26 August 2013

Monday Musings...
It's the start of a Midwest heatwave this week. Today's temps will hit the 90 degree mark, and it will pretty much stay in that ballpark most of the week. Lows will dip to around 70 overnight. It's going to be sunny today, so don't put those shorts and tanning oils away just yet.
Now, while it's heating up outside, let's see what's been going on since last Friday, shall we?
*** First up is the daily homage to this month called:
Bobby G.'s This Day in AUGUST History!
And it's another Monday "three-fer":
August 24 -
79BC - Mt Vesusius erupts and the cities of Pompeii, Herculean, and Stabiae are buried under volcanic ash.
(some scholars believe the actual date was 24 October)
1185 - The Normans sack Thessalonica.
1456 - The printing of the Gutenberg Bible is completed.
1682 - William Penn receives the territory of Delaware, and adds it to his colony in Pennsylvania.
1891 - Thomas Edison patents the motion picture camera.
1912 - Alaska becomes a United States territory
1932 - Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly across the U.S. non-stop
 (L.A. to Newark, NJ)
1949 - The treaty creating NATO goes into effect.
1989 - Cincinnati Reds manager Pete Rose is banned from  baseball for gambling by commissioner Giarnatti. (And they still let the steroid jockeys and worse criminals PLAY the game...pathetic - Get Pete into the BHOF!)
1992 - Hurricane Andrew makes landfall near Miami as a cat-5 storm.
1998 - The FIRST iimplantation experiment of the RFID system in a human being in the UK.
Notable birthdays:
1945 - Vince McMahon - wrestling promoter
1947 - Anne Archer - American actress .
1952 - Holly Hallstrom - American model (yes, the price IS right)
1955 - Mike Huckabee - American politician
1958 - Steve Guttenberg - Ameircan actor
1960 - Cal Ripken, Jr. American baseball player
And just because YOU were wondering...YES; today is NOSTALGIA NIGHT in Uruguay.
(break out the oldies, folks!)
August 25 - 
1609 - Galileo demonstrates his frst telescope to Venetian lawmakers
1875 - Captain Matthew Webb becomes the FIRST man to swim the English Channel in 22 hours.
1916 - The U.S. National Park Service is created.
1944 - Paris is liberated by the allies in WW2
  2006 - Bobby G. first publishes The PA-IN Erudition blog (go have some cake)
Notable birthdays:
1916 - Van Johnson - Amrican actor (d-2008)
1917 - Mel Ferrer - Cuban-American actor, director and producer (d-2008)
1918 - Leonard Bernstein - American conductor, pianist and composer (d-1990)
1931 - Regis Philbin - American actor, tv host and singer
1946 - Rollie Fingers - American baseball player (Best damn moustache EVER in baseball!)
1949 - Gene Simmons - Israeli-American singer, songwriter and producer
1954 - Elvis Costello - Englisj singer-songwiriter and producer
1968 - Rachael Ray - American chef, author and TV host (...YUM...)
August 26 - 
1498 - Michaelangelo is commissioned to carve the PIETA
1791 - John Fitch is granted a U.S. patent for the steamboat.
1978 - A Papal conclave where Pope John Paul I is elected to the papacy.
Notable birthdays:
1906 - Albert Sabin - developed the FIRST polio vaccine (d-1993)
1910 - Mother Teresa - missionary and Nobel prize laureate (d-1997)
1960 - Branford Marsalis - American saxophonist, composer, and bandleader.
In case you wanted to know...today is WOMANS' EQUALITY DAY here in the USA.
(so let the MISSUS change the oil...LOL - Nah...J/K)
And now YOU know...all the good stuff..
Moving on...
*** Yes, friends, we made it to HOMICIDE NUMBER TWENTY-NINE with the coroner's report on that hit-and-run that left one person in a parking lot of Las Lomas restaurant.
The victim died of blunt force trauma, and now, it is being ruled a homicide.
Here's the story link:
Police are looking for one Jacinto A. Barrios, 32 as a "suspect wanted for questioning".
On 2004, Barrios plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, and since then has plead guilty to charges of  misdemeanor counts of driving while suspended. Yeah, I'd say this turd would be a good person to "question".
*** Next up, we could't have a weekend in Fort Wayne WITHOUT another shooting on the city's (all together, gang)...SOUTHEAST SIDE, could we?
And here's the latest that happened around midnight last night:
Gotta hand it to WANE'S Rod Hissong for being awake and listening to the police scanner MORE than I am.
Police found shell casings near the house, located in the 3700 block of McKinnie St (near Wayne Trace), and a man who was transported to hospital in serious condition.
A glove and money were also collected in the street in front of the house.
Police were awaiting a search warrant to check the house for further evidence.
Makes 'ya wonder, doesn't it?
The FWPD can't even catch chronic boomcar drivers, or stop littering or other sundry nuisances in neighborhoods that have become infested with human vermin, all on the government dole. Be nice to have the officers STOP chasing the damn radio every shift and get them doing some serious patrolling in areas that apparently NEED it.
*** BTW, we DID get to see that moped (black) guy that led police on a LOW-SPEED chase lasting the better part of an hour...came right past the "Fortress" with (only) about FIVE cruisers tagging along, lights and sirens all the while.
Here's the story link:
Gotta hand it to this 40-year old dumbass...he took police on a nice "tour" of the SE side.
*** And lastly today, the NEXT chapter of the SAGA OF BEOROOF!
--When last we left our homeowner...I had called the RACCOON guy to stop by, as he was referred to us by the BUG guy.
Suffice it to say, the yellow-jackets are gone...haven't seen ANY near the corner of the house.
So, Rick Miner from SLY-FOX Pest Control rolls up Saturday, and after describing our dilemma, starts about placing traps for the raccoons.
One is on the roof, and the other at the base of the tree they use to get ON to the roof.
The cost of coming out is about $150 and each animal trapped is another $40, so that's not too bad to get RID of the buggers.
Well, the traps have been there since, and NOTHING...(yet).
The BAIT is a mixture of peanut butter, honey, maple syrup and vanilla extract.
Rick is supposed to come by in a couple days to check the traps and set some duct tape across the hole to see if any activity is present.
If we don't get a hit pretty soon, we'll just have to trim the branches that overhang the corner of the house, and let the roofer do THEIR thing when they schedule us for the replacement (a three-day job). In the meantime, we still have to contend with the weather, as in RAIN...don't want to have to fix the INSIDE of the damn house as well, when water comes dripping in, do we?
And that's where we stand at this time...
Stay tuned for the NEXT installment of this marvelous Hoosierian saga...LOL.
DO have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America


