10 July 2013

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the mid-week edition of what the hell is going on out there...
I'm not one to believe all this "climate change" bunk, but I will confess to having a more than passing interest for the possibility of "axial-tilt".
Lemme "splain"...
If the Earth changes it's rotational pattern by a degree or two, you WILL get something akin to climate change...BUT, what all the tree-hugging libtards won't admit to, is that this is NOT a man-made event. The Earth does this all by itself.
We're not even involved when we belch out that CO2...(that plants really NEED to survive).
Many scientists refer to this also as rotational "wobble".
A Whole lotta shakin' goin' on!
In our distant past, the earth has even reversed it's magnetic poles.
Now, I said that to say THIS:
The Midwest seems more like the interior of some Central American rain forest outside today, than the Heartland of America.
Yes, it's THAT humid...
Thankfully, plants will love it...the rest of us, not so much.
You can practically WRING the air out (along with all you have chosen to wear), and whatever breeze passes by doesn't do much but move the sweat around.
Which brings me to today's weather.
It's a replay of yesterday - temps on the upper 80s, relative humidity close behind, some sun, some clouds, chance of rain.
Must be nice to be a WEATHERPERSON these days...getting paid all that moolah for saying the SAME thing for over a week, and also only being right about 50% of the time.
If you have forgotten what WINTER looked like...here's a reminder...enjoy.
Sure ain't tropical HERE!
Meanwhile, you take it easy out there, keep the A/C on, the ice in your drink, and the radio tuned to something you like.
Let's get busy and see what's been going on...
*** First up today - the Motto of the Week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home."
Now, you have to travel far in distance AND time to figure this one out.
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the Cracker Factory...
*** Wifey had a nice day yesterday attending a retirement luncheon up at (ready for this?)...Cork 'n Cleaver.
I've been there (once), and I was very impressed (at the bar stock...lol).
The service and food were both worth the price, which is not for the fast food or even Olive Garden, or Red Lobster crowd...it's more upscale.
I also love the interior of the place.
Wifey had  a light lunch of salad, caviar and escargot...(ain't we the snobs...LMAO)

While back at the "Fortress", I supped on a ham and cheese on rye w/ mustard (the yellow kind).
Hey, it beats C or K rations any day, so don't laugh.
I never begrudge Wifey anything...to each their own.
I was never a escargot fan (snails???) or caviar (I did use fish eggs for bait a few times, and crappies love it).
Now, while Wifey was hob-nobbing uptown, I had the pleasure of having the tree trimmers come by and take that huge limb that was lying on our garage roof the hell off. They also cut back our trees from the side of the house and from nearby power/cable lines.
Now that work in that weather was worth 5 Franklins.
And, just as they were wrapping up, Wifey came down the street (well she IS the CFO at the Fortress), and wrote the check for the boys and that was that.
Shouldn't have to muck with that again for a decade or so.
*** By now, you're probably wondering WHY no stories about CRIME in Fort Wayne?
Well, it's been a slow homicide week so far, and the fireworks have tapered off, but that doesn't mean we haven't had shootings around the area.
You remember that story from yesterday, right?
Let me say that there is NOT ONE DAY that passes where you don't have at least ONE report of a signal 113 (shots fired) and invariably, it occurs down here on the SOUTH side of town. Most days have several reports, and there is never an end to this.
How do these a$$wipes manage to GET all these toys to play with?
Here's a link that tells it LIKE IT IS:
Yes, friends...criminals don't "buy" guns...they STEAL them.
I know this comes as no shock to ANY of you out there, but somehow, the "gun-control" advocates can't seem to skull THIS one out.
They push for MORE laws, rather than the more stringent enforcement of the laws we ALREADY HAVE, which would serve to curb a LOT of gun crimes by these these street thugs.
Stopping theft is the harder nut to crack here.
Citizens who own firearms have to take the proper steps to ensure that THEIR guns don't become the property of thieves, who would use them in the commission of whatever crime strikes their fancy...period.
(( Editor's note - Oops...Looks like I always speak TOO SOON when it comes to the vermin scum down here. ANOTHER shooting, this time at 4226 Lillie - SE side, naturally - the vic was driven to Engine 11 house at 405 E. Rudisill , and soon transported to hospital and thaving been downgraded to critical condition...sure IS a "safe city" these days, Mr. Mayor! ))
Moving on...
*** Around the "Fortress", The Lovely Mrs. Bobby G and myself go to some length to make OUR property look nice, and while some things can be done on the cheap, there are times when you have to spend a few bucks to spruce up the place.

