25 June 2013

Tuesday Tidbits...
Someone must have the weather stuck in "Groundhog Day" mode ...seems like the SAME weather every time you look at the reports.
Here in the Heartland, such is the case.
It's gonna be hot with temps in the low 90s (again) and higher humidity like we've seen the past few days (again), with a 20-30 percent chance of showers throughout most of the day and more likely tonight (again).
Perfect A/C weather, if you ask me.
So, while we're cooling down the house and lowering the humidity, let's see what has been going on beyond the "Fortress" walls...
*** First off the line is an update to the ice cream driver that was shot this past weekend.
Here's the story link:
Like I speculated yesterday, the driver WAS trying to make it to the hospital. He had been shot TWICE by the thug, who was described as a black male, between 20-30 years of age, wearing a white tank top (we always call them "wife-beaters") and dark pants.
Well, that describes about 70% of those males down HERE, and I saw several walking along MY street yesterday, dressed in like manner.
Suppose it's "just a coincidence"?
Randy Wolfe, 36 of Albion is the shooting victim.
Helluva drive just to get shot.
What pisses me off is the nonchalant manner that these black males shoot people...absolutely NO remorse whatsoever.
The perp was even waving cars PAST the ice cream truck prior to the shooting, as if he's "Mr. I'm all for safety - nothing to see here"
If you don't like the product being sold, then don't buy it first then shoot the vendor...write the company, when you LEARN to write...you aboriginie.
No money was taken from the driver and he is in stable condition at hospital.
*** Another armed robbery, this time at the BP station located at 3833 Coldwater Rd.
This happened Saturday around 0154 hrs.
Here's this story link:
Again, it's a black male, and a decent security camera picture, but look at the smug demeanor, and when you watch the video of the story, he ALSO has this nonchalant manner about him...like he's "entitled" to perform the act.
There may be a cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this street thug.
Personally, I would prefer someone cap his ass, raise our homicide stats a tad, and call it done.
Because we ALL know this perp's future - revolving door at the jail,. repeat offender, and eventually meeting an untimely demise...like a very LATE-term abortion. Save everyone a lot of hassle, money and time, and off him outright.
This constant barrage of crime by a small number of people really takes it's toll on a lot MORE people, and sometimes (as mom would say) "It takes bitter to drive bitter." That meaning we might have to do something we don't like in order to make things better all around.
*** There was a story on last night about our FWPD chief and how, when he was a patrolman, he had to shoot a fleeing suspect dead, after the perp turned on him, knocking him to the ground, and was attempting to wrest his service pistol away...
Perps are still doing that.
Some things never change over time, do they?
Here's the story link:
Rusty's around my age, and I'm sure we've both seen our share of stuff, but I feel his reactions were correct, given the severity and immediacy of the event as described.
And sure, there's emotional trauma involved, but how we DEAL with it in the aftermath both short and long term defines much of how we will become and what we will do or not do.
My mother was a passenger in a car accident in her late teens. She hurt her back and suffered from arthritis all her life as a result.
Another unforeseen consequence of that accident, was that Mom never drove after that. She had a license, but let it expire.
There was never a time when she drove the whole time I grew up, and no matter who drove her someplace, she was "gun-shy" and was white-knuckled the entire time. She trusted Dad the most, even after someone smacked into him once.
Suffice it to say that mom was traumatized by her accident all those years ago, and "never got back on the bike" as they say whenever you fall off.
And, fortunately, that worked out for HER.
In Rusty's case, it would appear that (imho), he never got fully back on that bike, but "the job" dictated that he perform as TRAINED...and many times, when the training kicks in, everything else takes second place.
When you have to take a life, you have to deal with the aftermath...it's that simple.
In civilian life, there are courts that adjudicate your actions, like Zimmerman. Was the shooting justifiable,warranted, and did the person that was killed display an imminent and deadly threat to you?
In combat, like in law-enforcement, there are those who also are there to determine the situational outcome.
Many times, you never even see the people you may have killed, while other times, you stare them right in the eye.
You can have nightmares for years over this, and many from the various wars have done so, but if you're still on the job, you have to put such things aside, for if a shooting that results in death causes YOU to hesitate in the slightest in the future, you can be placing more people at risk of joining that perp you offed a while back.
Civilians, fellow LEOs, or members of your squad or platoon may wind up victims of YOUR indecision...so you "get back on the bike" and you move forward.
There was a PPD officer that came upon someone he thought had a gun in a schoolyard after dark. He called to the person to put the weapon down, but did not receive a reply.
He fired after numerous attempts to talk the person out, and found out it was a kid playing with a LAZER-TAG pistol.
Well, he resigned from the force...wasn't much use to anyone after that.
I don't believe he committed suicide, but he just faded away.
You cannot always tell HOW a situation will pan out, especially when you have no idea what's going on.
But when faced with a scenario where lives are at stake, you do what have to do...period.
And that's all I'm going to say about that for now.
*** Lastly today....something a lot more on the lighter side...
Today is the lovely Mrs. Bobby G's birthday, ad yes, that means more CAKE.
It's so convenient for her how she managed to get both the anniversary AND birthday crammed into ONE week. I gotta wait until late AUGUST.
Anyway, I'm baking her (because I'm a man who can bake and is comfortable with my manliness) a chocolate/chocolate cake.
Now, I can't promise any "cakegasms", but I will do my best...as usual.
And, as is the case with most every woman, we never divulge the AGE thingy...but I can say she's doing the "anniversary of her 29th birthday" gig...LOL
I do that too, but even that is getting long in the tooth.
A couple gifts arrived in the mail yesterday, with several more still to come...told you it was like Hanukkah for her.
I WOULD like to take her to a shooting range, but that's probably not going to happen (today), so maybe we'll tackle the one on the basement of our "Fortress". BB pistols are almost as good.
Now, if only Glade or Renuzit could make an "air-freshener" that smells like CORDITE...LMAO!
Happy Birthday, Sweetie.
Here's wishing you many more, kid.
The rest of you get outside and enjoy the weather today, or just sit inside and read a book...because life is a wonderful gift
And we dare not waste a moment of it.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

