27 March 2013

Humpday Happenings...
And here we are again, boys and girls...middle of the week (Holy Week, that is), a full moon slated for tonight (uh-oh for the LEOs out there), and pretty much a replay of yesterday's weather.
Temps are expected up around 40 later today, and we'll have some sun and some clouds...and more snow melting.
So, let's get right into the mix, and take a gander at some of the stuff that's going on...
*** First off the line today, is our Motto of the Week, aka WHO SAID THAT?
"Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done."
Now that should get you thinking, and just not because it's TRUE...so who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the ramparts...
*** This story makes a good case for keeping the USPS around a bit longer, even though privatizing it would be a good deal all around.
Here's the link:
Now, we ALL like to have things delivered TO us, right?
Sure beats going out and GETTING it.
But there does come a time when that "special" delivery might get you MORE than you bargained for.
Like THIS local dumbass that thought he could have that 8.76 pound parcel of "MJ" delivered...without a hitch.
A package from Douglas, AZ was intercepted by a USPS inspector, meant for one Edgar Rivera, a Ft. Wayne resident, and brought to an address on Avondale Drive near Lafayette back on 20 March, where officers of the Allen County Drug Task Force also made a "delivery" soon afterwards...of a nice set of HANDCUFFS to the aforementioned Rivera.
Rivera, 24, of  3205 Reed St. was taken into custody and is a guest of the local hoosegow, where he sits WITHOUT BAIL, on (among other things) a PROBATION VIOLATION.

In 2011, Rivera was convicted of a felony charge of cocaine possession, with misdemeanor counts of resisting and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.
Yep...another case of that SPECIAL kind of stupid, folks!
And here's the RAP SHEET to prove it:
Edgar U. Rivera - male Hispanic - 5' 8", 170 lbs
02D06-1105-CM-003215 624327
624327 RIVERA, EDGAR U 05/31/2011
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 9-24-18-1/MC: Knowingly or Intentionally Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Ever Receiving a License
9-21-8-32/IFC: Disregarding Stop Sign
02D05-1111-MC-002934 213433
213433 RIVERA, EDGAR U 11/14/2011
Allen Superior Court 5 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
Decided 35-48-4-6(a)/FD: Poss Cocaine/Methamphetamine Or Sched I or II Narcotic Drug
35-44-3-3(a)(3)/MA: Resisting Law Enforcement
9-30-5-2(b)/MA: Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated; Endangering A Person
02D04-1111-FD-001559 RIVERA, EDGAR U 11/17/2011
Allen Superior Court 4 FD - Class D Felony
Decided 35-48-4-6(a)/FD: Poss Cocaine/Methamphetamine Or Sched I or II Narcotic Drug
35-44-3-3(a)(3)/MA: Resisting Law Enforcement
9-30-5-2(b)/MA: Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated; Endangering A Person
9-30-5-1(a)/MC: Oper Veh w/ Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to at Least .08 but Less than .15
02D06-1303-MC-000673 NA RIVERA, EDGAR U 03/21/2013
Allen Superior Court 6 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
Decided 35-48-4-10(a)(2)/FD: Deal Marij/Hash Oil/Hashish/Salvia/Syn Cannab-Poss w/ Intent
02D05-1303-FD-000340 Rivera, Edgar U 03/26/2013
Allen Superior Court 5 FD - Class D Felony
Pending 35-48-4-11(1)/FD: Poss. of Hash Oil/Marijuana/Hashish/Salvia/Synthetic Drug (Amounts or Prior)
3205 Reed ST
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Amazing how SO MANY of these perps live in OUR zip code...
(like the city corrals them all here to keep tabs on them...)
I wonder if he's even here LEGALLY?
(just a thought...in case I.C.E. is reading this...)
Moving on...
*** THIS story looks like a job for...CAPTAIN OBVIOUS...!
I don't usually pay attention to the Huffington-Puffington Post, but in THIS case, even THEY can't deny what's being done TO the American people.
Now how MANY people claimed that Obummercare would COST a lot more than those libtards told us...and WHY didn't more people listen back THEN and act to stop it before it was even passed???
Remember when that poster-girl for the mentally-deranged and reality-challenged, Nancy Pelosi said we HAD to pass the bill to see what was in it FIRST?
And too many politicians caved on that, instead of questioning what needed to BE questioned.
Well, now a lot of folks ARE reading it...and NOT liking what they're reading ONE...DAMN...BIT...!
And we have the Society of Actuaries to thank for revealing the TRUTH in this matter.
Between 32% to a whopping 62% INCREASE in medical claims costs can be expected...
Yes, this is TRULY a "WTF???" moment!
And yes, claims costs are the primary driver of health insurance PREMIUMS (that which we have to fork over to keep the health insurance).
But, on the "up" side (you mean there IS one, Bob?) more people WILL be covered...
They're just not sure how it's all going to be PAID for...how typical.
Yet, President "That guy" says that the new "law" WILL bring costs down...sorry Bub...NOT seeing it anywhere in the short OR long-term.
In essence...you LIED to the American people, you White House usurping libtard...you AND all your lap-dog cronies.
Funny thing, before we had this stink-ass healthcare crap shoved down our throats, people were getting treated...even those without coverage.
It's called the Hippocratic Oath, you elitist, government-sponsored, Harvard-graduated moron.
NO ONE gets turned away.
((sighs))...someday they'll figure this sh*t out...just not today.
*** Last up this Wednesday...I have this "thing" about people these days.
They don't seem like the people I remember when I was younger.
I suppose that in general not much has changed with folks, but something is definitely "amiss" with a lot more of them.
(but don't fret - you readers are NOT in that crowd...thank yourselves)
There was a time when those bad people were the exceptions to the rule, whereas these days, we've more of them than we can shake a stick at (and break over their thick skulls).
And we're not talking JUST about the WORST members of our society like the career criminals who apparently love showering with other men and are not on some sports team (unless that "sport" is something NOT shown on TV).
I'm talking about all the people that just do whatever pleases them, which can often mean that they pay NO attention to laws, rules, or even guidelines.
Used to call that hedonism...that self-serving lifestyle that satisfies ONLY that one person, and usually at the expense of others.
Last time I checked, we STILL had such laws pertaining to littering, for example.
I recall stuffing a gum wrapper in my jacket pocket, so as NOT to toss it on the ground (as my folks were always keen to remind me).
That played hell when mom washed that jacket and I forgot to remove the wrapper (with the spent gum inside). Oops.
But that didn't mean in order to make mom happy, I tossed the gum and wrapper on the street. I disposed of it in an appropriate manner.
Simple stuff. Common sense.
Today there is a distinct disconnect when it comes to living with and among one another, it would appear.
Too many are doing FOR themselves...BY themselves, and to hell with anyone else.
(which alone explains SO much these days)
I'd like to say it's not about generational stupidity, but I'd be wrong there.
It IS all about that...and more.
Where people used to open doors for older folks much more often...these days, they'd rather push PAST them...for no other reason than...THEY CAN.
We didn't find it normal OR acceptable to casually toss an empty bottle or can along a road, or on someone's property, but would carry the empty with us until we found a receptacle for it.
I guess if we were to place a label of ALL such former behavior, it would be that we all used to take a lot more PRIDE in things...who we were, where we lived, what we had...all of it.
And that's NOT the type of pride that causes us to fall from grace, as mentioned in the Bible, but rather the SENSE of pride that allows us to feel better, act better and achieve better not only as individuals, but as a people...as a nation.
These days, we supplanted apathy FOR that sense of pride. We don't care as long as we can find a means to satisfy ourselves in whatever we desire.
That doesn't seem the best way to proceed as a society.
But it would be a damn good way to RECEDE...as a society.
Sure, it's harder to EVOLVE, because it entails WORK, as in striving and challenging oneself to become a better person, a better student, a better worker, and a better member of the family, be it a mom, dad, sister or brother.
It would really be nice to see a lot more of THAT, than what is passing for societal evolution THESE days...wouldn't it?
Just something to ponder, that's all.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Y'know, Bob, there is a clause in Obamacare that limits you to 5 insults against Obama in one post without penalty- and I counted eight. You will get your tax forms audited if you are not careful. You might be safe this time because I don't know if the insult police will actually count "elitist" and Harvard-graduated" as insults. And you might want to get rid of your Dr. Demento's greatest hits lp because if they find out you dedicated the song "Pencil-Necked Geek" to the president, well...

