14 May 2013

Tales From The SOUTH Side...
And it looks to be a much warmer day than yesterday here in the Heartland, with temps reaching into the UPPER 70s. Tomorrow promises to be even WARMER, but we might be in for some rain...makes the plants grow. Personally, as was said in the movie Taxi Driver, I'd like to believe that "...Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets."
I suppose I'll have to settle for a street sweeper cleaning the gutters...lol.
Since we're all relatively awake, let's take a look into what's been going on elsewhere, shall we?
*** In case you missed it, this week is NATIONAL POLICE WEEK, and Here is the official site:
This site gives you all the "4-1-1" behind the REASON for the week, as well as events which are slated to take place in our nation's capital.
This all started back in 1962 when JFK issued a proclamation designating 15 May as Peace Officers Memorial Day.
That's when executive orders MEANT something.
And here is the National LEO Memorial Fund site with more information:
Here you will find some facts such as EVERY 57 HOURS, one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty.
It was back in 1791 when the first recorded line-of-duty death was noted, and since then, more than 19,000 officers have made the ultimate sacrifice.
Since the same time last year, we have seen an overall RISE in fatalities to the tune of 21 PERCENT.
Firearms-related deaths remain the same as last year (0% change), but TRAFFIC-related deaths have risen 36%, with "other causes" attributable for a 25% RISE.
So, if you can't be in the D.C. area this week, take a little time to remember those fallen LEOs, and remember WHY they chose to wear the shield.
And, if you see a LEO in your travels, thank them for all they do.
'Nuff said there...
*** Yesterday afternoon, I was noticing a woman with several toddlers in her charge walking up the street on the SIDEWALK (yes, they had to go AROUND the ever-present log jam down the block...lol), and one of the children was allowed to roam up onto the lawns...
Okay, so we're not teaching them anything about OTHER people's property...OR about the possibility of falling down and getting hurt.
This motivated me to get near the front door, as I had that feeling I would be doing something real soon.
Didn't have to wait long at all...
This child proceeded to ATTEMPT to SIT on our decorative WIRE FENCING along the front of the top of our hill...!!!
Yep, you guessed it...it was my first "WTF???" moment of the week.
Now, you have to understand that THIS type of fencing is NOT (nor ever was) meant to SUPPORT ANY WEIGHT.
Hell, whenever a BIRD lands on it, it shakes and shimmies like a Vegas showgirl.
So you just KNOW it's not going to support a 3 year old...and it DIDN'T.
Well, I was out the door and said loudly: "DON'T sit on the damn fence...!"
To which the woman (guardian/parent/babysitter/whatever) spoke to the girl in SPANISH (you're in AMERICA, chica...learn the language), and the girl got off the lawn. Yes, I had to straighten the fence out as I said (again, loudly) "Cripes, you can't have a damn thing around here in this ghetto.", and I know the woman heard me (hope she can translate for the kids later).
I mean it was nice to see toddlers NOT walking in the middle of the damn street, but to let them meander all over lawns instead?
And what if that fence BROKE, and a piece of that wire pierced the little girl's leg or face???
Stranger things HAVE happened down here (and usually do with regularity).
As I went inside, I muttered: "You need to get a shorter leash for your pets, lady."
Let us hope a word (or several) to the wise (ass) is sufficient.
Makes you wonder WHY some people are even allowed to have kids, let alone watch them for someone else.
Darwin at work here, obviously...lol.
Moving on...
*** Frank Gray had a good article in today's paper than exemplifies the marvelous DOUBLE-STANDARD we seem to suffer from abundantly in Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link:
Now HERE is a case where a 70 year-old woman parks in her driveway, and then is ticketed by PARKING CONTROL for "blocking a sidewalk", when there IS no "sidewalk" that continues PAST her property. It ENDS at her driveway, ergo you can't go ANY farther, can you?
And what amazes me is that the PC wrote this ticket EIGHT miles from downtown (their usual beat).
When the woman (Evelyn Murphy) was issued a warning a couple years ago, she told the city department about it, and they kicked up UP the ladder to the HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT...(where's the frigging highway anyway?)
Now, she had the place built up on the north side back in 1970, and the developer only placed sidewalks on ONE side of the street, and didn't even continue the sidewalk past Murphy's property line...end of story, right?
Friday, Murphy got an $80 ticket for blocking the sidewalk with her vehicle.
Yes, friends, these are the SAME Parking Control "officers" that NEVER show up in MY part of the ghettohood to ticket those who CHRONICALLY block driveways, park the WRONG WAY, double park, or park in a manner other than designated by city code (you just can't park any damn place on your lawn, for example).