(( PS - Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning Lord Stanley's cup...been a while, too.))


CWMartin said...

Excellent article on consequences... you're really hitting your stride lately!

Except on the weather... tune in later this morning for the scoop on THAT one.

Happy birthday to the missus! Chocolate cake and shooting range... you are a true romantic.

Momma Fargo said...

Aww...cake and gifts. You are a softy after all! I agree with your perspective on everything. And I am going to have to bust out of my fortress and tackle the BMV. Can't wait. Blah! LOL. Have a great day. Congrats on the 29!

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I would LOVE to be a weatherman...
I mean where ELSE can you be WRONG at least 50% of the time AND get paid for it???

--Many times, the consequences we have fall upon us are NOT out in the open.
The "unintended" ones are often the ones that comes back to "bite" us...and for a long time.
But we CAN live with them.

--Finally, how CAN you ever go wrong with guns AND cake?
(even IF they are BB guns in an air-conditioned basement)
It's a WIN-WIN all around.

I'll pass the well wishes along to Wifey and I do appreciate you stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Well, I am a Leo-Virgo (cusp), so Wifey gets the best(?) of BOTH worlds there...romantic AND logical.
Helluva combo.

I take your agreement is in regards to police action shootings.
(it's still combat - urban or otherwise)
But you always have to move PAST it, if you're ever going to be AS effective as you were prior to whatever incident took place.

We've got thousanads of people that have killed in combat, and it tends to be less "personal" at distance.
And some handle that better than others.
UP close is a whole different paradigm.

TO act as trained is just that...ACTING instead of REACTING.
Once can save a life, and the other can cost a life.

Dave Grossman and the whole Killology gig spells it out.
(but you KNEW thzt...heh)

Hey, thanks much for rolling up today and cooping for a spell.
Always a pleasure.

You stay safe out there w/ that nasty BMV.

ms nk rey said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Bobby G. Enjoy your day!

Bob G. said...

She did indeed and she thanks you for the kind wishes.