09 July 2013

Tuesday Tidbits... 
If you like the TROPICS, then you will simply LOVE the heartland weather TODAY...
Hot and humid are the words to remember today, with temps reaching the upper 80s and humidity NOT far behind it.
 It's going to feel a lot more "close" outside, and we also have that chance of showers all day and a mostly cloudy sky.
 So, it would appear that limiting one's exposure to the elements would be a good thing today
Crank on the A/C, keep a cool drink nearby, and watch everyone else perspire. Sounds like a plan.
And if you DO have to venture outside, take it nice and easy, and stay hydrated.
Days like this can be deceptive.
Meanwhile, let's meander on, and take a peek at some other things that are going on...
 *** The situation with BLOGGER can be sorta-kinda "resolved", but ONLY if you have "Google Chrome" installed, and this is not JUST an IE problem.
Other browsers like Mozilla and Firefox have had issues with being able to post.
So, MY "solution" (band-aid-esque as it is) is to type out the post on ONE computer (to my thumb drive), take it to the OTHER computer and open Google Chrome, paste it in, and then hopefully put the whole damn thing together, so I can have something TO post...yeah, it's THAT "EASY"...NOT!
 What a bunch of clusterf$ckers...they love to break things whenever they run properly. Welcome to "Technopolis",. folks.
Oh, and you have to use a special drop down window for any and ALL links...no more auto-highlighting...very "quaint".
But, let's not dwell...
*** Yep, it's yet ANOTHER shooting on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE! 
And here's the story link:
This happened on the 3500 block of S. Monroe near Oxford (several blocks up from our "Fortress"), around 1000 hrs yesterday morning. Wifey and I didn't hear any gunshots (no wind to carry the noise I guess), but we DID see a FWPD cruiser...ONE!
The house in question was shot at several times, one person was grazed when a bullet tore through the house, but refused medical treatment.
WANE states the shooting happened on Warsaw St. (one block west).
 BEFORE, and that he KNEW who was shooting at him.
A man who lives at that house (read crib) stated he was targeted the day before...gee, I wonder WHY?
A neighbor told police HER house was shot at on Sunday.
(it pays to READ the CORRECT address, but that means you should have stayed in SCHOOL to do that)
I also heard that the Anthis Center was shot at earlier in the morning.
Another neighbor told police that two men were seen running from the scene, one carrying an AK-style rifle, to a gray SUV.
 I DO know that the FWPD was also looking for a brown/tan Ford SUV with a partial FLORIDA plate and two black male occupants.
Don't know if it's in connection with this or not...down here, you never know, and information becomes "sketchy" when it's not forthcoming to the public, so THEY can possibly help the police when the FWPD always ASK for help in matters like this..
A "Catch-22"?
Isn't that called COMMUNITY-ORIENTED policing?
Sure IS a "safe" city, Mr Mayor,...isn't it?
 *** Paul Helmke just won't let this sleeping dog lie...will he?
 The former Mayor Sardonicus of the Summit City is STILL pushing for MORE gun control, when we ALL know we need the BAD GUYS to be controlled, PERIOD!
It was under HIS watch that Fort Wayne saw it's HIGHEST homicide numbers (42, back in 1997), and that was after the Clinton "gun ban" legislation. How exactly DID that work out here?
Not that well.
Here's a link with video...you decide for yourselves: 
 He's a closet liberal...make no mistake and accept NO substitutes.
*** Looking to get your CCP (like I am) these days?
Well, it's taking a bit LONGER to get the paperwork through the pipeline, as we used to say. 
Here's the story link: 
While it USED to take only around 60 days to get the b/g check done and the permit issued, it's now taking over 100 days, because there must be a LOT of people that feel THEY are their FIRST, BEST DEFENSE.
(and they would be correct)
After all, when SECONDS COUNT, the police are just MINUTES AWAY...right?
And sometimes, they get there in time to actually PREVENT something bad from going down.
That's not a slight at all the LEOs out there...they can't be everywhere all the time, nor do they have a responsibility to be your PERSONAL protector.
 It's the "Protect the PUBLIC" gig I mentioned last week.
You're just part of that...a very small part.
And the better prepared you are to accept that, the better off you will be...simple as that.
Also, MORE laws won't EVER deter criminals, and here's a recently received link to PROVE the point:
Maybe ex-mayor Paul needs to read more of THESE facts instead of all the liberal tripe?
At least YOU know...the "rest of the story".
*** This disgusting article really trumpets the cause to ban fireworks, like I would prefer to see. And it's a sad story, because thanks to some sh*t-for-brains"children", a puppy had to DIE in the process.

Here's the story link: 
I'm not going into details, but YOU can figure out for yourselves just HOW responsible these punks were, and how the book needs to be tossed at them.
 This happened in Elkhart, Indiana.
 Personally, I'd go after the PARENTS, too.
*** Lastly today, I'd love to return to a time when we didn't HAVE all these freaking problems with all these freaking morons.
Sadly, we cannot, and we have to "make the best of a bad situation". 
Sorry, but that's small compensation for all the idiocy that prevails these days.
 I would prefer that more people were held a lot more accountable for their actions, and brought to (real) justice whenever they cross the line.
As you grow up, you learn that punishment does have it's own "rewards", in that you LEARN from the experience NOT to do (again) what brought on that punishment in the first place...at least, that's the way things USED to work.
I believe we're long due for a return BACK to real civility...when we treated everyone else as WE wished to be treated, and it was returned in kind. I just pray that we don't have to devolve further into chaotic behavior in order to secure that once again. We're paying such a high price already.
We are so much BETTER than what we settle for these days...and we should always try to become better.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the welcome back message over at my place, Bob.

Yes, I too enjoy the rantings of the global climate change chorus (formerly known as the "global warming crew" until that did not work out so well for them).

And nice point on the Broken Windows strategy--it just makes for nice background music unless the police and other government agencies actually do something with the citizen contacts.

Bob G. said...

Good to have you back...

It's kinda like an "extended family" that whenver someone takes time off or even stops blogging altogether, you can't help but grow concerned and hope that all is well with them.
Plus, you miss "visiting" them...just like the neighbors I remember from times past.

Regarding broken windows, when police advocate a COMMUNITY-based approach to doing their job, they MUST encourage and enlist as much assistance as they can muster.

It's not the streets WE were used to when we grew up, that's for sure.

Thanks for dodging the rain here to stop by and comment.

Stay safe (and dry) out there.