08 July 2013

Monday Musings...
I think I found a way AROUND Blogger's issues, but it's long, involved, and only serves to elevate my blood pressure (further).
Cross your fingers, kids...here's hoping.
Anyway, after a rather damp night in the Heartland, it looks like we'll be drying out a bit for the remainder of the day...but never take anything at face value here.
Today's weather will be somewhat of the continuous pattern we've seen for the better part of a week.
Some sun, some clouds, a chance of rain, fair amount of humidity...yeah, it's SUMMER, kids!
Temps look to top out in the low 80s (again). So feel free to mow the lawn before Code Enforcement tags your place.
In the meanwhile. let's see what's been going on upon God's green earth...
*** Uh oh, not ANOTHER shooting in Fort Wayne?
Say it ain't SO, Bob...
Yep, and once again, it's down on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the story link, not that there's much being said:
 This happened early Sunday morning around 0500 hrs in the 400 block of E. Creighton Ave.
The victim was reported in stable but critical condition.
No suspects, no motives, no hits, runs or errors at this point in time.
It surprises me whenever we hear about this kind of stuff, and NO information is forthcoming..after 24 HOURS.
I mean how the hell can you expect help from the PUBLIC when you don't release ANY details?
Or, doesn't the FWPD HAVE any details...and if not, why not?
We'll stay with this in case any information DOES break.
Moving on...
*** That crash of the Asiana Airlines 777 at San Fran airport only cost the lives of two teens, but you have to ask why did they even have to perish?
Here's the story link:
Currently, the NTSB has stated that the airliner was approaching too low and too slow for the runway.
Interestingly, an important piece of equipment at the airport was out-of-service...a "glide-slope indicator".
I suppose this is akin to what you call a "localizer"...something that has not been in service at the FWIA for over a DECADE!
I don't even think they have one anymore.
As an aircraft approaches a runway, there are certain "points" at which the plane will "step down" in altitude and speed during the approach.
These occur at specified miles from the outer marker of the runway, and are used to guide a pilot onto the tarmac with no trouble a all.
We USED to have a fylover altitude of 1100 feet when the localizer was operational at FWIA, but since then, it has been lowered (?) to around 700 feet.
Now, that 1100 foot mark was decided upon for a REASON, as it is at ALL major airports. They take into consideration the relative altitude to SEA LEVEL for each airport, and surrounding areas when the number is chosen.
But, when the localizer or glide/slope indicator is kaput, you have visual, instrument, and tower radar references only.
Not the best way to land with the technology, but it's worked well long enough.
The NTSB will have their hands full finding how and where the majority of the blame will be assessed.
In many ways, it could be called..."fate".
*** This story is a prime example of WHY being a "scrapper" is not the best "occupation"...
Here's the story link:
This took place in the 4700 block of Howell St in NE Philly...and it's only about 1/4 mile from where I USED to live in the Wissinoming part of the city.
Apparently, the scrapper broke a gas line while stealing copper pipes from the house and it blew out all the sides when it exploded.
Google maps has a pic of the house INTACT, if you want to see what it USED to look like.
Fortunately, the PPD caught the suspect within 24 HOURS...way to go!
Damn shame about the house, the owner was refurbishing it, and it had been broken into previously.
That part of the city is becoming "Little Tijuana", given the names of all the neighbors...
Used to be a good, solid blue collar working class neighborhood, and never any scrappers around AT ALL.
Throw the book at this a$$hole...
He earned it, and placed others in harms way for the sake of some scrap metal. Was this REALLY worth it?
I think NOT!
*** Lastly today, it's always nice to have our little critters come by every morning for their "eats".
Our "Two-Bunny" Buffet
And all this month, I have volunteered to feed a neighbor's cat as well...not a big deal for me.
(I even get paid for it...call me a mercenary of St. Francis...for hire...LOL)
This is "Skittles"
I just enjoy whatever wildlife we have around here, be it hummingbirds, bunnies, squirrels (several now take peanuts from my fingers), or the various birds.
And to me, that wildlife is more "tame" than the two-legged variety around here, but this comes with a caveat.
It bothers me when we have all these fireworks going off for DAYS after the 4th...totally unnecessary (imho).
It bothers me because all these critters get scared out their fur or feathers.
Here we have a nice BIG parking lot at the old Scott's market along Decatur Rd, and not ONE pyrotechnic moron chooses to set off their fireworks THERE. I think even the FWPD would give their blessing if people shot off this crap over there.
But no, it's better to be stupid AND disturb others at the same time.
That's the way these morons shake.
Says a lot for the way we coddle idiocy these days, rather than chastise it...the way we USED to.
Funny thing, on the one hand we never really punish such chronic stupidity (life can that for people sometimes), but, on the other hand, we never REWARD good behavior either. I think that's a highly unfair premise to evolve as a species.
Sure we give awards and the like, but the REAL basis for doing so becomes muddled in the process.
You don't get a medal "for showing the hell up". We call such achievements excellence, for...A REASON.
Neither should people not be called to task whenever they do something wrong...that's how e used to LEARN.
And I believe that still would be a good way to make everyone a bit better.
Have yourselves a great week.

Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

We had the same problem with post-4th fireworks in my neighborhood too. Things were going off on Saturday night, for crying out loud. Sent the dogs into barking fits, which frayed whats left of my nerves.

Hell, we even had one clown that showed up at the Empire State Plaza (where they were doing a huge PROFESSIONAL fireworks display), when he decided to set off his own fireworks into the crowd. Moron. There is no limit to human stupidity, I guess.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I'll tell 'ya...although we always used to LOVE to go see professional fireworks, I really MISS the "ban" we had in Philly on the personal ones.
We had sparklers, and THAT...WAS...IT.

Here is Hoosierland, anything goes (off), and usually DOES...for DAYS...in residential areas.
I'm OK with doing it if you have a parcel of land in the STICKS.

This city needs to rethink their ordinance regarding the personal (mis)use of those huge, honking MORTAR rounds.
I'm not in Fallujah, for God's sake...OR in the 'Nam.

Thanks for stopping by to my tardy post today.
Much appreciated.

Roll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Problems... on Blogger? Say it ain't so! Send Skittles to chew 'em out!

Bob G. said...

Wish I could, buddy.

Alas, 'tis not to be.

I hope your blog is not affected by whatever "bug" is going around. (swine flu for 'puters, people?)

I love that you cannot even contact them "directly" to address ANY problem (they like forums...as did the ROMANS).
Might as well go for the FULL "Bread and Circuses" then, hmm?

As for Skittles the squirrel?
(he's a bit skittish, hence the name)
Hey, that might pan out.
He DOES work for "peanuts"...lol.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe up there.