23 September 2013

Monday Musings...
Welcome to a new week, and the beginning of fall.
We are now "officially" past Summer, and this morning's temps will attest to that, as they were in the lower 40s, but will warm up nicely into the upper 60s today. The rest of the week will see us in the 80s by week's end...and no precipitation in sight this week.
Now, as we look out our windows at a nice sunrise, let's get a refill of that morning beverage and see what's been going on since last we met.
*** First up...yes, another shooting on the city's SOUTHEAST SIDE...and at the TWIN OAKS APARTMENTS (again?).
Here's the story link:
It would appear that THIS place is rapidly becoming the "new" EDEN GREEN...gee, I wonder WHY?
This time the wounded (black) man was found in a 2nd floor apartment (he did NOT live there...big surprise) and not in the parking lot.
Police found multiple shell casing in the apartment and hallway.
Witnesses told police that three (black) men were seen fleeing the area in a white 4-door car.
The victim was transported to hospital in critical condition.
Police believe these two shooting are not related.
(what? This isn't a retaliatory incident?
That WOULD be amazing, given the vermin that frequent too many places down here).
And, we have no motive, so suspects , 1 hit, 3 runs and 0 errors. Helluva inning.
*** Next up, a related story regarding the VIOLENCE that is concentrated mainly in the black community (which everyone else seems to dance around THAT fact).
Here's the story link:
(and there is a PDF file that states the intent of the plan to curb violence)
What I come away from this feeling, is a sense of these folks not grasping the initial ROOT cause of the problem...and yet, they are planning to propose "solutions".
I think you NEED to recognize the REAL issue here, and then attempt to FIX THAT...FIRST.
Then, you can take on all the adjuncts to that problem.
We've already seen that a "coat of paint on a dilapidated house" doesn't do much. And it certainly won't last when the walls fall down.
The most disturbing aspect of the "Q&A" in this articles is that the black community wants "...the police to understand and value our community and culture, and not treat everybody the same..."
I always thought the BEST thing for the police to do in ANY community is to TREAT EVERYONE THE SAME...no bias and no preferences.
So the black community wants to be treated more equally that everyone else?
And by "culture" do you mean allowing children to roam about the streets unsupervised, playing LOUD music to all hours, dark-tinted windows and hoopty-rims on all those P-O-S cars, walking down the middle of every street, double and triple-parking, honking instead of knocking on a damn door, tossing litter all over and being a nuisance?
Because that is nothing but a COUNTER-culture...mainly counter to damn near anything that passes as what used to be thought of as NORMAL.
Any other ethnicity can easily assimilate into OUR society without losing ANY of their own values or culture...check your history books.
I say hold ALL accountable to the laws and statutes...no exceptions...unless you prefer sub-cultures wrestling with normal society, and the subsequent crime and aberrant behavior that comes with that mess.
Jonathan Ray does mention something I stated long ago...renters don't have a vested interest in the community, so they don't basically give a rat's ass.
I guess that means easier ways to make such transients home OWNERS...on the taxpayer's dime...again?
Better to teach such folks to be better CITIZENS first, and then how to run a  household properly.
No more "gimme, gimme"...get out and EARN what you desire.
-- And here's an accompanying editorial by the head of the Fort Wayne Urban League (of less than extraoridnary gentlemen):
This article is primarily focused on more PRE-school education...and even a pre-kindergarten is alluded to.
Whatever happened to teaching people to be PARENTS???
Just because a woman CAN conceive, doesn't mean she's mentally and emotionally READY to be a parent, right? Children (still) do NOT come with an instruction manual.
Ditto for the baby-daddy's that sow more "seed" that every Hoosier farmer combined...and yet these lowlife "fathers" get off the hook time and again...with no consequences. THAT is the REAL problem here...the decline and deterioration of the traditional family.
With over 70% of black births happening to a SINGLE "mom", that's got to tell you something's wrong here.
Educating the kids might only serve to break this trend we currently have to ALL pay for, but education of what is passing as a parent in these communities is even MORE paramount.
Again, you have to define the REAL problem and tackle it head-on, and not dance around it, dress it up or ignore it, as so often is the case.
*** Lastly today...being responsible can be hard work...if you're NOT used to it.
But to be irresponsible also requires a level of work, albeit counter-productive in nature.
If some people would spend HALF as much time trying to become better, as they do wasting the time they're given entertaining themselves, we'd ALL be a lot better off.
Too many seem unconcerned these days with the BIG picture...they're only interested in life's "thumbnails", as it were.
Whatever we do, or do not do...and whatever choices we make, good OR bad, have some impact farther along our journey in life.
We may not see any consequence today, or next week, but eventually all if it has a nasty way of catching up with you.
And it can also affect those around you.
More folks need to spend time getting to know THEMSELVES, therein lies a huge problem today.
And yes, that also requires work.
It demands we attend to the immediate in order to secure the long-term in our lives.
Results will be determined by such things.
You can't measure true GAIN by what you have, but rather than who you are, and who you can become.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

I think you just need to quit fighting it, Bob, and join the thug culture. Think like 'em, act like 'em. Maybe if you walked around your neighborhood with baggy pants and a gat, they would leave you alone. :)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Nah...could NEVER look OR act like 'em...I would NEVER want to shame myself or my family in THAT way...lol!
A few white-trashers hang with 'em...and I wouldn't even want to look like THOSE "people".

Hey, maybe THEY should start to think like ME...if they can find it to think in the first place.
(that requires work for them)

But, I WILL still carry my "equalizer", anyway.

Hey, thanks for taking time and stopping by to comment.
Always a pleasure.

You roll safe down there.

CWMartin said...

"The new Eden Green"... just what I thought.

Bob G. said...

Yes, great minds STILL do think alike.


Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

You stay safe up there.