15 May 2013

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the middle of the week AND the middle of the month of May...now that's pretty damn convenient.
If you like summer weather, today will put a smile on your face. Heartland temps around here are already in the low 70s, with an anticipated high of about 85. We have some breezes out there, making whatever humidity we have more tolerable, even if we might see an isoltaed sprinkle or two. All in all, not too bad.
So sit back, have yourself a refreshing beverage, kick on the A/C if you have to, and let's see what's going on.
*** First out the door today is our Motto of the Week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"Common sense is in spite of, and not as the result of education."
Now THERE is a motto that should hang on every wall of every member of Congress and every politician across America, right?
So, who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Moving on...
*** The FEDS are at it again...wanting to lower the BAC to prevent drunk driving fatalities.
Here's the lowdown:
Yeah, the current BAC of .08 apparently isn't LOW enough, and the feds would "like" to lower it to .05, which means to many people only ONE DRINK PER HOUR...
Now, I've always been able to "nurse" a drink for a spell in my day, but an HOUR???
Take a 120 lb woman who has just TWO drinks per hour. Given her weight and body mass index, she COULD wind up "legally" intoxicated with a BAC of .05, when she probably is still very capable of rational thought and actions.
This is yet another government OVERREACH...something the feds need to butt the hell out of...it's not THEIR job.
-- And then, there's this story:
Seems some Indiana merchants are going to court over a state BAN on COLD beer sales, which are only sold at liquor stores (and not on Sundays).
This is another case (no pun intended) of rampant stupidity...who the f$ck CARES if the damn beer is cold...that's what we all have REFRIGERATORS for, you dumbasses. And if you NEED a cold one (as you're driving home) isn't that like promoting open container violations and drunk driving? I smell a Catch-22 w/ the Feds here.
If you're having a cookout or get-together, buy the frigging beer the NIGHT BEFORE and use the damn FRIDGE!
This is just as stupid as those who want Sunday sales...take a damn day off from your binge, you morons.
Buy the beer BEFORE SUNDAY...problem solved.
*** The U.S.N. has launched it's 1st drone from a carrier.
Here's the link:
The tailless X-47B is the aircraft used for this event, and it's about the size of a fighter.
I still like the idea of having a HUMAN brain behind a REAL stick, making the call.
There's no comparison to being able to think out-of-the-box in that regard, on a spur of the moment when the unforeseen crops up.
Still, that's kind of cool, but call me when you can LAND on that same carrier without ANY incident, okay?
Or, like Tony Stark once pondered:
"...What about a pilot WITHOUT a plane?"
And speaking of pilots and planes...
*** The 122nd ANG in Ft. Wayne opened it's new air park yesterday.
Here's the story:
The Heritage Air Park is located along Ferguson Rd off of Bluffton, and includes static displays of aircraft flown by the 122nd over the decades, with a few more still to be added. There's even a HUMVEE parked there, too.
I had a post last year about the addition of the A-10 to the area by a helo with a sling.
The park is open from 0900 hrs. until dusk, and visitors should use the main base entrance to access the park.
I saw some A-10s doing low-level flyovers of our "Fortress" yesterday, no doubt as an added (celebratory) treat for those attending the opening of the park.
Personally, I think it's one of the BEST damn additions to this city.
(Funded totally by the 122nd AND by donations..gotta love that!)
Nice job, people. Carry on.
*** Wind farms aren't that "user-friendly" to wildlife.
Now who the hell could have known THAT?
Here's the story link (and it's a DAMN good read):
The Obummer Administration throws endangered species under the bus now (or into the turbine blades)....have they NO shame?
(not one damn bit)
More than 573,000 birds such as golden eagles, red kites and falcons are killed by wind farms EVERY year, and not a word from this EPA or any other agency in this failing administration. The companies owning the wind turbines are not even called to task over this, either.
Funny, Obummer and the libtards are SO quick to blast OIL companies whenever THEY endanger similar avian fowl, but not a peep about wind farms and the damage THEY do to our ecology and the falcons, hawks, and eagles they kill.
Double-Standard time, kids....TWO sets of rules for ONE crime...what a ruse.
Another thing, ALL the birds killed were listed under FEDERAL environmental protection LAWS, so this president's minions are cutting off their noses to spite their primate faces...how novel of these treasonous liars.
I say sack the lot of them, tear down the wind farms and let the birds do what they're supposed to do.
I'm NOT hugging any trees, either...just practicing common sense here.
*** As the German economy lags, the world price of OIL drops...BUT, it's not reflected at any of OUR pumps in the USA...(huh?)
Here's the story:
There are some great stats at the end of the article, showing how much prices are dropping.
I wonder WHY it's not showing up HERE in America?
What are we NOT being told now?
*** And naturally, we couldn't leave this post without some DUMB sh*t going on in the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne.
Here's the story:
The take in this assault was a mere $26 lousy bucks...ROFLMAO!
This took place in the 7900 block of Decatur Rd...way down in Ghettoland where all the lowlife scum dwell.
(we call that government-sponsored housing, BTW.)
A man was beaten with a MEAT TENDERIZER and a SKILLET (a sous-chef dispute?) during the altercation.
And no, it wasn't a bottle of ADOLPH'S the guy was hit with...it was one of those wooden mallets with the spiky flat ends that you "pound your meat" with...LOL.
I know there are a ton of nasty thoughts and jokes going on over THAT one.
Oh, and the perp was a BLACK guy, 6 ft. tall, 40-50 years old wearing a black sweat suit with a white stripe.
(sounds like damn near anyone around this area)
Yeah, that's the problem with a LOT of the locals down here...too much time to pound their meat and crap out kids every 9 months, all on the taxpayers' dime. And speaking of the REAL taxpayers...there's this:
*** Get ready for a more "taxing" situation in Ft. Wayne:
Here's the link:
If it's not an income tax increase that's desired, it's a property tax "levy"...all to keep the city working.
And yet, nothing is done to get all the lazy-ass welfare suckers off the dole and into a job that would PRODUCE MORE taxes the city requires (and used to receive).
Yep, it's the start of a slide down a very rough hill...major cities have been through this for decades, and most ALL of them run deficits in their budgets. Some are flat broke.
Now the smaller cities (like us) follow suit, and no one is held accountable to find the REAL reasons we have lower revenue collection.
Blame the welfare system and all the freebies given out...simple as that, folks.
At least 2 city couincilmen have come up with some better ideas.
*** Lastly today, with few exceptions, this city is headed towards a dire state of affairs.
Sure, it won't happen today...or next month, or even next year, but it's coming, make no mistake.
Actually it has been coming for the last 25 years...it's just taken until NOW to realize it.
When things move that slowly, it's almost imperceptible, unless you know what to look for.
That's why ALL of us have to be paying attention...educating ourselves, and be bold when we have to ask the obvious questions.
No harm ever came from a bunch of vigilant, educated and informed people...just a lot of good.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

