22 April 2013

Monday Musings...
It's a clear but cold sky that greets us this morning in the Heartland.
Temps will rise into the 60s with no precip to speak of.
And for me personally, that sunrise (and visits by the various "buddies" on our patio - the winged or FOUR-footed varieties only) is probably the best it will get today. Yes, another week in the Ghettoland Abusement Park and Discount House of Street-Pharms. Nothing but fun, and not in a good way.
However, that will not stop me from bringing you what's been going on since last we met, so let's get this show on the road.
*** Fort Wayne gun amnesty day - boom or bust?
(no pun intended)
Here's the story link:
Now, I will advise that you TRY NOT TO LAUGH...this is serious (snickers)...
A total of...TWENTY SIX (that's 26) guns were turned in Saturday, and by the look of most of them in the pictures, they're certainly not AS SERIOUS a threat as the ones currently being used by the thugs in our fair city.
A few single-shot .410 gauge shotguns, a .380 pistol (Saturday night special) a couple .32 caliber revolvers...not the BEST of the bunch, right?
What about all those .40 cals? Or the plethora of 9mms? Or what about the .357 magnums or .45 ACPs?
Perhaps ONE of the firearms pictured might be a larger caliber weapon, but the majority appeared to be "junk".
Would I call this a "success"?
Depends on how far DOWN the ladder you place it these days, doesn't it?
The dumbing down continues...
I know...we always hear that "If we get JUST ONE gun of the streets..." yada, yada, yada...
I'd feel MUCH better getting ONE CRIMINAL (or most of my "neighbors") off the street (who would probably be carrying an ILLEGALLY-obtained and better functioning gun) instead, wouldn't you?
Still, I suppose there is some (read little) merit in this...makes a few people feel better, and that's what it's REALLY all about, isn't it?
I mean, if we don't FEEL good, what's the point, right?
It was nice to see SE quadrant captain Garry Hamilton do something OTHER than sit behind a desk for a change.
Officer James King stated: "We want to get any gun that's laying around the house, serving no purpose other than collecting dust."
Well, MY guns could be considered dust-collectors, but they DO serve a purpose - to lay waste and end the life of ANYONE attempting to enter OUR Fortress and relieve us of anything and everything...period!
They are the LAST RESORT...but they are THERE if needed, and that's the game-changer, isn't it - being able to DEFEND onseself while awaiting the police?
Several cartons of ammunition were also brought to the parking lot of the Urban League (of less than extraordinary gentlemen) of Fort Wayne, and Sgt. Greg Stier of the bomb squad was there to retrieve the ammo which would eventually be destroyed (I'd check batch numbers to see if anything shows up for previous case ballistic reports, and then see if any ammo could be re-distributed to law-enforcement...as a cost-saving measure...but that's just me).
Another amnesty day is planned, but no date has been set.
(and I'm sure THAT day will bring in ALL those OTHER illegal guns right off the streets and out of the hands of gangs, thugs, and criminals...yeah, right.)
ROFLMAO...sorry, just couldn't help myself.
Moving on...
*** The surviving Boston marathon bomber was taken into custody with wounds to his throat and body. He was caught hiding in a boat in a Watertown, MA neighborhood.
How to deal with him legally will be the next hurdle, as the ACLU wants to butt the hell in.
Here's the story link:
Federal court system or military tribunal?
"Aye, there's the rub" (as Shakespeare would say)...how BEST to TRY him?
Does he even deserve any "rights" after committing this act, and why was he a HUGE fan of AMC's "Breaking Bad" anyway?
(never got into that show)
These and other answers will be found out in the days ahead...as long as the lame-stream media keeps it "sensational".
Also, the LS media is saying this is the "one week ANNIVERSARY" of the Boston bombing...
An ANNIVERSARY denotes a YEARLY event...not anything relating to ONE WEEK...or one month, got it?
And it CAN be either a happy event...or a solemn event.
It pays to learn some LATIN once in a while...and NO, there is NO such thing as a "weekaversary"...not even in MY lexicon.
*** If you saw a YouTube video that said it was cool to go jump off a skyscraper...would you follow suit (even if you WERE a teenager)?
Of course, you wouldn't...what SANE person does such stupid sh*t anyway?
(sane people don't do ANY of that, Bob)
Well, there's a "fad" that's making the rounds, and this one is almost stupid beyond belief.
Teens are attempting to swallow a spoonful of GROUND CINNAMON without any water...
Yes, this is our FIRST "WTF???" moment of the week, and it's barely Monday!
The video can be found here: (just pick the idiot of YOUR choice)
How f$cking dumb can people get anyway?
I cook and bake with cinnamon, and I can tell you that you have to be careful when using it...it's an eye and nose IRRITANT!
Considering it's made from TREE BARK, who the hell would want to swallow (or wind up inhaling) ground cinnamon anyway?
(dipsh*ts, Bob...that's who)
And here's an article from LAST year giving some details.
I guess it's become MORE "popular" over the last 365 days?
Right up there with huffing spray paint, apparently.
And a story in TODAY'S paper is just NOW finding this out?
One girl, Dejah Reed, of Ypsilanti, Michigan (that says a lot there) had a lung collapse after some of the ground powder got into her respiratory system.
Now, after recovering somewhat, she is trying to WARN others about doing such stupid sh*t...some folks just HAVE to learn the HARD way.
She still has to use an inhaler when she gets short-of-breath.
Lesson learned? Let's hope so.
*** Lastly today, if there is ONE thing we never have in short supply these days...it's STUPIDITY!
Doesn't matter if it's people posing as politicians running our country, home-grown terrorists bombing runners in Boston, kids trying to swallow ground tree bark, or taking junk guns off the streets that probably were never ON the streets to begin with.
Of course, there is an intended UP side to all of this...
It makes people like US look a whole lot SMARTER...like MENSA-WORTHY smart, doesn't it?
So, if you do something dumb today, take it all in stride...nobody's perfect, and we're all subject to a brain-fart once in a while.
At least none of you suffer from such a CHRONIC condition.
Remember, you're MILES ahead of every dumbass on the freaking planet...
And that's REAL nice and very reassuring to know on a Monday, isn't it?
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