Bob G. said...


(Geez, I must be slippin')

You remember Dr. Demento too?

I figure since I put THAT many swipes at President "THAT GUY" in the post, I should be "entitled" (like so many others that REALLY love him already are) to a smooch on my aging white patooty...!

Because that's what HE CAN DO!

Thanks for the smile today...AND for stopping by to comemnt.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe up there.

CWMartin said...

"I should be "entitled" (like so many others that REALLY love him already are) to a smooch on my aging white patooty...!

Because that's what HE CAN DO!"

I sure am glad you threw in that last sentence, because I sure wasn't going to do it!

gadfly said...

Gosh Bob G. - that 8.76 pounds of pot sure got expensive when we decided to keep the Post Office open because of a postal inspector who was not sleeping on the job. Lets see if I can figure this out - $16 billion (USPS loss in 2012) divided by 8.76 gets a cost of only $1.826 billion or so per pound of mary jane.

And we thought ethanol was costly!

Bob G. said...

Well, even President "that guy" must be good at SOMETHING (other than wasting taxpayers' dollars), because he sure as hell can't run a NATION...especially one like OURS.

(I hear Kenya needs politicians)

As to that patooty-smooch?
Lemme eat some more of that corned beef and cabbage FIRST...ROFL!

Thanks for the additional comment, buddy.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Hey, at least ONE person at the USPS was doing SOMETHING other than sleeping and wasting tax money...lol.

Makes me wonder what FED EX, UPS, or DHL charges per pound???

Probably doesn't matter (in spite of competitive rates) - it all adds up to the same amount (of jail time), right?

Guess that's what happens when you get TOO LAZY to drive to wherever to get your stash.
(an entitlement nation at it's finest)

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe out there.