24 June 2013

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the last week of the month of June, and we're off to a rather nice start this morning with tolerable temperatures, a 20% chance of precip, and a sun that's done it's best to break through the high overcast.
Today's Heartland high will reach back into the low 90s and the humidity will be slightly less than tropical, so remember that if you have to perform any strenuous activity outside like mowing your lawn, pruning shrubs and trees, accelerating sub-atomic particles, or tearing down the top half of your car's engine.
I will be doing NONE of those, thankfully. Got the lawn mowed Saturday morning, before all the locals fell off their mattresses.
So, let's get this show on the road and see what lies ahead, shall we?
*** First out the door this morning, Wifey and I had a nice and serene anniversary.
She got me a nice Chinese dragon figure, and I got her Hello Kitty earrings, along with some other goodies let to arrive...kinda like Hanukkah...almost a gift a day for the next week or so...lol.
And we got ourselves a chocolate on chocolate cake at Krogers. The lovely Mrs. Bobby G remarked that after eating the first slice, she had a "cakegasm".
Now that's a new one on me...guess I picked the RIGHT cake from the store, hmm?
Meanwhile, back at the bakery...
*** I watched Discovery Channel last evening to see Nik Wallenda wire-walk across the Grand Canyon at a location called Hell Hole Bend.
There were a few times during the walk that I was glad we didn't have HDTV...while the view was nothing short of spectacular, I think there are few of us that have absolutely NO fear of such heights.
Count me OUT of those few...that was DAMN frightening.
That walk was (imho) sh*t-your-pants-scary...period !
Wallenda is one remarkable individual, AND a God-fearing man. That's a good combination to be THESE days.
While Nik praised our Lord the whole way across the chasm, which was a nice 1400 feet ABOVE the canyon floor, I would be shouting "Good God what have I got myself into and how can I get out of it?"
Using only the hand-crafted walking "shoes" on his feet, a 30 foot long balance bar which weighs in at 43 lbs, and a resolve that would charm the saints themselves, he made it across in just under 23 minutes.
Here's the story link from Reuters:
The "wire" that he walked on weighed EIGHT TONS, and was only the width of two bottle caps.
Amazing doesn't even come close to describe what Wallenda accomplished.
Wallenda had to deal with heat, dehydration, cross winds of up to 30 MPH, and updrafts from the hot canyon floor
He may be called the "self-described" King of the High Wire, but after yesterday, I feel there is little to no contention that ALL of us would see him in that manner. Nik mentioned the optical illusion created when trying to counter the movement of the wire.
The points of reference reminded me of the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Jones has to cross this chasm (in the cave) and "Take a leap of faith"...and how THAT optical illusion made him not see the path he had to take, until the camera panned sideways.
Congratulations to Nik Wallenda and my thanks to answered prayers for a safe crossing..
He IS indeed...the KING of the high wire.
Moving on...
*** A little closer to home, a local ice cream (Summer Song) truck driver is SHOT in a robbery attempt.
(what? You thought we had a nice weekend in the Summit City?)
Here's the story link:
And YES, this happened on the city's SOUTH side...and not on the streets where Mayor (King) Henry or Chief York lives
Can't even sell ice cream without some thugs wanting some fast cash, can you?
Here's the company's website:
They sell Blue Bunny ice cream novelties, much like the old Good Humor drivers used to.
The driver was shot after two men approached his truck near Killea and Webster Sts.
One of the two pulled a handgun and shot the driver. Both fled south.
Police were called to the area around 2030 hrs, but did not find the vehicle.
They DID shortly locate the truck near W. Jefferson and Broadway. The driver was taken to hospital in serious condition.
While police state they don't know HOW the truck got to the Jefferson location, I would speculate the driver was attempting to drive himself to the hospital. He did wind up closer than where he was shot, and that makes sense to me.
*** A second dead person shows up...well, dead in Fort Wayne.
The other week, a woman was found dead, apparently of self-inflicted gunshot wounds, and this weekend a second body was found outside a north side apartment complex in the 400 block of Cedar Glen Drive around 1930 hrs.
Here's the story link:
This is the Stone Pointe Village Apartments, and if memory serves, was the location of several robberies in that serial-string in recent past.
(I also believe police have caught the ones involved with most of those robberies.)
The man who was found unresponsive and later pronounced dead by paramedics has not been ID'ed yet, but the coroner is expected to release that information, along with a probable C.O.D. later today. NO weapon was found at the scene.
*** In the first of TWO related articles, Sunday's paper mentioned an area that has seen it's share of crime.
Here's the FIRST story:
The "illusion" of safety is talked about...how's THAT work for you, Mr (Ft. Wayne is a safe city) Mayor?
And, like any rising tide, it encompasses other areas after a while...like OUR area.
Maybe "we" don't have the number of homicides spoken to in the story, but it can happen ANYTIME...to ANYONE.
THAT makes it not so "safe" for anyone living here, or in neighboring areas.
The SECOND story speaks to fear and neglect being the leading cause of this "culture of quiet" on SOME city streets.
And here's THAT link:
The neighborhood mentioned had dope selling as far back as the late 80s and early 90s...and yet it STILL goes on. WHY? would be my first question.
One person who declined to provide a name for reporters stated that a witness to one shooting received death threats after his face and name were broadcast on TV.
Helluva way to manage a "safe" city, isn't it?
It's said that increased patrols help, but listening to the police radio, and finding out how OFTEN we hear "we're short-handed", it makes you wonder how effective a department CAN be under such conditions.
Drug dealing on the streets of the SOUTH side of Fort Wayne is more "discreet" than in times past, but it's easy enough to spot, IF you 're looking for it.
A car pulls up, someone comes out, leans in the window, something is exchanged and the car is gone before you can finish dialing the po-po.
Simple as that.
THAT is what goes on daily down here at certain houses or along most any street...and with a good amount of regularity.
(...wish I was that "regular"...LOL)
All kidding aside though, older folks mention about "this generation" being different.
I would contend that it's the last SEVERAL generations that have done little if anything to stop the drugs and the violence, and the rampant ignorance that's been allowed to proliferate like the societal diseases they truly are. They've ADDED to it.
And it will take several MORE generations to reverse this trend, IF people are willing to face down the fear, STAND their ground, and FIGHT for what's right...for a change.
*** Just as a point of reference, here is a list of the 2013 homicides (so far) here in Fort Wayne, including a map "of the stars and their homes"...just like in Los Angeles...only these people don't LIVE there anymore...or, are living AT ALL.
Don't be misled by those who say the numbers are "not true" either, unless it's to point out the POLICE have had FOUR action-shootings...another disturbing trend - no regard for authority, and that leads to it's own violent end.
Police have little choice in such situations.
Rusty would have us all believe that we're "doing okay" as far as homicides go, and while I think that offing a few known drug dealers IS a damn good thing, we shouldn't have to want that to occur.
But because we've allowed drug use to set deep roots in our city, with ties all the way back to our SOUTHERN BORDER, maybe securing THAT area would be a damn GOOD place to start changing things, right?
Immigration laws and closing the border anyone?
*** Lastly today, we ALL have choices...I've said that forever here.
And when we pursue choices OTHER than the ones that are good, we see the result, especially when the punishment for making bad choices is less than relative to the crime perpetrated.
I am amazed that some people cannot stop making those bad choices, for fear of seeming "weak" or less than who they think they are.
What is true is that by repeating "bad choice making" IS making them a lesser person.
They live in this vicious circle of lifeless entanglement, where they will never go anywhere in life, because of the choices they make.
And they never learn from the mistakes, either.
Life is way too short to waste away doing the wrong stuff, and then wanting to do MORE of it.
The best way to pull oneself from that bog is to educate oneself.
And that costs a lot LESS than whatever alternative such people pursue.
Have yourselves a good week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Frankly, I thought crossing the GC on a wire was a bad choice. But if he gave the glory to God along the way, then perhaps something good did come of it. No way I was going to watch!

