13 May 2013

Monday Musings...
If you like your mornings a bit on the "frosty" side for the month of May, then you'll like today.
By later today, we will warm up to around 60 degrees, but for now, it's nowhere near "Coppertone Time".
So, let's get started and see what's been going on...
*** Yesterday was Mother's Day, and it found me a bit more depressed than usual.
I suppose if my Mom were a beast that I couldn't wait to leave home for, I'd feel differently, but such was never the case.
My mother was someone I consider remarkable.
No matter how many scraped knees, fevered brows, or any other assorted illnesses or life troubles came my way, Mom was always there to ease the turmoil.
I would have to concede that Mom was also my BEST teacher.
And Lord knows there were plenty of times as I was growing up to use as examples when turmoil abounded and education was needed.
Mom reminded me of that ground crew chief that looked after the aircraft he was assigned to...it was HIS plane; he only allowed the pilot to "borrow" it when a mission was called for. So it was with Mom.
It was HER house, and she ran it HER way, and both Dad and I were okay with that, because she did a stellar job.
I cannot imagine what her salary WOULD be if she were to be paid for ALL the jobs she held under that roof.
The list is rather lengthy, and would no doubt rival up to SIX figures.
And she did all that...because she WANTED to...that in and of itself is amazing.
So, it's because of such things, that I am reminded every year at this time of WHO my mother was when she was alive, and still is in my heart.
And yes, I'm not afraid to admit that it still hurts to not have her around.
I reckon I can count myself among those fortunate enough to have such a mother, and that badge I will wear with honor.
Still, it doesn't diminish the loss, no matter how many years pass by.
Maybe it's not supposed to...perhaps we're meant to remember all that was done FOR us, to keep us mindful of how blessed we can be.
I know I should be looking back with a sincere fondness on what my mother has taught me, and I do that every single day, but you can never shake the fact that when she is gone from your life, there is a gaping hole in your heart where she used to reside.
The memories (thankfully) remain with you the rest of YOUR life, and you pray that your mind never grows so dim as to lose such memories.
And when all that's left ARE those memories, THAT is the time you wish that phone would ring...just so you could make ONE more of those memories.
So, you'll forgive me for being a sentimental slob over this...that's what happens in a tight-knit family such as ours used to be.
Now, all I have to do is make it past Father's Day, right?
Moving on...
*** Well, it's been over THREE months and that curbside woodpile down the street has shrunk to a "pile" of a mere THREE logs...which are STILL sitting on the bloody SIDEWALK...(as they have for the past TWO weeks).
This is really starting to shake my faith in Neighborhood Code Enforcement, and yes, this is a prime example of another one of our "broken windows" that's allowed to be ignored.
The small things DO add up around this part of the ghettohood, do they not?
But NCE has been putting up WEED VIOLATION signs...for all the good that does with the board-ups and otherwise abandoned houses around here.
Yet, NOT ONE THING is ever done with ALL the overgrown foliage in the ALLEYS behind the houses, and that is one helatious eyesore.
Some of it grows as high as the utility pole wires, and that can't be a good thing.
That's why for the past several years, the trash trucks have been collecting out FRONT of certain blocks...they can't effectively get down the alleys with all that vegetation that's been growing all over.
Nothing gets done to alleviate that either. But they are working on improving DOWNTOWN.
*** The series from WANE entitled: IS FORT WAYNE A DANGEROUS PLACE? continues today with a report filed by Rod Hissong, as he does a "ride-along" with the FWPD (10 year veteran officer Jason Anthony) during "3rd out" (graveyard shift) on the SE side of the city.
From what I saw so far, it's an accurate assessment of the issues down here.
The calls responded to range from a 44LM (loud music) to a domestic to a stabbing signal 62 (party armed) with a knife.
Rod mentioned the one disturbing thing was to see SO many kids (pre teens) outside AFTER midnight.
Welcome to OUR world, Rod...sounds like a typical night in the ghettohood to me.
These stories are painting the right picture so far...at least there is NO denial to be observed on the part of the reporting.
*** In New Orleans they have a "unique" way of celebrating Mother's Day....they SHOOT one another.
Here's the story link:
Now, I've heard of MANY ways to celebrate our mothers out there, but this one is new to me, but apparently NOT to those in the ethnic community down there. Three suspects are being sought in connection to the shootings that injured NINETEEN.
You have a Mother's Day PARADE...and then you SHOOT people...sounds like a damn ghetto lifestyle to me.
*** And while we're on the topic of ethnics, how's about THIS story:
A 37-hour standoff in a south Trenton, NJ house ended with the suspect dead, along with a 13-year old boy and a woman, believed to be the mother of the boy.
Three siblings were rescued from the maggot-ridden house as the entry team stormed inside.
The man who police killed, a sex offender named Gerald Murphy, age 38, was believed to have been the boyfriend for the last several months of the deceased mother, Carmelita Stevens, age 44.
There are so many questions that police there are seeking answers for, not the least of which is WHY Murphy did what he did.
*** If you have a teen who is of driving age, THIS might shake your tree:
Yes, teen traffic deaths are on the RISE in Indiana, and to think last year we were 16th in the nation.
Now we're at the top of the heap at #1.
Not a good thing.
But statistics also show that crashes overall are UP...blame that on our wonderful technology and the inherent ADHD we've come to embrace for that.
We're being pulled in TOO many directions, and when you're behind the wheel of a 2800+ lb chunk of metal, plastic and rubber that's rolling along a street or highway, that spells TROUBLE.
Not much different that screwing around with firearms...is it?
Yet MORE people are killed every year in vehicular incidents THAN with firearms, and some driving as sober as judges,...just not paying ATTENTION.
*** Lastly today, we were supposed to learn from our parents...learn a LOT from them, in fact.
While school was meant to prepare us for the "professional" and clinical aspects of REALVILLE, Mom and Dad were there to instruct us on how to CONDUCT OURSELVES while in REALVILLE...which usually was everywhere right outside our own front door.
And, as a representative of "your family", there came a certain level of responsibility. Whatever you said or did reflected on the manner in which you were brought up...or how you PAID ATTENTION to your folks and their tutelage.
We always heard that line:
"We're only doing this for YOUR OWN GOOD, and you'll THANK us when you grow up".
And you know what?
They. Were. Right.
I think many of us have no problem with any of that, and have made our parents proud of us.
Sadly, others have failed marvelously, and the cemeteries are often FILLED with results such as that.
What we can do is always strive to be as good if not better today than we were yesterday...all it takes is some effort.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

All it takes to get to #1 is to have parents that say, "It's no big deal," and kids given the keys without caring one whit where/when/ what for, or what state of mind they're in.

NOLA? More of Darwin's rule in action.

Bob G. said...

In many cases, we can't really call them "parents", given the cavalier manner they dispense everything BUT education and discipline to these kids nowadays.

Might have to work on inventing a new monicker for these "adults".

LOL...Darwin's rule...well stated!
(and all too true)

Thanks for swinging by today and commenting.
You stay safe up there.