03 September 2013

Not A Typical Tuesday...
I say this because it was not a typical LABOR DAY around the "Fortress".
See, this goes back to last week, and even a bit before EMS came out to our place.
A day or two before that, I had the misfortune to sit upon one of my "man bits", and that NEVER bodes well.
Ladies, trust me, if you EVER want to get a man's attention, OR keep him at distance, DO, by all means, aim for the GONADS!
Suffice it to say, my "situation" didn't seem to just want to "go away"...I took a decent thwack to the male anatomy.
I guess if you REALLY want to do something WELL, do it (to) YOURSELF...LOL.
Over the last few days, in spite of cold compresses and aspirin, it was not getting better, although I could walk about rather well.
Yesterday, it came to a head, so to speak.
I had been aching ALL day, and felt nauseous, so I asked Wifey if she'd be okay driving me to the hospital.
And anyone who knows me knows that I would NEVER say anything close to that, unless it was THAT important.
So, off we go, close to sunset up to Parkview's emergency room.
After the prerequisite twenty questions, they "tag" me and get me into room 2G.
I had been shivering a bit, so the nurse brings in a HEATED blanket...that was GREAT, and naturally, I had one of those gowns that doesn't quite cover that which needs covering. I miss the ones that used to SNAP shut, rather than tying them.
It was cool when we found out the nurse's name was the SAME as Wifey's - talk about outnumbered.
They took my BP (fine), temp (was running a bit hot at 99.7 F), and took some blood (they are using a lot smaller needles which I hardly felt...and I DETEST hypos, needles, syringes...all of them.
I doctor comes in (Dr. Bridgewater - nice guy) and lets me know the other tests that will have to be run through. S'okay...I always did take tests well.
After a brief time (and one anti-nausea pill later) , they give my man parts an ultrasound, and not long after that wheel me down the hall to get an chest X-ray, to see if any chance of infection appears to be headed to the lungs. It was not.
Both of those events went well, and the doctor comes back in to let me know the blood works shows a slight white-count elevation...perfectly normal under the conditions. The urine test (I did eek out a little bit - enough to use, thankfully) came back fine. No sign of urinary tract infection.
I just have one swollen testicle.
The doctor informs me that I have a hematoma and not any form of puncture, rupture, or break in the organ itself...(whew) that's DAMN good to know.
I suppose mankind is STILL safe when it comes to personal re-population...LOL.
The doc refers me to a urologist, and to set an appointment. In the meantime, I get THREE (count 'em, 3) types o prescription MEDS
One for pain, the other two for inflammation and an antibiotic.
Wifey know a CVS nearby, so she stops there after "we" get checked out, and I thanked those on staff who attended to me during by brief stay.
By this time, it's running up on midnight, and we're both beat-to-hell.
I kept on apologizing to The lovely Mrs. Bobby G for what I put her through, and God bless her, she's rock solid the whole time, telling mt to STOP apologizing. I'm sorry, but whenever I think or feel that I'm causing an imposition to someone, that's what I do.
THESE...are MY nuts...don't sit on 'em, Bob!
In other news, the roofers are back, and hopefully, we can wrap this gig up before week' end.
As for everything ELSE in the world?
Ahh, screw it...it can wait.
Now, all of you know WHY the blog might be a bit on the sparse side and tardy for a times.
But, let me reiterate what I mentioned above:
MEN - Always take care of your "man-bits", and do make sure things "down under" are arranged properly when you go to plop down on a hard office chair at home. Don't let carelessness take the wind out of your sails.
LADIES - The quickest way to get a man's attention is NOT by taking your top off, or cooking his favorite meal, or even getting his favorite brew.
It's ALL about the gonads, girls...and they DO rule a man's body, because if you injure one, the rest of the body doesn't take it kindly.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

And THAT is why I refuse to wear boxers.

Bob G. said...

I STILL don;t waer them...I prefer "support", especially at MY age...LOL.
Lesson learned for me?
NEVER get too busy or preoccupied that your become unaware of potential "safety hazards"...even if it'a around the house.

Thanks for stopping by today to comemnt.

Stay safe (and BVD-clad) yp there.