Bob G. said...

He gave the glory, praise and honor TO GOD, and I think you and I are OK with that.

Personally, I would love to have HALF of the sheer trust he has in our Savior, but I don't think I'll be signing up with ANY high wire act in order to achieve it.

Each of our life-journeys are PERSONAL ones, and our walk with God is also just as personal.

I think he's a great role model for a life WITH God, and the parallel w/ Indiana Jones' faith-testing is a good study in how WE have to just BELIEVE.

It was a good broadcast and a testament to God's creation.

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe up there in the capital of Sambonia aka "Scrappyopolis"

Momma Fargo said...

The dude on the high wire scared me out of my wits. LOL. My friends gave me a play by play which I did not need.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I cannot imagine the COURAGE it takes to get out ON that wire...let alone walk about 230- geet ACROSS it!
(At an altitude of 1400 feet.)

Every time they showed a DOWNWARD camera view, I was like:
"What did they say about NOT looking DOWN?"
And you HAVE to in this case, to make SURE your feet don't wind up catching THIN AIR.

Simply astounding.

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.
Stay safe (and on the ground) out there.

John DuMond said...

Chocolate on chocolate cake? Sounds like you and the missus know how to do it right. That particular combo would likely give me a "cakegasm" too. ;)

Happy (belated) Anniversary to you and Mrs G.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Man, the FROSTING on that cake was New York City "rich"...like a damn cheesecake!
Took FOUR days to finish it...and we WERE trying.

I'm making a chocolate on devil's food cake for Wifey's b'day Tuesday...It won't AS rich as the last store-bought cake, BUT, it will be TWO layers deep and lots of Hershey's tossed in the mix wit6h a touch of RUM...LOL.

Thanks for the well wishes and for stoping by today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

Wrexie said...

Aww. Happy anniversary! Good choice on the cake. ..forget brownie points, the man earned cakegasm points! lol

oh, and I can think of much more relaxing ways to see the Canyon. yikes. That man's just in panic attack paradise up there...

Bob G. said...

Hey there...good to see you again. I missed seeing you around.
Looks like everyone is good with the cake choice...LOL.
Cakegasm points...ROFL!
You're gonna make me blush.

Yeah, I flew OVER the canyon a couple times at around 30,000 ft, and THAT was impressive, but walking a wire across it?
Not anytime soon for me, thank you.

Thanks SO much for taking time to drop by, and comment.
Much appreicated.
(don't be a stanger - you're always welcome here)

Stay safe out there.

Wrexie said...

Thanks.. its nice to be back.
Good to see all's well 'round here and you haven't lost your sense of humor.. hehee

Bob G. said...

I might misplace it from time to time (along with my glasses and some of my mind...lol), but I refuse to lose it.

If that ever happens, I'll be doing the big dirt nap.

And tell me you still have your Subaru.