28 March 2013

Holy Thursday, Batman...it's Maundy...
That's Maundy Thursday, which celebrates the Last Supper between Christ and His apostles.
(and that means a free Bobby G. mini-history/religion lesson)
The liturgy held on the evening of this day initiates the Easter Triduum, the period which commemorates the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.
The mass, or "service of worship" in normally celebrated in the evening, when Friday begins according to Jewish tradition, as the Last Supper was held during the feast of Passover.
Most scholars agree that the word MAUNDY is derived from Middle English (not to be confused with MIDDLE EARTH) and Old french mande' from the Latin mandalum.
Others theorize that maundy arose from "maundsor baskets" of ALMS which the king of England distributed to certain poor in Whitehall before attending mass on that day ("maund" deriving from Latin - medicare - to beg).
Now you know a lot more about today...(thanks, Wikipedia)
So onward we move...to the REST of the story...
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done."
This is attributed to JOSH BILLINGS - aka - Henry Wheeler Shaw, American humorist (21 April 1818 - 14 October 1885).
And yes, HERE is his WIKI:
Kinda reminds you of Buffalo Bill...or maybe Wild Bill Hickok.
His father served in the House of representatives, as did his grandfather and uncle.
I guess the BEST way to become a humorist is to have a LOT of politicians in the family...for satirical fodder?
Even John Steinbeck mentioned the passing of Billings (Shaw) in his novel Cannery Row (chapter 12).
"He was perhaps the SECOND most famous humor writer and lecturer in the United States in the 2nd half of the 19th century after Mark Twain..."
His musings (imho) are a very good read, and sure to make you smile.
Moving on...
*** I was mulling over more of this Obummercare BS tripe, and during HANNITY last evening, they scrolled (along the bottom) the state-by-state INCREASES in premium costs...that was an eye-opener!
Ohio will see an 80% increase, while we here in Indiana will ONLY see about a 67.7% increase. Maine will come out well with a mere 4% increase, while California will enjoy that 62% increase mentioned yesterday.
Washington D.C. will have close to a 51% increase...it's all over the chart.
And president That Guy's administration IS finally admitting to the INCREASES:
Yes, friends, it will NOT be all sunshine and lollipops as our Liar-in-Chief promised...and yet this guy's approval rating is at FIFTY-SEVEN PERCENT...!!!
Brother, is THAT ever a "WTF???" moment!
What the hell is WRONG with people that they can still like someone who is emptying their pockets...and smiling while he does it?
(But he's cool, Bob...that's the gig here)
I don't give a rip in hell HOW "cool" he might be...he's pursuing treasonous actions against America every time he grabs a damn PEN, for God's sake!
COOL doesn't promote fiscal responsibility, rein in spending, OR pay the damn bills...does it?
Maybe we're not in that bad a shape TODAY...but what about tomorrow...or next month...or next year?
Someone has GOT to get a handle on this crap before we follow the examples of failing nations in Europe.
Besides, although I LOVE Chinese food, I have NO desire to be forced to speak Mandarin or Cantonese when I conduct life in AMERICA.
*** We hear all this nonsense about gun-control and yet not anything on VEHICLE-control...why IS that, anyway?
I was talking with the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. about this, and we've yet to find definitive answers.
There ARE more vehicular deaths per year (per 100K citizens) than gun-related deaths
This link PROVES it...state-by-state (interactive map):
And yet, we regulate cars and trucks LESS than we do firearms...that doesn't seem quite right.
A car is JUST as much a "lethal weapon", given the right circumstances...then again, so are SCISSORS, KNIVES, and BASEBALL BATS.
(no real data on THOSE, sadly)
But we DO license drivers and require REGISTRATION of a vehicle to SOMEONE...AND have the vehicle insured.
At least here at our "Fortress"...WE DO!
Yes, we require registration of handguns, but ONLY in a concealed-carry venue (or dealership).
There is ONE major sticking point in all this:
NO real "background checks" on people driving standard vehicles.
Plus, driving is a PRIVILEGE...while owning and keeping a firearm is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT vis-a-vis the 2nd Amendment.
(okay, make that TWO sticking points...lol)
Now, how many people ABUSE that privilege OF driving every day?
Way too many.
How many LOSE that privilege due to acts of stupidity (like DWI)?
Not nearly enough.
Do ANY of the laws we already have in place fully DETER those morons from getting BACK behind the wheel again?
Not as much as they should.
So, why don't we have MORE laws regarding vehicles and driving?
We don't, really...but we DO need to enforce the laws already ON the books...same goes with firearms.
Let's face it, those who should NOT be driving will invariably find SOME way to secure a ride for themselves, either through theft, lies, other states, or just do what SO MANY do down here in the ghettohood...IGNORE the loss of privilege and feel entitled enough to "just keep on driving", as evidenced in many cases on so many rap sheets - the FACT that many of these repeat offenders KEEP on driving.
Doesn't matter HOW many times they get slapped with jail-time, fines, or whatever else.
How many times do we see "never received operator's license", or "lifetime suspension"?
Again, WAY too many times.
The person NEXT to you at the traffic light COULD be one of those people...that shouldn't BE driving, and yet...still is.
Still, I don't hear ANY talk about "car-control" to keep those vehicles OUT of the hands of those who shouldn't HAVE one.
As for guns...in THIS case, that's ALL we're hearing about...how to control guns...more bans...and the BS gets deeper.
What do I ALWAYS say about this?
It's about the PEOPLE...has been all this time.
Not about cars, or knives, or guns, or scissors...
Even a lifetime suspension isn't enough for a felon feeling entitled to drive...so what makes anyone think that bans on guns will keep thugs from getting them?
Well, we have to make it AS DIFFICULT as possible for that to occur.
Heavy fines and prison time for offenses committed with firearms is a better start than over-intrusive background checks, which will compile a list of EVERY law-abiding citizen for the government.
Talk about information-mining!
(sounds like Common Core, but that's another post for another day)
If the government NEEDS to compile any "lists" it should ONLY be for those criminal or mentally deranged among us, so THEY can't get a gun and commit chaos on a whim.
Same should apply to a driver's license if for no other reason that it's a PRIVILEGE to drive, and not some God-given (or Constitutional) "right".
If we argue the whole "entitlement" aspect, we can say that we ARE entitled to have a car...provisionally-speaking.
We have to prove proficiency to get and retain the license, and not fork over a few bucks to grease the right palms. We are also limited in our driving with "restrictions" (like corrective lenses for example).
We ARE entitled to possess and bear a firearm just as well, but there are no provisos attached, even to those that need restrictions.
(that was during a time when most everyone KNEW how to handle such weapons out of necessity and practiced safety)
The debate on this will continue to rage on, with those ignorant of the PEOPLE behind the crimes, and will further the GUN control agenda.
Address the REAL PROBLEM first, before you propose or enact ANY "pie-in-the-sky" solutions, because the problem is NOT guns any more than it is vehicles...or a kid's baseball bat.
The problem is people.
Stop society's moral and ethical DECLINE, and you will go far to correct that problem.
Anything less will do little if anything to halt crime or death...
And THAT should be a MAJOR priority...always.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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