18 April 2013

Does It STILL Feel Like Monday?
It seems like EVERY day this week has been a Monday...even if today IS Thursday.
And the heartland weather is not going to be helping us out, either.
Although temps today will reach into the UPPER SEVENTIES (wow!), when the clouds gather, the sh*t will hit the fan.
We're due for some SEVERE weather by late afternoon (you mean after the nice sunny skies we have now?) with gusting winds and thunderstorms between 7-10PM.
And we might get some hail, too.
Okay, who pissed off the NORSE GODS THAT much, hmm?
(wasn't me)
I even heard a murmur likening this weather system to the storm we had LAST June (that took out power to damn near the whole city here).
Yeah, that oughta be "fun".
In ANY event, let's press onward and see what's been going on.
*** First off the flight line, is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"All truth, in the long run, is only common sense clarified."
This was spoken by Thomas H. Huxley (1825 - 1895), an English biologist, and was often referred to as "Darwin's bulldog".
So, if you like evolutionists, this guy is right up your alley.
I much prefer SOCIAL Darwinism, of which I am exposed to daily down here in the ghettohood...lol.
And here is his WIKI:
It was in 1859 that Huxley coined the term "agnostic" to refer to his religious beliefs.
He had little formal schooling and taught himself everything he knew.
You want to talk about an interesting life, read about his naval exploits to the South Pacific islands and Australia.
Huxley was also a major influence as to what would be taught in English schools, advocating a wide range of disciplines, similar in scope to what is still being taught today.
And, even as an AGNOSTIC, he ADVOCATED reading the BIBLE in schools!
Imagine THAT.
He believed that the MORAL principles and superb use of the LANGUAGE were RELEVANT to English life.
Would that we here in the "colonies" would embrace THAT today in our public educational system, hmm?
Interestingly, in the Marx Brothers movie HORSE FEATHERS, Groucho is the dean of HUXLEY college, and his rival is DARWIN college.
Like I said, Thomas Huxley had a remarkable life...and seemed to live several lifetimes within one. It's a good read.
*** Next up, and a bit closer to "home"(y), the Arby's at Rudisill and Lafayette Sts. was robbed last evening around 2100 hrs.
Here's the story link:
The robber was described as a BLACK male, 6'1", 180 lbs, with facial hair, wearing eyeglasses, blue jeans, a black beanie cap, and white sweatshirt.
He was also armed with a handgun, and left with an undisclosed amount of money from the manager. No injuries were reported.
A police dog followed the scent to the 500 block of Richardsville Ave, and then lost the track.
Residents of that block of Richardsville Ave reported seeing a white SUV circling the area, and then leaving at a high rate of speed.
While it's not determined if the vehicle is connected to the robbery, police are following any and all leads at this time.
(try looking over in OUR part of the ghettohood...plenty of places to "get lost")
And we'll be addressing the "gun" part of this farther down...
*** The FBI has video of the possible bombing suspects at the Boston marathon.
Here's the story link:
Although authorities have not yet released the video, taken from the Lord & Taylor store nearby where one of the bombs went off, a presser is scheduled for 1300 hrs today.
And to think some lame-stream media sources are "hoping it's a white guy"...yeah, rag on the conservatives, and NOT the radical LOONS .
*** A Texas fertilizer plant goes BOOM...BIG time!
Here's the story link:
Between 5-15 people are believed dead with 160+ injured in West, TX following an explosion at a fertilizer plant that contains ammonium nitrate.
Several firefighters are also unaccounted for.
The location of the plant is about 20 miles north of Waco.
A four-block area around the plant has "been decimated", according to officials on scene. And YES, a small amount of LOOTING has taken place.
It's not the first time the Lone Star State has suffered such a catastrophe...
Back in 1947, the Texas City Disaster played out at dockside aboard a French-registered ship, the S.S.Grandcamp.
And here is the WIKI for this:
Coincidently, this ALSO happened in the month of APRIL (the 16th to be exact).
Anyone else as creeped out about this as I am?
In the 1947 disaster, 2300 TONS of ammonium nitrate was detonated by a fire on board that ship.
At least 581 people were killed in the fires and explosions, and all but ONE of the city's volunteer fire department were also lost in this disaster.
I just think it's very odd that a similar scenario is playing out again...
*** President "that guy" gets a nastygram...
And here's the story link and video:
A word of caution...when you send such a letter (with RICIN in it - poisonous product of the castor bean - seen here) to the President, NEVER put your name on it...
The FBI believe this is the same person who frequently write litters to Washington D.C. officials.
You have to laugh at the way some people crave "attention".
(whatta dumbass)!
Next time...make a viral VIDEO instead.
*** Oh, Bummer...gun control law gets Senate DISapproval...LOL!
Here's the story link:
President "that guy" is PO'ed...finally!
Our Spoiled Brat-in-Chief failed to have further gun-control laws passed by the democratically-controlled Senate.
GOOD...serves you right!
Even bringing out his "human shields" for the press conference didn't change the minds of REASONABLE people.
And senator Chuck Grassley (R - Iowa) said it BEST:
"Criminals DO NOT submit to background checks".
Right you ARE, senator!
*** And that's something our own FWPD chief, Rusty York should pay attention to, because on the latest "Behind the Badge" program on cable access, he WANTS "comprehensive" B/G checks for ALL gun purchases.
Rus...how many times do we have to tell you...CRIMINALS do NOT "purchase" guns...they mostly STEAL them, or get them on the street from other law-breakers illegally selling them TO the thugs. How much more simple can that get, hmm?
The show also had Rusty using that "wrong math" again about the FORTY percent of guns bought W/O a background check...it's more like FIVE PERCENT...that 40% was from the 90s in that survey...do your homework, Chief.
He did mention ONE stat - shootings in GENERAL (here) have pretty much DOUBLED from just 10 years ago, and that's a very disturbing trend.
Then again, the SPOT-CRIME website backs THAT much up.
Hell, we have shots fired EVERY damn day (multiple times) just within 3 clicks of OUR "Fortress".
And Rusty also said the number of police-action shootings are on the rise.
(well, at least the LEOs get to go home to their families)
What he did NOT say, is that officer FATALITIES due to gunshots (from thugs) are ALSO on the rise...check ANY major inner city, and those facts are all too REAL...and very disturbing to the thin blue line.
I'll debate him any day regarding the situation down here or the real facts about gun ownership and responsibility.
*** Last back to the hangar today...it's like I always say...you have to pay attention to the TRUTH...not MY truth, or THEIR truth (whoever they are), but...THE TRUTH.
We have to read not always what's printed, but what is BEING SAID, which
can often be two completely different things.
We're not looking for things that are not there, but rather looking for things that are being HIDDEN from us, by obfuscation.
We don't have to be THAT diverted from what we need to know...all we need to know is the truth, plain and simple.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I heard on the way home that out of thousands of felons getting guns illegally, Obutthole's DOJ prosecuted 47. The rest, I assume, were current or potential Democrats.

Bob G. said...

I was listening to that as well.

It boggles the mind to think that out of TENS OF THOUSANDS of crims that TRIED to purchase guns (and didn;t get them THAT way), such a SMALL number were REALLY even prosecuted.
Yet the DoJ lets guns go freely down to MEXICO???
(some disconent there)

And the Dems want MORE "gun control" (that they'll NEVER get)..WHY agaim?

EVERY single law we currently have on the books NOW...works...but ONLY if they're ENFORCED.

We're gonna start needing some LARGER 2x4s to whack these dumbasses up-side the head with...they're JUST not getting it, are they?

Hey, thanks for braving the rain to stop by today and comment.

Stay safe (and DRY) up there.