25 July 2013

Winding Down the Week...
Looks to be another very nice day here in the Heartland...
Today's high will be a might warmer, topping out around 78 degrees, but we've still got the sunshine, and the lack of oppressive humidity, so none of us should be sticking to anything, especially our clothes...LOL.
Now, without any further ado, let's get busy with the rest of what's been happening.
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."
This was spoken by Lou Holtz, former coach of Notre Dame (among a dew other colleges).
And here is his WIKI:
And yes, he is still alive and kicking.
He's had a pretty long career, too with no bad press other than one incident at Notre Dame alleging academic fraud under Holtz's successor, Bob Davie.
He coached at William and Mary, N. Carolina State, ONE pro season with the New York Jets (1976) - that didn't go that well with a 3-12 record, Arkansas,
Minnesota, Notre Dame, where he left after the 1996 season and retired...for a brief time.
Lou was a sportscaster for CBS following that, but he returned to coaching in 1999 to South Carolina, where he remained until his 2nd retirement in 2004.
It's interesting to note that when at Notre Dame, Holtz posted a 64-9-1 record...and took the Fighting Irish to NINE consecutive seasonal bowl games...a record for the college that will be hard to top.
He has written several books and has appeared as a motivational speaker from time to time.
Meanwhile, back in the locker room...
*** It's Summertime, the weather's nice, and there's SO much to do...so what's the best decision?
Go to the Mall?
Perhaps a stop at Zesto's ice cream?
What about a trip to the Zoo?
Well, it's certainly NOT producing METH in an apartment, that's for sure!
Here's the story link:
Damn, that's some coyote-ugly female they got there.
Have to chew my arm off to get away from that.
Billie Sue Campbell, 46, of the 900 block of Lincoln Ave. is the person arrested for being the WRONG kind of "cook".
At least she didn't fall asleep with food on the stove.
Since the house was condemned by the Allen County Health Department following the arrest, the poor person living UPSTAIRS, who was unfortunately forced OUT as well, is being assisted by the local Red Cross to find temporary housing.
Now WHO says that drugs ONLY affect those directly INVOLVED using or making them?
Moving on...
*** Our "fearless leader" was busy (again?) holding court out in Missouri, claiming how he has made our economy BETTER...
Another diversion for another day...that's the way this president shakes.
He loves to start something...and then walk the hell away from it to start something else...leaving what he FIRST started unfinished, so you won't pay attention when his minions come along and clean up his mess, usually at the cost to the taxpayers.
Here's the link to the story:
And, as expected, this "speech" was more about RECYCLING than anything else...as in Obummer "recycled" much of the same rhetoric he's already spoken about in previous years...
So, where is this "major economic speech", anyway?
You're not going to hear one off of this man...
Remember, it's ALL about obfuscation with this administration...meant to DIVIDE the nation, polarize her people, rather then unite them, and a CONFUSED people are an EASILY-DIVIDED people.
He cannot expect the INTELLIGENTSIA among us to follow the BS, but the "low-information" sheeple are only too happy to tag along on his heels (and every stinking misdirecting word).
All the while, we're still waiting about the REAL issues at hand, such as:
-- The Benghazi attack
-- The IRS scandal
-- Fast and Furious guns to Mexico
-- The NSA data-mining
-- Gun control
-- Obamacare
Add to those all the other smaller things that are summarily IGNORED by this administration.
Yeah, what we REALLY, really wanna hear is how YOU, Mr. President will single-handedly BOOST our economy (while all the time, you're trying to crash it into the nearest wall)...
If ANYTHING is boosting our economy here, it's NOT at the hand of the federal government, thank God.
*** Now, if further proof is required to see how "well" the economy is doing and how much more "well off" the average TAXPAYER is doing as a result, let's take a look at THIS story:
The headline reads: "GM Bailout is COSTING taxpayers"...
I thought that bailout didn't INVOLVE we, the people.
We were led to believe that THIS (clusterf$ck) would SAVE the economy, the world, and quite possibly, the entire UNIVERSE...or so we were told.
Now, it's costing US...just like Obamacare is costing US?
Wow...what a freaking revelation!
Or, would that be an EPIPHANY at this point?
It's getting so hard to tell these days.
The story says that STOCKS are selling BELOW what the government needs to "break even"...imagine that.
Does the phrase CONSUMER CONFIDENCE mean anything to you, Mr President?
We, the taxpayers are STILL in the hole to the tune of $18.1 BILLION bucks on the entire $49.5 BILLION bailout.
So, stop singing off-key already...my ears are bleeding!
(so will our wallets)
I swear ('cause I know all the words) that THIS president can't touch ANYTHING without turning it into garbage...period.
With every pen-stroke, he seems to UNDO the very fabric of this nation.
Hell, I wouldn't trust him with a box of CRAYOLAS at this point!
Thankfully, his approval rating is down in the low 40s, which is never a good sign. But it IS good for REAL Americans to hear.
The great DIVIDER...that's all this guy will be known for.
*** Lastly today...have you been paying attention to how MUCH of our lives has changed since we were all a lot younger?
It's not just the mundane aspects of our lives that have seen the changes...
Sure, the prices at the grocery NEVER seem to go DOWN, do they?
Same can be said for the prices at the fuel pumps...or clothing stores, or damn near anywhere else.
There was a time when we enjoyed a LOT more STABILITY in our lives, and the best evidence of that was in the prices at every place we shopped.
The GREATER changes have occurred in our LIVES.
Thanks to terrorism, home-grown or otherwise, we have been forced to ALL to be more aware of what's going on around us.
Personal privacy is damn near a thing of the past.
And don't think "they" can't knoiw what goes on behind your OWN walls.
We are increasingly deceived on a daily basis, and much of it goes unchecked.
And, because of all the race-baiting progressives in the civil rights "industry", concerned only with lining their own pockets, we are a more divided people to go along with all our diversity.
Racial tension is big business for them.
As a result of such tactics, our streets are less safe than they were 30 years ago.
Our people are less safe in their OWN homes as well.
We used to be called the great "melting pot"...noe we're more like a pot ready to boil the hell over, and make a REAL mess.
WHO will clean THAT up, hmm?
I cannot see WHY any person in this nation would settle for such things...and yet too many of us do.
Keep the people "fat, drunk and stupid", or something along those lines, and you could easily lead them off the nearest cliff, like so many lemmings.
And I fear that has happened to many in our society.
We MUST do better and expect more of ourselves.
We need to be more self-educated when it comes to matters that WILL affect us, even if we're told they won't...because they inevitably WILL, if we're not paying attention.
And the sooner we start, the better...for everyone...and this nation.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"Damn, that's some coyote-ugly female they got there."