As a Martin, I do have a few things to say about the alcohol stories. First, I really don't see that lowering the BAC is a bad thing, when not drinking and driving at all is a GOOD thing. Second, I've heard that some countries with lower limits have had problems with aftershave and perfume setting off the meter, so it won't take but a few "smart" people to sue for the "Aqua Velva" defense to sink enforcement on that one.

Third, on the cold beer- the convenience stores claim they'll triple their sales if they can chill it. My problem wouldn't be so much on their claims as who the meathead was that let them sell it in the first place. And you are dead on on Sunday sales- if you buy it Saturday, it'll be chilled for Sunday.

Bob G. said...

You brought up the PERFECT reason for NOT lowering the BAC...AFTERSHAVE!
(false positives)

I look at a lower BAC as an "easy ticket" for government coffers.
PEOPLE have to learn to be responsible instead.
We can't people from behind the wheel even AFTER they've lost their licenses from DUIs as it is.

I admit to having drank my share and then drove home (once at 118 MPH...Dad read me the riot act when I bragged to him about that one), but that was when I was much younger (and yes, a lot less WISER).

Having NEVER been pulled over under such conditions didn't embolden me one bit.
MY Dad's story about seeing his good friend at the funeral parlor when they should have had the casket CLOSED (a drunk-driving crash) was enough to swear ME off...for good.
I will have ONE drink when at a restaurant...and then soda and water.

The "merchants" that say they'll triple sales must be drinking a LOT of their products...LOL.

That could serve to say that we'll see even MORE convenience stores opening, and we';ve WAY too many as it is that are robbed with shopping-cart wielding burglars,...or worse - those with illegally-obtained firearms!

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.

Momma Fargo said...

Yeah, I melted. What's with all the homicides in your state? Indy is turning into Fort Wayne for Pete's Sake.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I wish I knew...I moved to Indiana from PENNSY to get away from all that crap...lol.

We didn't have this much stuff during the REAL gangster 1930s!

I was thinking that perhaps the bad guys wanted to create some "job-security" for all the LEOS out there, but that can't be it.

Indiana is just a hub for all the OTHER bad cities around us from Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and all points south (as far south as Mexico).

We can only hope they all kill ONE ANOTHER quickly...then maybe we can get some rest here.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting, dear.

You stay safe out there