26 July 2013

Friday Follies...
Another nice day walks us into the weekend this morning. And the rest of the weekend weather is NOT looking all that bad, either.
Temps today again into the upper 70s, and we might tickle 80 degrees. The low dewpoint is making the air a lot LESS humid, too.
Increasing clouds later today and showers into tomorrow with a low around 60.
Saturday will be a bit on the RAINY side, but hey, it makes things grow and cools things down, right?
Anyhow, let's get on the stick and see what's going on...
*** First up, a robbery on the (where else, kids?) SOUTH SIDE of town.
Here's the link:
This time, it was the Mon Asian Grocery that was held up AT GUNPOINT, and the link has a video of the thug "at work".
The store is located at 3028 S. Calhoun St and the robbery happened this past Wednesday around 1625 hrs.
The perp is described as a BLACK MALE (big surprise there), with a shortly-trimmed beard, slender build, wearing a ball cap and a light-colored shirt.
In the video, this scumbag is holding the pistol SIDEWAYS (that's why the sights are on TOP), and the manner he waves it, just seem a bit "off-base" to me. I wouldn't doubt it if the gun he brandished was a "look-alike"...perhaps a pellet of airsoft pistol.
Police ARE looking for OUR help, though, so that's always a good thing.
Sure, I can help...if I see this creep, I'll just shoot his ass dead, that way he won't be able to "excape" until YOU (the po-po) arrive...how's THAT sound?
Perhaps if MORE store owners were ARMED and not afraid to cap these punks, they might get the hint that robbery with a gun might not lead to longevity in THEIR lives...'ya think?
Robbery steals from EVERYONE...period, and the sooner more people figure THAT the hell out, the better off we'll ALL be.
Meanwhile, back at the pistol range...
*** A "suspicious" fire on Swinney Ave?
Here's the link:
The FWFD was dispatched to a house in the 1300 block of Swinney Ave near Thompson St around 0200 hrs this morning.
The house was vacant, and fire investigators are listing this as suspicious in nature.
Police said witnesses saw someone toss a bag onto the porch of the house shortly before the fire started.
Witnesses also said that a vehicle turned down an alley off of Nelson St shortly after the fire began.
Arson investigators did not find anyone inside after the fire was extinguished.
It remains under investigation by the FWFD.
*** So, you've left Michigan (and who isn't these days?) and looking for a place to crib for a while...
Why not stop down in Howe, Indiana, set up in a vacant house, where local police there FOUND three people, squatting in a place they did not own (or rent, obviously).
Here's the story link:
White trash never looked so good, right?
The house, located at 1130 west 700 north in Howe, was occupied by this gaggle o goofballs for almost 1 1/2 months, using the utilities they were not authorized to use. Two minors were also found at the house, which was in foreclosure.
Police found items associated with the consumption of meth of marijuana
They found smoking devices, scales, syringes, tooters, packaging and other items of drug paraphernalia.
Must really suck to be THEM today...ROFLMAO!
*** You're in the market for e new car, and you've been wondering WHAT the hell to buy, right?
I mean, it IS the 2nd largest "investment" of your life, aside from the house you purchase.
(children are a whole other matter...for another day)
So what car DO you buy?
Well, according to Consumer Reports, the BEST car for 2014 (which won't be here until the end of December 2013) is...the Chevrolet IMPALA...
Here's the story:
With prices STARTING at $27K, I'd like to see something worth driving to me...
I'm sure it's a decent car, but "the best"?
Better than the Audi A6 or Lexus LS460?
Better than the Toyota Avalon or Chrysler 300?
In THIS case, I'm from MISSOURI...you'll have to SHOW ME.
Personally, I'm not keen on ANY FWD "full-size" anything. Gimme RWD any day!
Front-Wheel Drive just has too much that can (and does) go wrong, and it ain't cheap to fix.
Plus, you have a SIDEWAYS mounted engine...that's just NOT natural.
You wouldn't mount an AIRCRAFT engine sideways.
And you have a trans-AXLE instead of a proper transmission...more to go wrong.
FWD is fine on some teeny pregnant rollerskates like those Fiat 500s.
Still, it makes me think that since Detroit is in the crapper, GM was bailed out and WE, the people are paying for THAT too...(see yesterday's post)...that the "fix was put in" for GM to have the "best" car this year...for NEXT year.
I got an idea - since WE are paying for the GM bailout...how's about every working stiff that IS paying taxes gets a nice HUGE 50% OFF the STICKER PRICE of those Impalas? If we ONLY pay close to HALF the selling price, THAT would be fair to me (and a much better bargain).
It DOES have the novelty of never having been tried yet...LOL.
*** Lastly today, no matter what happens in life THESE days...we are paying for it.
And it's not just whatever it is that "we" do...oh, no.
If the government spends money, it's OUR money.
If they WASTE money, it's also OUR money.
Any bailout, stimulus, cash for clunker deal, healthcare, or whatever other piece of crap they toss at us...it's coming out of OUR wallets.
Now, you would THINK we should have some say as to HOW BEST our money SHOULD be spent, right?
Nope, sorry...
Yet in ALL our households, WE determine how best to spend THAT money, for groceries, our health, laundry, gas, car or house repair, and the like.
And by and large, most of us do pretty damn well at it...we even manage to SAVE some moolah once in a while. Imagine that.
Can't say as much for the governments, can we?
And what do we "get back" for OUR money that is tossed at the government?
Usually not enough, and never soon enough for long enough.
Maybe, just maybe the governments of this nation, and that means federal, state AND local, should take a cue from OUR individual households, if not THEIR OWN.
Learn to live within one's means, and not blow the wad for frivolous crap that has a shorter lifespan than most sub-atomic particles.
They will never know until THEY try...just like US.
Be well, do have yourselves a great weekend, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

