01 March 2013

Friday Follies...
This is kinda cool...end of the week,. AND the start of the month. Who woulda seen THAT one coming, hmm?
So, change those calendars!
In any event, March is here...not exactly "in like a lion", unless that lion's been taking a snooze. And certainly not "in like a lamb" either...we're sorta in-between here...and if you can name THAT animal, go to the head of the class!
Weather today is much like yesterday - temps getting slightly above freezing, maybe a flurry or three, and the same old gray overcast.
So, let's get this show on the road, because it's packed tighter than a Fiat 500 full of clowns at Barnum and Bailey's center ring.
(as for the "clowns"...hold THAT thought)
*** First up today, the classical music realm lost TWO notable persons this week.
-- The first is conductor and pianist Wolfgang Sawallisch, and here's his WIKI:
He was often acclaimed as an interpreter of composer Richard Strauss.
He also did a great job conducting the 4 Brahms symphonies.
And here is the UK Telegraph article on his passing at the age of 89 years:
He had conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra after conductor Ricardo Muti left in 1993, and Sawallisch was welcomed with open arms and banners across the streets of downtown.
He retired in 2003 due to poor health, but retained the title of conductor laureate in Philly.
-- The other person was the piano prodigy Van Cliburn, and here is his WIKI:
I suppose one could consider him one of the first "olive branches" during the Cold War, when, at the age of 23, he won the first quadrennial International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, held in MOSCOW.
Kinda like Jesse Owens winning gold at the 1936 Olympics in Germany.
Cliburn began playing when he was only THREE.
And he was the FIRST classical recording artist to sell ONE MILLION COPIES of his Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto #1, so you could consider him the "Elvis" of classical music in that regard.
He passed away at the age of 78 and here's a really GOOD NYT article about his passing and achievements:
Certainly, a talent of the highest degree.
Moving on...
*** A MAJOR development in that December 2012 investigation of Michael Fabini.
And here's the story link:
An 18 page, 44 count indictment was leveled at Fabini by the FEDS (tenacious bunch are they not?) for drug trafficking and money laundering, which comprises on the THE largest drug busts in Allen County.
Michael Fabini House
Curiously enough, one of the addresses listed in the indictment as 22633 Antwerp Rd, at which, back in march of 2008, a combined task force found 6700 lbs of pot belonging to one Matthew McChesney (see my archive post of 7 March 2008).
One might consider HIM our very own SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN...at the time.
McChesney pleaded guilty to possession of more than a 1000 KILOS of pot (guess so) with intent to distribute ('ya think?), and was sentenced to 27 years in jail back in 2011.
Another address listed was 5603 Kohart Place, which was used as a drug manufacturing and distribution site.
The property is owned by Lillian Enterprises in Warsaw, IN.
So, if you want a house for cheap, I hear the FEDS are looking for a forfeiture of Fabini's nicely amended abode.
If convicted (should be easy enough with ALL those charges), Fabini faces more than 20 years behind bars.
*** Two men busted for shooting and charged with murder.
Here's the story link:
Augustus S. "Mont" Marshall and "Fat Jose" J. Lopez face murder charges over a $2K drug debt.
Marshall (left) - Lopez (right)
These are the two thugs that offed Antonio "Switch" Galvan III (Hey, I don't make these names up, folks) this past Saturday around 0115 hrs on McDonald St. Kudos to the FWPD for solving this one fast.
Marshall and Lopez are ALSO the gruesome twosome that fired shots at that Sunoco station a few hours later the same morning.
They also tossed a Mossberg 500 shotgun from their vehicle in the subsequent pursuit that led to their arrest.
And finding a spent shotgun shell in their SUV kinda nailed THAT coffin shut after police converged on a Brown St house the two broke into.
A Ruger 9mm pistol was also recovered from the duo, who were hiding in a bedroom (f$cking cowards...hiding like scared children).
-- Lopez lives at 1410 Fletcher Ave, 46803, and has a plethora of infractions against him, mostly DUI, possession and vehicular citations like never received license, suspended and numerous reckless driving tickets..
He's got some GOOD ones on him NOW.
-- Marshall lives at 6311 Southcrest Rd., 46816, and has a slew of infractions such as possession, resisting, carrying handgun w.o license, operating while suspended, failure to register vehicle, disorderly, and several DUIs.