So, the question I HAVE to ask is WHY does Evelyn get a citation when it's a non sequitor, while ALL the violations we have down here EVERY SINGLE DAY go UNCITED?
We have ONE set of rules for those that live in nice neighborhoods, and another set of rules (or the LACK of rules) for those living in the ghettohood?
Something would seem a tad amiss here, would it not?
I know I can call into the city's *311* help line to address parking issues, and NEVER see any results or Parking Control vehicles in the area to follow up on my calls.
Yet, I have the "work-order" numbers to prove I called in.
So what gives here anyway?
I just might have to contact Frank Gray and let HIM know the TRUTH of the matter with Parking Control, and the inefficiencies we suffer from their lack of involvement down here.
Man, all the crap I do, and not a dime do I get paid by ANYONE in city government...well, they damn well couldn't afford me anyway...LOL.
*** NOLA police have a suspect in the Mom's Day parade shootings.
And here's the story:
Wow...I was right...it WAS a BLACK GUY...imagine that.
Akein Scott, age 19 is the person of interest in those shootings that left 19 people injured Sunday.
Nice mug shot...looks like a very young O.J.
And, I'll wager he didn't waltz into a gun shop and BUY a pistol LEGALLY, either.
At a presser, the NOLA police chief stated: 'We know more about you than you think we do"...gotta love that kind of bravado.
Police also announced a $10K reward and released video caps of the perp.
People there say that gun violence goes hand-in-hand with poverty and urban blight.
(welcome to OUR world on the SE side of Ft. Wayne...provisionally-speaking)
I believe PART of that to be true...the "urban blight" part...or, as I like to put it - The Broken Window Theory...small shit leads to big shit soon enough.
The whole POVERTY thing is plain out bullshit...if people are THAT poor, how in Christ's name can they STILL be able to get firearms (even) on the black market where prices tend to be a lot higher than say...Wal-Mart, (where America shoplifts)?
Being poor means NOT being able to AFFORD such things like GUNS, because you're too damn busy trying to pay bills and put FOOD on the damn table, right? Maybe those EBT cards are redeemable at gun shops now?
Well, they DO buy booze, smokes and casino outings already...why stop THERE, hmm?
It's still not about guns...but it is about people..., as in the lack of SELF-control.
Like I said in many cities, you walk a few blocks from all the NICE places, and you're back in the slums.
Doesn't matter if it's NOLA, Atlantic City, or all points west...it's ALL the same, and so are the cretins that infest such areas.
*** Lastly today, the weed patrol was out and about...already.
Making abandoned properties nice...much like the "tree transplants" we had down here over the past month.
The city can't do a damn thing to REALLY improve the "quality-of-life" BS, BUT they can cut down trees that don't need it, stick in some saplings and all the while totally IGNORE the overgrown alleys behind those streets...simply astounding in scope AND stupidity.
We do have DEAD trees that are also ignored, and they present a hazard should they shed some thick branches which will fall over 30 feet to the ground, damaging whatever rests underneath.
But hey, it's the ghettohood...the "locals" don't give a rat's ass what happens as long as no one bothers them and allows them to walk the streets, toking on blunts, or swilling down some cheap-ass brandy (bought on that EBT card, no doubt).
Toss that trash anywhere...let the kids roam all over, and feel free to park any damn way you please...there's too few people to call you on it, and the city doesn't bother to listen to them anyway.
Oh, what we could do with just a few in city government that actually gave a damn.
Or, better yet...think of what could be accomplished with only ONE person in City Hall with the balls to realize the problem, and actually WANT to solve it.
Yeah, I can dream...the price is (still) ALWAYS right.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

You ought to write Gray an op-ed piece about the double standards in Ft Wayne. It would be nice if PC could be shamed into an apology by whoever was apeman enough to write that ticket.

And the fence thing? I keep telling you, punji sticks will take care of it...

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to compose my thoughts and drop Frank an email...won't be the FIRST time he posted something I wrote him about (heh).
I already HAVE punjis...under the ground-cover ivy along the fence on the corner of the house.
(can't even see it at all...just like the 'Nam)
That's to prevent idiots from "short-cutting" the corner (as the locals love to do)...and THAT has worked marvelously.

I'd MUCH rather injure teens and adults rather than toddlers, though...it's the whole "not yet at the age of accountability" thing.

That leaves the burden of "mea culpa" upon WHOEVER is passing for a parent/guardian/babysitter et al.

Hey, thanks for spending some time here today and commenting.

Stay safe up there in Sambonia!