Now, all we need are NEW STEPS!
As a result, the local Menards tends to see us at least ONCE a month...LOL.
The :LEFT side
The RIGHT side

And, what we come away with never goes to waste, such as the way we're adding some "curb-appeal" to:
You suppose PBS would be interested in an offshoot show proposal with such a title here?
Now, in another neighborhood in the ghettohood down here, there is a pastor that advocates much of what I've been saying for YEARS.
And here's the story link (with video):
Pastor Mondragon
Javier Mondragon, pastor of Grace Point Church, in the 5100 block of Gaywood St. believes that the BROKEN WINDOW THEORY is the reason criminals are attracted to areas that have become overgrown and unkempt.
His church has started an "Adopt-a-block" program, enlisting volunteers to pick up trash, trim foliage, and assist residents with landscaping and lighting.
Good to know I'm not the ONLY one now thinking this can promote change for the better.
It's a good story, well worth a read.
Even FWPD Cpt. Garry Hamilton, SE quadrant capo, is on board with this, citing that " When they take pride in their neighborhood, they report stuff. They're mot going to allow people to just linger around the neighborhoods...suspicious activity. And they'll force 'em out, you know?"
Yes, Garry, I DO know.
I ALSO know that unless and until the FWPD raises the priority on much of the SMALL sh*t that goes on down here, which leads to the BIG sh*t, whatever is reported (like noise, parking issues, and speeding through streets) won't matter all that much, will it?
We need an honest NO-NONSENSE approach to dealing with problems down here...period.
*** Lastly today, it's not easy being a homeowner.
There are numerous things you need to pay attention to both inside and outside the place.
And you don't want people to think you don't give a damn - you want to take some pride in the fact that you have been given the chance to HAVE a house, and being also able to turn it into a HOME.
There's the real ideal here.
A HOUSE is just a structure...four walls, floor and a roof.
They come in all shapes and sizes (and down here, even colors...like PURPLE, no sh*t...LOL)
But it's what YOU can add to it, that truly makes it a HOME.
I suppose one might even say it's the demeanor of the PEOPLE WITHIN that helps make a house into a home.
That's not blowing our own horn here...it's just common sense.
When you take the time to CARE about what you've become the steward of (as the Bible says), you develop a better sense of appreciation.
When you sweat, toil, and spend your money to "invest" in something that serves many purposes, that means something.
Some will say that you never get back what you put into a house, and I might tend to agree, but I contend that you DO get far MORE back than what you often put into a HOME.
And therein lies the lesson for today.

Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

A full plate for a "low crime" day:

Mrs. G: ((JEALOUS))

This Old Fortress: Hosted by R Lee Emery?

Ohio guns: Perhaps I should nominate those who wrote the article Buckeye Firearms referenced for an A-H award. (A "Herny"?)

Adopt-a-block: Best Idea I heard in a long time.

ms nk rey said...

This weather is killing me literally. And it just finished raining. Ugh. I am thankful for my a/c. Just read were there was yet another shooting in your area .. yep the South East side. Stay safe.

Bob G. said...

Isn't a LOW crime day any longer, Buddy!
I had to do an UPDATE!

Yeah, R. Lee could make THAT happen!

Tell 'ya what - You can adopt MY block...
I refuse to.
I do what I can for OUR property and area...and that means call the po-po on anyone that's a problem.

You guys are safe, though.
Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe and dry up there.

Bob G. said...

Wifey told me about this, and I had to read up and then post an update...

Seems every time some GOOD person comes along w/ a nice idea (adopt-a-block program), someone ELSE gets shot.
The law of opposites at work here?

Hang on, this COULD turn into the NEXT homicide.
(and where's my "free" concealed-carry permit, anyway?)

Thank for stopping on by today and commenting.

You stay safe (and dry) down there.

John DuMond said...

"Yes, friends...criminals don't 'buy' guns...they STEAL them."

Damn right! But don't expect the politicians to acknowledge that. It makes the problem too hard to solve with the kind of quick-fix, feel good measures they're accustomed to taking. In the end, it's not about getting anything done, it's about LOOKING LIKE they're getting something done. Bullet points for the résumé.

Be careful you don't let the wife become too accustomed to that upscale grub. I don't want to see you standing on the roadside someday holding a sign that reads, "Will work for Dom Pérignon." :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I'm seriously BELIEVING that SO many of these "problems" CAN indeed be solved with na honest-to-God "QUICK FIX"...like a healthy shot of COMMON SENSE.
(and not all the PC/BS rhetoric)
Their idea of that quick fix is more of the same...(horse hockey)
I agree with 'ya.

-- Hmm, a roadside sign for "Dom"?
I dunno...
That stuff is getting FAR too steep these days...but perhaps a decade old magnum of BOLLINGER?
THAT might be doable.

Now, about that Aston Martin...(gotta dream BIG)

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Do stay safe out there.