And these guys were back on our streets...WHY AGAIN???
Oh yeah, a lousy prosecutor and revolving doors in our judicial system...almost forgot.
Maybe THIS time, the judge MIGHT get it RIGHT...we can but hope.
And here's the obit picture of the recently-deceased.
Antonio Galvan III is no angel either, with a drug "debt" of TWO GRAND pending, which led to his demise.
But coming from EAST CHICAGO must have something to do with this, right?
That explains why he has no Allen Cty record...bet he's got a rap sheet in Chi-Town!
And I would wager that the nickname "switch" might refer to his weapon-of-choice...switchblade?
(Which when going against a Mossberg 500 is a REALLY stupid thing to do)
Well, that solves another homicide, and gets some thugs off the streets.
*** Another "two-fer" shooting at the Eden Green (thug) Apartments.
Here's the link:
What about the new "owners" of that complex?
Weren't they SUPPOSED to be making changes to avert such things as shootings?
(guess not, Bob)
The shootings happened around 1815 hrs last evening at Bldg 8A.
These thugs are sure glad the FWPD moved from that building which was a spit and a slide FROM those apartments.
One person was in fair condition and the other was listed as critical.
No motive, no suspect and a shooter still at-large...sounds like an AVERAGE day on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
*** Okay, so you're a Dad shopping for a baby stroller, got some money to burn, AND have a penchant for James Bond...
What to do?
A vintage DB5 is kinda "pricey", too.
Wonder no longer, because Aston Martin is here to save the day, and here's the proof:
And this pram ONLY sets you back a mere 2000 pounds (somewhere near $3400 bucks).
Now, it doesn't have machine guns, revolving plates, bullet-proof shields, or even an ejector seat.
Hell, it doesn't even have a remote poop-remover and diaper-changer.
But it IS licensed by ASTON, and that means something, right?
For the budding "00" infant in the family...who woulda thunk?
Now all we need are some Tom Ford "rompers" to go with that and a baby bottle shaped like a magnum of BOLLINGER.
Your baby will enjoy his/her formula "shaken, not stirred".
What WILL they think of next, huh?
*** Lastly today, today is the meteorological beginning of SPRING...coulda fooled me.
Yet, I DID see several robins outside, which is not a surprise, because they are here ALL damn year anyway, and do not act as a portent to springtime...that's just legend.
Yet we do have "squirrel-sign".
And we also begin Match Madness...((...yawn...))
I could give a rat's ass about b'ball.
But I DO care about what passes for my neighborhood, unlike so many others living around us who don't.
We have houses that just HAVE to be drug houses, because of all the traffic coming and going to all hours, and even after you report them to the FWPD, nothing seems to get done, after a YEAR (typical investigations take 6 months on average).
I mean when a house worth less than $30K has vehicles that cost MORE than $40K, and from several states, like NY or GA, that kinda sends up a red flag (to ME, anyway).
No one can be THAT "popular", unless they have SOMETHING so many others "want"...and we all know what that is...
(yeah, rib recipes and bootleg DVDs)
Love your ghetto!
Well maybe not THOSE , but YOU know what it IS.
And it would be nice to see the city give a sh*t, instead of improving DOWNTOWN (which rolls up the sidewalks after dark...or damn near).
Still, there are some of us that DO have a vested interest in this part of town, and would love to see a revival of ANY kind.
All that needs to be done is get ALL the riff-raff the hell OUT...and not chase away the good guys, as has been done in years past.
Besides, Wifey and I get tired of having the highest IQs (and best behavior) in the area...ALL the time...LOL.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

You saw robins? Dude, I heard GEESE! A whole gaggle of 'em, flying over my house, honking their feathered heads off. I hate to be overly optimistic, but I think that stupid groundhog may have gotten it right this time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that spring may finally be at hand. (Watch, we'll get a foot of snow dumped on us next week.)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Hey, we got GEESE, too, but that's cause people feed them over the winter and they NEVER leave!

Punxey Phil MUST have signed on with NOAA!

And, it's funny you mention SNOW...
We in the Midwest are slated to GET US SOME as soon as NEXT week...so you can plan ahead when it comes 48 hrs. later...LOL.

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there this weekend!