE freezing (37 degrees) with some sun breaking through at some point today.
So, unless you already gathered up some snow and placed it in a container in your freezer, you ain't gonna see much of it around for a spell.
Enjoy it while you can.
Yes, it's sure to bring out the crims in larger numbers in our fair city.
Anyway, let's get crackin' with a rather busy day staring us all in the puss.
*** First out of the stall this morning...an UPDATE to yesterday's FOURTH HOMICIDE in Ft. Wayne.
(I'm getting good at predicting this)
Here's the lowdown:
Nathaniel Jishaun Rainer is the latest member of the city's 2013 Dead Pool.
He was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds in a lot near Smith and Emily Sts, north of Pontiac on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
What was not initially disclosed by WANE yesterday, was the fact that there was a neighbor who DID hear between 4-6 gunshots just prior to Rainer's body being found.
An officer was dispatched to the location and was flagged down by a man who found Rainer's body.
Another report to police noted that a car left the scene with it's headlights off "slowly driving through the neighborhood".
Now, before we start with the whole "he was a good boy, the life of parties...." and so on, at the time of his death, Rainer was facing charges for felony break-in and resisting police.
So much for that "good boy" persona, hmm?
Back in July 2012, Rainer was spotted leaving a house after an officer was dispatched to a scene where a home burglary had been reported.
Rainer ignored orders to stop and was later found in the bed of a parked pickup truck.
The side door to the house that Rainer left had been kicked in, and Rainer told police he was trying to run from two men who wanted to fight him.
His trial for that case was slated for 20 Feb.
In May Rainer entered a plea agreement for a unrelated misdemeanor charges case
I guess the city just saved some money there, huh?
*** And the tragedy of "HAMLET" continues...
Remember that story the other week about this one (black) guy caught in all those apartment break-ins?
Check my archives from 23 January 2013 for the first act in this play.
Well, it seems there's a nice twist in the next "act".
Here's the story link:
Devonte M. Hamlet ("To plea or not to plea...that is the question") is facing additional charges stemming from OTHER home invasions.
He was first charged with the Island Club Apartment invasion on 10 January, but now is looking at the robbery at the Cambridge Square Apartments at E. Cook and Coldwater Rds the SAME night.
(who knew?).
The Cambridge Square gig is the one where he and another perp used zip-ties to bind the residents, and then taking valuables and $600 cash. (zip-ties -  sounds like the same M.O. used in a Dairy Queen robbery on N. Coliseum yesterday)
Hamlet (alas poor baby-mama...I knew her, Horatio) pistol-whipped a resident, who managed to get free, find HIS pistol and shoot at Hamlet, who was later dropped off at Parkview Hospital, suffering TWO gunshot wounds.
(nice shooting, "Tex" ).
Hamlet was one of those really STUPID perps that left his fingerprints all over the place at both locations.
(can't hole a gat wif glubs on, dawg!)
Hamlet, of the 3500 block of Smith St. was held in lieu of $145K bail.
And while police "say" they have other suspects, no one else has been arrested in connection with the rash of burglaries at the apartments.
*** Next up, this past Sunday, I listened to Pelosi on Chris Wallace's Fox News show...(I don't have to SEE her, for obvious reasons,.,..ewwww).
And I have to conclude that I have NEVER, in all my life, heard such a rambling old biddy.
(makes a good case for mental health care...LOL)
She couldn't have been MORE out-of-touch with reality if she moved to the damn MOON (which is on my short list of things I would like to have done to...I mean FOR her).
She doesn't believe we have a SPENDING problem in D.C., but rather a "debt-reduction" problem...
(Guess all that SPENDING never led to the NEED for DEBT-REDUCTION... did it???)
If you swing by THIS site, there is a transcript of the interview with VIDEO...and it's a real HOOT!
Pelosi put an entirely NEW slant on the word PRATTLE...!
THIS is the kind of politician that passes for NORMAL these days?
Yeah, this is a "WTF???" moment!
How the hell does a dumbass like THIS get elected?
(...except by a LOT of OTHER DUMBASSES!)
You have GOT to be sh*tting me!
To hear her stutter is priceless...no defense for the facts here, Nance.
*** And so we find ourselves at the center of today's shrubbery maze - the State of the Union Address tonight on damn near every channel.
Our Pretender-in-Chief will pull more lies out of his butt, and the leftards will lap it all up in a perverse Pavlovian response.
We'll hear the standard BS about how WELL we're all doing (and that Obummercare isn't going to cost us squat, when IN FACT it WILL cost us in ways we haven't even begun to realize)., how HE (the anointed one) has created ALL these JOBS, and yet unemployment is static around 8% (but government keeps growing).
That's something that SHOULD CONCERN all of us...the GROWTH of government.
All the while, this same administration wants to CUT military spending...something a bit WRONG with THAT picture?
A LARGER "government" and yet a SMALLER military?
How the f$ck can you remain a world power under such auspices?
Sounds like someone wants to make us ripe for a takeover.
This administration is MORE concerned with the SALT content of our foods, the SIZE of our soft drinks, and the TYPE of light bulbs we have, rather than what our CONSTITUTION states, especially in our PREAMBLE:
"We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union (and NOT become divided by ideologies and progressive agendas), establish justice (and NOT trample it into the ground), insure domestic tranquility (and NOT divisiveness through political pundits), provide for the common defense (and NOT defund or strip our military bare), promote the general welfare (and NOT place HALF of our people ON welfare), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (and NOT bankrupt our grandchildren in the process of unconstitutional dictates), do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
There, I guess THAT says it all, right?
*** And after all that, It's also the TUESDAY that heralds the winding down of MARDI GRAS...and the day that sends it all off...FAT TUESDAY!
Leave it to "That Guy" in the White House to steal some thunder from THIS yearly event.
Well, that's what HE does best...take from everyone, take all the credit, and blame everyone else along the way...
Can't get any MORE narcissistic than THAT, can you?
*** Lastly today, if you want a BETTER diversion this evening, the latest James Bond movie is NOW out on DVD - SKYFALL.
Personally, I would like the combo set. (Blu-ray-DVD-digital copy)
It sure would make a nice Valentine's Day gift for the man in your life...just a suggestion...lol.
Yet, I will grudgingly watch the SOTU address tonight, JUST to see HOW right I'll be, along with every OTHER red-blooded AMERICAN who wants to keep this nation as it was conceived.
I might try a "drinking game"...for EVERY time President "That Guy" says "ME", I take a swig, but I might not make it past the first 15 minutes...LOL.
If you believe this guy's lies long enough, you learn to LIVE with them and be comfortable in that choice...that's NOT the way this nation should operate...ever.
We really have learn to play "Spot the Phony", and call them out every single time this occurs.
If the leftards can manufacture LIES and falsehoods, and have the lame-stream-media push this pablum down our throats, we can fight back...with the TRUTH, no matter HOW much we're lambasted for telling it.
We have a duty of sorts...to KEEP this nation as God and the Founders intended, which is NOT what the liberals want by ANY means.
We, the people, are made of stronger stuff, and it's time we made our presence known.
We DO have a voice, and we'll not sit quietly by while others usurp the meaning of what this nation stands for.
So, if you're up to it tonight, tune in for a while, have a laugh or three, and then be BOLD in your voicing the truth, exposing the lies, and holding all accountable for their actions and words.
THAT is the way this nation works...and always has, too.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Well, I don't know if we will ever go back to what makes sense and what our forefathers first created when they started our great Nation. Ugh.

