28 February 2013

Into The Home Stretch...
...And almost at the week's end.
Yeah, yesterday's weather was nothing if not...CRAPPY (told 'ya so...LOL).
While we hardly got any snow (here), what little we did get was a WET snow, meaning slush, which would later freeze.
Today, not much happening...but temps will drop slightly during the day back below freezing. And we might get a break in the cloud cover, but I wouldn't be making book on that.
So, let's get this ball rolling today, shall we?
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Every company's greatest assets are it's customers, because without customers there is no company."
This was spoken by Michael LeBeouf, an American business author and former management professor at the University of New Orleans.
Here's his (rather brief) WIKI:
And here is his website and the books he has written:
So there 'ya go...in case you ever find yourself on EITHER side of the customer-service fence.
Moving on...
*** Our phone issue was resolved yesterday around 1100 hrs...all by itself.
As I figured, something at some T-Comm "hub" might have been the culprit, and a simple (reset) to our part of that trunk seems to have solved the issue...for now.
Got a call from a Frontier tech (named Rob - like him already, sight unseen), and I briefed him on our status.
He said the work order would remain open for 30 days, and if we have any problems, to call him directly to save time...yeah, that'll work for me.
Problem solved for the time being.
*** I love when I read truth in the media...
Especially when it comes to stories like THIS one:
Bobby Brown is headed to the slammer for 55 DAYS (and NOT in Peking, to borrow from a good movie starring the late Charlton Heston).
This was Brown's THIRD DUI (talk about ARRESTED behavior) which stemmed from an October 2012 arrest.
He's also got to attend THREE AA meetings per week until turning himself in on 20 March.
Enjoy your STAY, Mr Brown...you really EARNED it.
*** And speaking of "earning" it...there's THIS:
It's SIXTY YEARS for that ambulance shooter, one Traneilous Jackson...
(...celebrate, celebrate...dance to the muuuussic!)
He's the one that USED to reside at the corner house located at 4801 S. Hanna St., just a mere block from our "Fortress".
That should quiet things down a smidgen...maybe.
And a new bitch for the cell block...the guys are gonna LOVE his ass (long time)...LOL.
But, such a sentence is not without SOME level of plea-bargaining...especially with OUR prosecutors.
The charge of carrying a handgun w/o a license, and criminal GANG activity were dismissed.
Also dismissed were two probation violations and two felony gun cases.
Jackson's son said in the courtroom: "'Bye, Daddy".
Yep...bye for a LONG time, kid.
Hope YOU make something of YOUR life...unlike your "father".
*** These two females are making a case for Social Darwinism:
They like to take things that don't belong to them...from stores...without paying for them. How typical.
It's like they erroneously believe that somehow, the world OWES them some sort of "living"...WRONG!
And these two have some REAL "interesting" names.
Shaholony Monique Stanford (from Indy), and Breonda Shontae Easterly-Conwell (of Ft. Wayne) were caught with $1500 of ill-gotten swag from at least FOUR stores at the Outlets at Fremont when Steuben County deputies tried to approach them.
The women fled south on I-69, where police followed until the women stopped just south of Rt. 6. It was then both women were taken into custody.
Like the old saying goes: "Shoplifting steals from EVERYONE."
And this pair found out the hard way.
*** Okay, so if you're like me, you enjoy stories about law-abiding "girls with guns", and WANE had a good story yesterday about just such a proposition...only within the Noble County educational system.
The story was called "Arming Miss Ivanson", and here's the link if you missed it, or if you don't happen to live in the Ft. Wayne area:
Apparently, Noble County law-enforcement feels there's absolutely NOTHING WRONG with arming teachers, provided they are properly TRAINED.
And I've got no beef with that either.
But, you just KNOW that FWCS won't touch this with a ten-foot pole (whatever his name is).
The video is a good watch, and shows that it's not ALL about shooting a handgun (it never is).
Noble County wants to make "some" educators special deputies, and according to most any law regarding sheriff's departments, they CAN fully deputize those citizens when the need arises...remember the old west "posse"?
Yep, citizen deputies...everyone.
Personally, I think it's a good idea, and shows people the TRUTH behind firearms and the training needed to use one, as well as the level of responsibility that goes with all of it.
*** Lastly today, we end this month with a LOT of questions...all in need of answers.
What's with the sequester? Who gets furloughed, and for how long?
Why isn't the government making REAL cuts and not just abbreviating the levels of spending they already have in place?
Why can no common ground be reached?
There have been a few good politicians that HAVE come forward and proposed solutions to the problems, but those at the top of our seats of power aren't budging one damn bit.
It's like that spoiled brat that always wants HIS way...
Life is not about getting things YOUR WAY all the damn time...unless you eat at BK every day.
Life is very often ALL about compromises...seeing the "other person's" POV.
We compromise every day, many times without even realizing it. And we do it to purselves as well as with otheres.
Maybe we wanted to make mac and cheese for dinner, but we settled on fish...or whatever.
Perhaps we wanted to stop at that one store, but for brevity's sake (and the price of gas) we decided against it for now...maybe NEXT week.
Compromise is nothing less than some more of that CHOICE "thing" I speak about here.
You can choose to compromise (decide to agree or disagree), or not.
You can provide alternatives TO that compromise, which in and of itself becomes a NEW compromise.
It's all about choices...and making as good a choice as you can under the circumstances.
Yet, many in government refuse to see that.
They think whatever THEY want is gospel...to hell with what anyone else thinks or proposes.
Well, that's gonna get you going nowhere...in a hurry, as we see every day on the news.
We need GOOD choices, and yes, perhaps some hard ones, but we need DECISIVE choices, and not some wishy-washy rhetoric designed to fill society's bowls with political pablum.
Lip service can only work so far...until you need to roll up the sleeves and get to doing some REAL work, and that's much of the government's problems.
They need to put aside the "party" and decide to work, not for their own interests, but for the good of WE, the PEOPLE...and this COUNTRY instead.
And that may be the hardest job they will ever undertake.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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