26 June 2013

Humpday Happenings...
Geez, another day kinda-sorta just like yesterday, weather-wise. And the funny thing, they all start off pretty nice.
Highs today will reach into the upper 80s (again) with accompanying humidity (again), AND the chance for some thunderstorms and/or a bit of severe weather throughout the day into tonight (again).
But the good news is that for the next few days in the Heartland, it will be LESS hot and a bit nicer overall into the weekend.
*** First up, as is customary, will be our Motto of the Week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence. This explains why we have so many stupid leaders."
Now THIS sure sounds like it was penned THIS WEEK, doesn't it?
So, who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the newspaper stand...
*** Wifey and I had a nice time yesterday. We stopped to Wal-Mart for a few items, and then went out for lunch (and no fast food).
When we got home, I finished the cake I baked earlier and since we were still full from lunch, we had the cake with sandwiches for dinner.
Unconventional...that's us.
The Wal-Mart outing went well enough. Wifey wanted to get me a new pair of "knock-around" shoes, because my OLD ones had split the sole, and the toe was wearing out on one shoe, while the other had a split in the side.
I tell you, they're just NOT making things the way they used to, even for "bo-bos" (cheap sneakers).
And I'm a person who can have shoes for years, if not decades.
Still, got a nice pair of Starter athletic shoes for $19 (and change), and with ANY luck, they might last a year or three.
We also got a new phone "system" for the house, too (yes, we STILL have a land line).
The VTECH-2 expandable system w/ digital answering machine is what we purchased.
That was only $44 and comes with 2 handsets that can also be used as an intercom.
We can ADD up to THREE more handsets (they're only $18 a pop each), and every other one has the same capabilities.
They all come with caller ID, too. That means we can lose the individual items we had cluttering up the place. No more separate answering machine, caller ID device and phones. I still have to record the "personal" message for the machine. (that ought to be fun)
We also swagged us a fitted sheet with matching pillowcases. (can never have too many of THOSE,can you?) Considering the cost of getting the WHOLE bed "set", it's often cheaper to get individual items and then color co-ordinate the colors as the mood strikes you.
Amazing the things a MAN can learn about house-keeping...LOL.
Wifey got several pairs of earrings from yours truly. She wanted hummingbirds and dragonflies, so as the resident "Pizza-Man" (because I DELIVER), that's exactly what she got.
One hummingbird set was made from handwoven Peruvian thread and looks like mini sun-catchers.
I prefer to go for the avant-garde, and they do look very nice.
So, that was yesterday.
Moving on to something a bit less happy and fun...
*** The Fort Wayne City Council HAS approved a tax INCREASE.
What? You thought otherwise?
Shame on you.
Here's the story link:
Sure, it'll cost the normal folks MORE...doesn't it ALWAYS?
The formula used is a combination of household INCOME plus PROPERTY VALUE.
I suppose that means that soon enough, even OUR devalued property (thanks to the ghetto-slug renters that brought the price down) will be artificially inflated so the city can get more money for improvements we'll never even see.
It's a case of waiting too long to do something, like maintain adequate police officers and firefighters.
You can only put such things OFF for SO long.
Well, I can see what happened back in Philly decades ago beginning again right HERE.
Philly's problems came about with decades of democrat "rule", too.
If this city doesn't start paying the hell attention (and stop digging), the financial HOLE will only get deeper.
Now, for some snippets...
*** This whole Snowden/whistle-blower thing has me intrigued.
He's been known to be in Moscow, and while the Obummer administration ASKED for his extradition to the USA (why the rush to make this guy disappear in some black bag?), Putin said NYET to our people, which tells me more nations don't really take THIS president and his cronies seriously.
Did we really NOT see this coming?
Show of hands...anyone?
*** Arrest made in downtown stabbing. Here's the story link:
Wifey and I just missed this one (damn), but it goes to show that you're not as "safe" as you thought while in Freimann Square at midday.
Bernard Ford, 58, a black male, was arrested a short time later.
Both involved were taken to hospital.
The victim is in fair condition.
No weapon was recovered.
*** More on the ice cream driver shooting. Here's the link:

I found this amazing, considering he was also robbed about a month before the shooting.
A regular guy tyring to earn some money doing a mundane job...and he gets THIS?
Our society has some serious issues when it comes to leaving others the hell alone.
*** If you think such crap is limited to OUR city, though...think again.
Indy has had FIVE shootings in 24 hours. Here's the link:
How much you wanna bet that most, if not all involved were black or Hispanic, and for the most part, government-sponsored?
Seems like a nasty "trend" in many cities, doesn't it?
A couple of the shootings were at apartment complexes...
Guess they're just like Eden Green, hmm?
*** Lastly today, have you been following our "fearless leader's" latest ploy?
He's pulling out ALL the stops and grasping at every straw with his diversionary tactics, as he attempts to implement this "fundamental transformation of America".
Nuclear disarmament, climate change, alternative energy, immigration (read amnesty) reform, and a few other things have been dragged back out of storage as a way of keeping YOU, the people confused out-the-ass, while he keeps doing HIS thing.
NOT ONE of the ever-increasing number of scandals have been addressed, while all the time, we're being told how we should think about regarding "global warning" (still the same BS of the week), adding E-15 at the gas pumps (which has been PROVEN to have long term consequences for older vehicles, and none of them good), and we're supposed to drop what WE'RE following and listen to THIS tripe?
Gimme a damn break!
This president is damn good at STARTING stuff, but like many of his ilk, NEVER finish ONE of them, unless you include Obummercare, which has ALSO been PROVEN to cost WAY MORE than it will supposedly save.
Now, more than ever...WE, the people have to sift THROUGH all this garbage being tossed at US, in order to ascertain the TRUTH.
And that truth is...there is something dreadfully WRONG with our nation these days.
When we allow a "healthcare" bill to be passed WITHOUT knowing all the pork that's inside, as well as penalties for an unconstitutional forcing of the purchase of a government-established mandate, or when we permit lawmakers to allow wholesale amnesty for tens of MILLIONS of illegals here now, rather than secure the border first, to prevent MORE from coming in, that's a travesty of biblical proportions.
We have GOT to watch BOTH hands of every one of these charlatans, lest we succumb to a government that, if permitted to, will wind up becoming the totalitarian state we would all loathe and fear.
The time is NOW to educate ourselves, not to be deceived any longer, and to stand up for what we KNOW to be right for this nation...AND her people.
To put this off until tomorrow only serves those perpetrating these diversions, and not representative of real Americans.
Knowledge is still power, and the power still lies with US.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Love. That. Quote. I may have to print it up and hang it near my desk at work.

As much as I dislike Putin, I can't blame him for not taking Obama seriously. I don't.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Feel free to use that quote anyplace and anytime the mood strikes 'ya...!
And it's NOT Mark Twain...LOL.

It's kinda scary to think that folks like US think the SAME way as Putin regarding our "Whiner-in-Chief".
But truth IS still truth, yes is DA, and no is NYET...doesn't matter what country you're from (even Russia).

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.