(( BTW, today is EARTH DAY - thanks, Maurice Strong - so go smack a green-earth, tree hugger on the back of the head...because YOU CAN!))


John DuMond said...

"...or taking junk guns off the streets that probably were never ON the streets to begin with."

Exactly! The kind of guys who are inclined to be out on the street "bustin' caps" at people are not the kind of guys who turn in guns on amnesty day. But that's just common sense, so I don't expect too many politicians to sign onto that way of thinking.

Re: Breaking Bad, I've only recently gotten into that show. I borrowed the DVDs from the local library and watched the first 4 seasons. I have to say, that's some great storytelling. I'm really anxious to see the fifth (and final) season.

CWMartin said...

Damn, Bob, so much to comment on...

1. 26 guns, huh? Let me guess, these were the ones found hidden in walls, bedsteads, and garages when the last tenant moved out and they were looking for places to hide their piece...

2. Urban league of less-than-extraordinary gentlemen...LOVE IT! Acronym- u-leg!

3.Yeah, I caught that one week anniversary jazz too. Rolled eyes as well. Said, geez, this is going to be an every week thing? Maybe they could call it "The Biggest Loser". What, that one's taken?

4.Annnnnd I caught the cinnamon thing too. I know as teenagers were prone to suicide and attempted self-destruction, but the amount of "death by stupidity" the last 10 years or so is amazing even to me.

Bob G. said...

John D.:

Yeah, those elderly toting in that civil war era MUSKET (lol) somehow doesn't make ME feel ANY safer on MY street...and now, that individual has also become a "gun-free zone".

Not a good thing, amy way you shake that.

The storytelling of Breaking Bad was never the issue with me...it was the whole meth-making gig...we got plenty of that going on in Hoosierland...most of it nowhere near as nicely portrayed as in the AMC show.

The acting was also very good on the show...in real life, the "characters" really suck BIG time. And the plot always ends the same.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

--Nah, they were the ones found rusing away in attics, garages and buried in backyards..LOL.
A few looked serviceable.
--If you like the ACRONYM, wait until the DVD comes out...ROFL!
--There has GOT to be some weird word someone can drum up to "fill the bill".
--And here I thought death by stupidity would also include a LIFE SENTENCE instead of an execution.

Silly me, that's just death by OLD AGE...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by on this fine day to comment.

Stay safe up there.