Makes me wonder how much of that is genetic, and how much is due to using meth. I'll bet a before and after pic would be one hell of a contrast.

"Racial tension is big business for them."

Yup. Like international arms dealers. Conflict is money.

Bob G. said...

In our city, it's GOT to be 6 of one, and a 1/2 dozen of the other...LOL.
They should USE a before/after pic and advertise that such drugs CAN make you look like her (or worse).
Like that fried egg ad ages ago.

I hate being SO cynical, but it wouldn't surprise me that Int'l arms dealers are IN BED with these race-baters...
These urban thugs can't steal THAT many weapons.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

You roll safe out there.

Slamdunk said...

Lou! Lou! Lou! My sister-in-law met the Coach after a speaking engagement and got a picture with him--she treasures that memory.

Yes, the physical appearance of the meth-heads can be scary. That is one aspect that anti-drug educators have hooked onto in trying to steer young people from it (Faces of Meth program)--asking kids, "is any substance worth making you look like this?"

I hope you enjoyed the cool day Bob.

Bob G. said...

That's really cool that your sis-in-law had met the coach.
Bet that picture was worth a GOOD frame!

Meth-head photos need to be shown to kids...and everyone else.
Guess that's why minorities shy away from that stuff...they too busy trying to look GOOD.

NOTHING is worth making anyone look like that...life does enough to you as it is...LOL.

And YES, I am SO loving the nicer weather.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

You stay safe out there.