#1- Refer to my comment of a few days ago- these perps look awfully the same...fake beard, perchance?

#2- BOB! Don't be dissing Impalas!

Bob G. said...

Wouldn't surprise me ONE bit if these were all the SAME guy pulling this crap off...

And Wifey and I BOTH are GM drivers...but BEFORE they had to beg to Obummer for a handout.

I have NOTHING wrong with IMPALAS...like the 1958 versions.

And if GM would make a 2-door IMPALA COUPE with RWD for 2014...I'd say "nice job".
(and might talk Wifey into one)

They are making the "SS" again...in a FOUR DOOR (argh)!!
That's like putting your shoes on the WRONG feet (to me).

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe up there this weekend.

John DuMond said...

The Impala kind of surprised me too. I have one for a work car, a 2006 model. It's a good car (still running with over 99k), but I wouldn't have pegged it as "Best Car" material. Must be they've made some serious improvements in the model.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That's exactly how I feel...

Wifey rented one last year for a couple days, and I was like:
Didn't do anything for me.
Did like the seats, but THAT alone won't get me to BUY one.

The "Wifeymobile" ('87 Caprice Classic) has some BALLS to it - 4.3 liter engine AND it's RWD.

Even my (now) 30-yr old Firebird w/ the 2.8 V6 isn't bad by standards of THOSE years, and Consumer Reports rated THAT model well above average in '83.

It would have to be ONE HELLUVA FWD runner to make me smile on some winding road.

Rather see the IMPALA as well as the FUSION add RWD coupe models to the stables.
THEN...I might be interested...LOL.

Hey, thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.

Have a good weekend & stay safe out there.

gadfly said...

When we, the taxpayers were forced to bail out GM and Chrysler, I vowed never to purchase vehicles from these automakers.

So Mrs. Gadfly drives a 2006 Toyota Highlander and I am driving a beat-up but serviceable 2002 Nissan Maxima. Neither vehicle was built in America.

As for a new 2014 automobile, I do not believe that a Chevy would beat out Highlanders or Maximas.

But Bob, you are wrong about rear-wheel-drive cars. They died out before manual shifters. The last RWD that I ever owned was a 1974 Oldsmobile Delta 88 that I bought new for $4400.

Bob G. said...

Mrs. Bobby G. was thinking about trading in her Wifeymobile (97 Caprice) for a new model, and if ANYTHING, I'd go w/ Volkswagen if we REALLY have to (because the BMWs and Mercs are too damn costly)
We BOTH drive GM cars, but that was when they still meant something.

Like I said, I think the "fix" was in on the BEST 2014 sedan...sure sounds like it.
The LAST U.S. car to get that ranking was the TAURUS, back in the early 90s.

I tend to disagree about RWD, though...I mean most ALL the EUROPEAN cars have it, and most EVERY muscle car worth it's horsepower has it.
(Charger, Mustang, Challenger, Camaro, Corvette)
I think people are going to TIRE of expensicve repair costs for FWDs and eventually we'll get back to making MORE RWDs.

I DO know the police LOVE 'em.

Smoking the FRONT tires on a burnout just doeesn't feel right somehow.

Now, if you want to talk about ALL-wheel drive, like the AUDIs...lol.
(that's doable)

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.