And the State of the Union address...I'm sure is going to be more fluff that will rev up the Liberals.

As for me...I'm watching Ted Nugent.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Doesn't hurt us much to TRY though, hmm?

And that SOTU address...you should play along tonight with me and my "drinking game"...
I hear RED WINE goes REAL well with televised LIES...ROFL!

Personally, I'm more the Kentucky Whisky guy when I'm being fed falsehoods.
To each his/her own, however.
(But I will surf over to my weekly fix of JUSTIFIED on FX...!)

Thanks much for rolling on up today and commenting.
(always enjoy a "mental frisk")

You stay SAFE out there, Dear.

Bob G. said...

BTW...you ROCK, Ted!

ms nk rey said...

I will skip the State of the Union tonight. Just don't have the stomach for it right now. I hope Donna catches your subtle hint for Valentines. I hear she likes diamonds and dark chocolate. Looks like you are on course to have your murder prediction come true again this year. You may need to up the count. Happy Valentine's day to you and Mrs. G.

John DuMond said...

"She couldn't have been MORE out-of-touch with reality if she moved to the damn MOON."

Well, she lives in the SF Bay area, so I guess that's as out of touch as you can get while still on Earth.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I "think" she'll get the hint.
What can I say...I'm a "cheap date"...ROFL!

I'll be showing what I got her by Thursday.
(and some of it does involve CHOCOLATE - her favorite vegetable)

We just got ANOTHER DB near the R/R tracks along S. Anthony today...looks like we may ahve FIVE homicides...look out Detroit!
(might have to raise the bar to THIRTY/...or more?)

And may St. Valentine find you in good spirits, and be sending you nothing but great tidings and much love!

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

Jhn D.:
Yeah, you know I TOTALLY forgot that GOVERNOR MOONBEAM (Jerry Brown) runs the "Socialist Republik of Kalifornia"...THAT kinda nails the coffin SHUT, doesn't it?

Sure isn't the old SF from either the Bullitt or Dirty Harry days (sadly).
But, we DO know what CAN happen when loons rule the roost...just from watching that city.

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You keep it safe out there.

CWMartin said...

"...such a rambling old biddy..."

Bob G. said...

Hey, you know me...I was TRYING to be "as nice" as I could...under such ADVERSE conditions...!

Glad I could provide the laughs today.

Thanks for swinging on by and comemnting.
You stay safe (and keep smiling) up there.