Diane said...

Hah! I was coming by to see if you had heard about that massive (10 cars following) the moped story. I hadn't realized it happened in Fort Wayne, till I went to the link off The Blaze.

Just set out some cat food or dog food, the raccoons will go after that. We regularly feed them (and some armadillos, as well as possums) on our patio, from the outside cat food dish. One year when it was really dry, we found out raccoons like figs also - they were eating them out of the trees, taking a bite and then leaving the rest of the fig.

Leaky roofs really suck. We just got ours re-roofed about a year ago, and now a nail or something is letting water by - you know how a popcorn ceiling just isn't right unless there's a discoloration from a leak!

Bob G. said...

Yeah, they rolled past our window on Maple Grove around 10:30P...you could hear the police cars getting closer until we saw the moped zip by, closely followed by (only) FIVE cars.
Guess they pulled EVERYONE from SE to follow this dumbass.
(wonder how many OTHER crimes happened that could not be answered fast enough because of LACK of officers?)

Wouldn't mind feeding the raccoons IF...they had stayed OFF the damn roof, and not chew holes in it, like they did to the vacant house NEXT door.

Now, it's all-out WAR, and we're "in it to win it", dear.

Leaky roofs are VERY deceptive, too.
Where the leak appears is RARELY where it starts...learned that from experience.

Thanks for stopping by today to comemnt.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and no leaky roofs) down there.

John DuMond said...

Holly was always my favorite of "Barker's Beauties."

Ft Wayne has had 29 homicides this year? Dude, that's almost triple the national average (per 100k), and the year's not over yet! I'd be looking to move somewhere quieter right now.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Oh, yeah...Holly was THE best of the notties there (imho)!
never heard any bad press about her, either.

Yepper...29 homicides...SO FAR.

As far as moving goes...if the Publisher's Clearing House sees fit to award us that $3MIL to "upgrade our house", you can rest ASSURED we'll be leaving town SO fast, you'd think it was DOC BROWN in his DeLorean...LOL!

Of course, if the city would ADMIT to the REAL problem here, we'd not have near the amount of crime, but we DO have a democrat mayor...like Detroit, Chicago, Philly...and so on.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

As to the day in history:
Mother Theresa and Rachel Ray... heckuva balance there (Note that you didn't find a nifty profile pic of M.T., didja?

As to Mopedopoly:
See my reply to your comment on my blog.

As to Beoroof:

A friend of mine back in the day always caught mice with peanut butter and pot seeds... But raccoons here were attracted to the big cakes of suet for the birds. Maybe you should try yellowjackets, too, your friends seem to have had an affinity for them.

Bob G. said...

...And I really LOOKED for such a picture...LOL.

...I will check out your reply to Mopedopoly in the ghettopoly.
(you miss ALL the "fun" stuff by not living down here)

...The peanut butter seems to be a common denominator with these critters.
I know what Rick mixed up sounds good for sandwiches!
(and it should be)
I would have sworn we'd wind up with a neighbor's kid half-caught in the one trap by NOW...LOL.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment today.
Stay safe (and moped-free) up there.