04 September 2013

Humpday Happenings...
Have to admit, that was some nice sleeping weather last night in the Hoosierland.
Today, we'll start another session of warming weather, with temps reaching into the low 80s, lots of sunshine and no chance of rain in the immediate forecast. And since the middle of last month, we've been needing some rain. The only good thing about NO rain, is that it's allowed time to get a new roof on the house, thereby averting any water incursion INSIDE the house.
*** More about that a bit further on, but first, it's time for our Motto of the Week, aka WHO SAID THAT?
"I cannot remember a time when the Golden Rule was not my motto and precept, the torch that guided my footsteps."
Any shopper worth their salt will figure this one out...trust me.
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the housewares department...
*** Aerial Castro, the man who held 3 women hostage for ten years, hanged himself in his cell, saving the taxpayers a nice hunk of money.
Here's the story link:
All I can say on this is...GOOD...WHO'S NEXT!
Moving on...
*** Your vehicle is a rolling computer, for lack of a better term, but you readers have heard me say that more than a few times.
Since the mid 70s,  vehicles made in the USA have been built with an increasing number of electronic devices that control the systems formerly controlled by mechanical means.
And while that might prove more efficient in many ways, like ANY technology, has it's "dark side".
Those same systems monitored by on-board computers can yes...be HACKED!
And here's the story link:
Now, technicians have been using computers to "talk" to your car for years, if not decades, and like I say, it's a more efficient way to diagnose problems.
But what could happen if you car's system gets hacked?
Well, since the brakes, steering and engine controls ALL are run BY the vehicle's computer, your brakes could lock up at freeway speeds, the steering wheel could be "yanked" from your hands, or the engine could just shut down for no apparent reason.
And that's just the short list.
This Detroit-based study states that tech-savvy thieves could remotely unlock your doors and drive off with YOUR vehicle.
Don'cha just HATE that empty spot in the parking lot where your car USED to be?
Between 20-70 "computers" are in most every new vehicle out there, and with bluetooth and other Internet accesses available (love those APPS), the chance of your vehicle being hacked become all the more greater.
This is a perfect case of what I have said here for a LONG time - the MORE technology you add to any vehicle, the MORE chances that something can go wrong will abound. And THIS scenario of hacking is just the tip of a larger iceberg, unless steps are taken to shield these vehicles in the future.
OR...we could always go back to the old-school tech on the 60s...yeah, that works for me.
*** Next up, 60% of the people in the USA say we should BUTT OUT of the Syria gig.
And many conservative pundits are saying what I am saying...this is not going to end well.
When military EXPERTS say this is a bad situation, it makes you stop and think, which is something our "Whiner-in-Chief" doesn't seem to comprehend. To HIM, it's all about looking "bad-ass" and then finding someone else to blame when things go south.
The "best-case" would be to help arm those in that region who view us with LESS disdain than those that hate our guts, and let them all fight among themselves.
Remember how well the Egypt government turned out when Mubarak was displaced by Morsi?
You don't learn from history, you will repeat it, kapeesh?
*** I've got an appointment with a urologist today for my "condition", and I hope it all goes well.
The meds I got (hydrocodon) have reduced the pain from a level 7 to level 1, and it hasn't made me into a "stoner".
The other meds (ciprofloxacin and naproxen) are supposed to reduce the inflammation and infection.
My appetite's good, and being able to get some needed sleep at night makes a big difference.
We shall see what the doc says later this afternoon.
*** As to the ongoing Hoosierian SAGA OF BEOROOF...
The roofing continues from yesterday with more tar paper, more shingles and more hammering, which has not bothered me as much as the one cat.
I would have thought I'd get a headache from the nailing going on "upstairs", but not a single "twinge" at all.
This job should be finished by week's end.
*** Lastly today, we should be taking life as we do the people we encounter...one at a time.
When we get too far ahead of ourselves, we lose sight of that short picture - our focus on the immediate becomes blurred, and that can often lead to mistakes in life.
What is in front of us is what is important, and should always be the prize we keep our eyes upon.
To ignore the present benefits neither our past nor our future, and that is why we need to always strive to become better.
With knowledge, and wisdom, the choices become obvious...and easier.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

1. "Worth their salt" fooled me. Who's the Morton in Morton Salt, I thought?

2. The country has certainly arrayed themselves against a united government on this one. I'm sorry, but after Libya and Egypt, I need something more than "he's the bad guy." There is nothing close to a vital interest in Syria, and if we weren't so afraid of standing up to Iran and Russia, we'd just let Israel take care of Assad.

3.Glad to hear everything's coming together at home... but could you hurry it up? God holding back the rain for you isn't exactly doing the rest of us any good, y'know!

Bob G. said...


1= Perhaps the "their" is a person-specific mofifier? I have NO idea who Morton was or is.

2- Agreed 100%...!
If anything, go after IRAN!

3- Not my prayers to God for RAIN (or not) that I'm working on these days.
I WANT it to rain...the roof is sealed from the elements. ANd I don;t want to have to run the hose all over the place.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

John DuMond said...

I'm with you on the Syria thing, Bob. All of these "Arab Spring" uprisings have yielded less than optimal results in terms of US interests.

I think Ann Coulter said it best when the compared the Arab Springs with "the pointless bloodletting of the French Revolution." These aren't idea-driven revolutions, they're rage-driven. Any movement driven by rage is destined, as you pointed out, to not end well.


Bob G. said...

John D.:
WHat strikes me weird, is that all these leftards suddenly becoming "hawks" when it comes to any armed conflict...yet how BADLY did they trake GW over thed coals regarding HIS Middle East policies?

They didn't want "the surge", and they were proven wrong, because that worked.
NOW they want war...WHY? TO bail out the economy?
This isn;t WW2.

And YES, when it comes to ideology-based conflict versus plain old rage-based conflict, people have to step back and see the ACTUAL REASONING behind such wars.

Thanks much for rolling by today and commenting.
(btw, I hpe your blog is working again)

Stay safe out there.