19 April 2013

Friday Follies...
I know we're at week's end, but all you have to do is look outside in Ft. Wayne, and think to yourself "Gee, this still looks JUST like Monday".
Nevertheless, it IS FRIDAY, and what a Friday it's been SO far, hmm?
For ME, it's been a small leak in the basement (well under control with no damage at all for a change), cleaning up feline projectile vomit (someone ATE too fast), having to endure our ONLY classical music station attempting to play their music on a CD player that is skipping more than a bunch of 3rd graders playing hopscotch, AND having the civilian FWPD scanner web server being DOWN...and it's NOT even 0730 hrs!!!
I trust all is going better with YOU out there.
But, all things considered, I'm alive and (relatively) well, and I can now officially claim that this blog has made it to...wait for it...
1800 POSTS!

That's right...damn near snuck up on me, too.
Who could have predicted I'd find THAT much to say?
(well, I for one...LOL)
Considering all the sh*t that's been going down all over for the last several years, I'm amazed I'm ONLY at 1800.
Many days, I had to pull back, and since I usually post during the week, unless it's a special thing going on, that makes it a lot easier.
I could do several smaller posts per day, and for some bloggers, that's a good M.O. for them...it fits them well.
I just like ONE post...try and recap what goes down, and let YOU, the reader dig deeper, confirm and verify, and allow YOU to make your own call.
And because all of you readers happen to ALSO be some of the smartest and most inmformed people on the planet, I think that's only fair.
So, here's to yet another milestone...may we enjoy many more.
Moving forward...
*** One of the Boston marathon bombers has been killed and the other one is being sought as we speak.
Here's the latest *411*:
There is a live stream for the minute-by-minute situation as it unfolds.
The two men, believed to be Russian/Chechnyan with the last name of Tsarnaev.
In an exchange of gunfire earlier, one MIT officer was killed and another hospitalized.
The Watertown/Cambridge area is basically on lockdown, and residents have been instructed to remain INDOORS, while police, ATF and FBI scour the area.
A 20-block perimeter has been established.
Earlier, a Mercedes SUV had been carjacked at MIT where the officer was killed, and the two suspects were tossing explosives out of the window.
To think one of the suspects received a bloody SCHOLARSHIP to attend school here, too...amazing!
Imagine the residents of Cambridge awakening to the sounds of GUNFIRE and EXPLOSIONS in their neighborhoods...
Gee, that sounds like a TYPICAL night down here in Fort Wayne's GHETTOHOOD.
(maybe we have terrorist bombers down here?)
I wouldn't mind having SWAT walk MY streets...not in the least.
Feel free to check back at the site I posted here for updates as they occur.
*** The West, TX explosions at the fertilizer plant are extremely extensive.
Here's a link for some aerial photos:
And here is an update on the devastation in that area:
What surprises me, is that NO media source that I saw said anything about any prior accidents in Texas, like the one I mentioned yesterday, back in 1947...that ALSO occurred in the month of APRIL...none of the "coincidence" talked about, although authorities in Texas are treating the West incident as a CRIME SCENE. That's got to make you wonder.
*** This just in....Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is STILL dead...!
(we like to stay informed here...)
*** And for the leftist take on the gun-control legislative DEFEAT, there's THIS:
Now, if you want to instead say we need tighter controls on VIOLENCE itself, how's about we smack back to the days when we had a better MORAL sense about us?
Or what about a more CIVIL attitude towards one another...or even better parenting skills to dissuade young ones from even contemplating behavior that would lead to criminal intent and the commission of violent crimes?
The fact that criminals would never be ABLE to purchase guns makes that case all too well, but let's take a look at how the Obummer administration handles such things...
Here's a related link:
Imagine...only .35% got through the "system"...pretty LOW stats there.
Not EVEN one percent.
So where's that 40% figure come from that Obummer and company tosses about all the damn time?
Over 590,000 criminals have already been FLAGGED by the NICS database.
And THIS article from the DAILY CALLER...from LAST year, produces some VERY revealing statistics:
In 2010, over 15,000 criminals and felons attempted to illegally purchase firearms, but only FORTY FOUR were prosecuted by the Obummer justice administration.
A mere HANDFUL have come from ALL the criminals that were DENIED purchase of a firearm...so WHY SO FEW?
Granted, not EVERY denial needs to be prosecuted, but a lot more that SHOULD. have been...were NOT.
Yet, that same justice department can send guns to Mexico wholesale...helluva double standard there.
It's like I tell you...you HAVE to find out things for yourself, because most lame-stream media sources will only report what THEY want you to know...and many times, it won't be the ENTIRE TRUTH.
*** Lastly today, We should always be seeking the truth, and not just because it will set us free, as the Good Book says.
Truth helps us all in more ways that we can realize, not the least of which is UNDERSTANDING.
If, for example, we learn the TRUTH of a matter, like violence is not the FIRST resort to settling any dispute, then we UNDERSTAND that being able to REASON through a situation is much better all around.
Sadly, for some, that concept is all too foreign to comprehend.
And, truth be told, if people WERE more civil towards one another, and dared to practice the principles of a better MORALITY, we surely would see LESS violence around the world, let alone on our very streets.
With truth comes wisdom (which is also the proper execution of the knowledge you learn), so we can plainly see that we can have our very own "circle of life", as it were.
Knowledge begets truth and truth begets wisdom...easy enough to figure out, and can just as easily tame the savage beast within us all handily.
And I believe a recipe such as that can change the world...if we practice it, and allow it to works it's course.
Do have yourselves a great (and hopefully dry) weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


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EIGHTEEN HUNDRED!!!! Great job, Keep 'em flying!

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I'm dyin' from tryin', brother!

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