24 September 2013

Sure FEELS Like Fall...
And that's not such a bad thing, considering.
The temps are wonderful for sleeping, and the "heat of the day" is enjoyable.
Today in Hooseirland, the weather is as follows - The high today will be into the 70 degree range after a morning that sees us with temps in the low 40s.
Plenty of sunshine today, a mild breeze, and the low-lying areas might even see some morning fog.
So, let's get this show on the road and see what's been going on,...fair enough?
*** First out of the stall today is another Indy LEO shot while answering a call.
This makes it TWO in less than a week down there, with one officer killed in the line of duty.
Here's the story:
Officer Greg Stevens encountered an armed individual in the courtyard area of an apartment complex on the city's east side.
When told to drop the weapon, the perp decided to shoot at the officer. Rounds were exchanged with both being struck by bullets.
Stevens was released from hospital several hours later, and is expected to make a full recovery. The perp was in fair condition and will face attempted MURDER charges against the office (good!).
This comes just days after the shooting death of IMPD officer Rod Bradway, age 41, on the NW side of Indy.
Here's that story:
In this exchange both the officer and the shooter (a black male named Steven Byrdo, who was holding a former girlfriend hostage when the shooting took place) were killed.
A fund has been set up in memory of Officer Bradway to help his family (he had two children) through this difficult time.
The link to the story has information on how to donate.
Moving on...
*** Another "Costaplenty Square" coming to downtown Fort Wayne?
Here's the story link:
Imagine that...a SEVENTY-ONE MILLION dollar "investment" to the DOWNTOWN area...and much of this will be paid by...(...wait for it...)...THE TAXPAYERS. Wow, we couldn't see THAT one coming, could we?
(Stevie Wonder probably did)
This building will take over the spot where CINDY'S DINER currently is, forcing the owner to move elsewhere...(don'cha love eminent domain?)
Of course, this will mean a significant boost to the downtown area, as our "king" has stated to the serfs and vassals around the realm.
And screw ALL the other parts of town, especially the SE side...which needs more help than you can shake a stick at.
So, in the short term, we will have a gorgeous (and costly) downtown...which will still not thrive qs much as the city "leaders" believe.
And, it will cost the people paying the taxes...with this coming on a 2014 budget proposal that will see a potential "savings" of $5 MIL...while spending more for police and fire, along with this downtown redevelopment...
HOW will that happen, exactly?
Is this administration also laboring under the "spend money to save money" principle?
Guess that's the way of the Democrats...at least it always SEEMS that way.
*** And speaking of other areas of town that get "neglected", there's THIS:
It appears that the Southwood Park area of the SW side of town is being targeted with numerous burglaries of late and could soon see itself become blighted...as our area has become.
Well, that can't be good for those living there, can it?
Bordered by Pettit Ave, Calhoun St, Rudisill Blvd and Old Mill Rd, this part of town nudges up against Foster Park, and is almost directly adjacent to OUR sector "45" on the SE side. I've been following crime trends every week, and I can say that I have noticed more crimes occurring just west of us, which bears out my statement made ages ago that crime WAS spreading both north and WEST.
(and being right never gets old)
The brazen burglaries are happening while people are IN the damn houses...asleep during the night (as normal tend to do), and that leads me to believe that the crims would probably be black, and I say that because of the number of crimes that happen "after hours", as they love to roam about untill after 4AM
(Most shootings happen between midnight and 0400 hrs) (when they usually get to sleep until 11AM...that is a proven fact in the way this part of the ghettohood becomes "active" during the course of any given day.
It could be some white trash looking to score quick turnaround items or cash for drugs, too.
Those on "crank" tend to stay up for DAYS anyway, but given the proximity to the SE side and all the thugs living here, I;d say my first supposition might be correct. We will have to see if increased police activity in THAT area nets a few arrests for the break-ins.
A crime-prevention meeting will be held Monday at 7PM at the Shawnee branch of the library, behind Bishop Luers H.S.
*** I went to the urologist to get an update on my condition...and I passed with flying colors!
(let the pigeons loose)
Nice to get a clean bill...before the REAL bill arrives...(uh, oh)
Still, Wifey is relieved to have a healthy husband back, while I bemoan the COST...LOL.
(...all the stuff we coulda got for that money...OY!)
No one to the left of us...
While we were at the Carew Center (located one block east of Parkview Randallia) I had my trusty camera with me and snapped some interior shots...that place is beautifully designed, and very well though out.
No one to the right of us...
Thing is, it's almost DEVOID of foot traffic...as in patients coming for exams or staff.
I love this fountain in the atrium
The parking garage is damn near empty as well...pick your spot...they got LOTS of 'em.
Amazing how such a facility is not utilized a LOT more than it is...but hey, I'm not complaining one damn bit!
I find it refreshing to be able to drive in, drive out and not be bothered with anything close to a crowd (in that place, two people could be a crowd...LOL)
The entire medical park is pretty nice, as I viewed it from the aerial photos on Google maps.
Sure beats the ghettohood...ANY day!
(then again, what doesn't, hmm?)
*** Lastly today, more violence in more places...we hear it and read about it, and see it every stinking day.
And why is that?
Well, the recent mall shootings in Kenya seem to bear out a hypothesis I've been toying with...
We know that at least one of the Kenyan shooters was from Minnesota, and what else is in Minnesota?
Could it be a "test run" for a domestic targeting?
Could it be a "training ground" for overseas events?
Hard to say, but it does appear to be one thing that's very disturbing.
The manner in which these radical Muslims become violent and do heinous crimes mainly against CHRISTIANS and JEWS seems a bit too familiar., because the NON-violent Muslims never seem to open their mouths and decry the behavior of such radicals.
Now, follow me on this...in America, in our urban areas, we have street gangs, comprised mainly of young black (and in some cases Hispanic) males, and the NON-violent people in THESE communities mirror the Muslims, in that they don't seem to decry such behavior, other than to say "we need to stop the violence"...and that's about it.
They may hold a rally of prayer meeting or two, but no definitive action to take back their OWN community from the thugs...and the same can be said for the Muslim communities both here and ESPECIALLY abroad.
Time to stop cowering, people, grow a pair, and speak the hell out.
Just like the Southwood Park neighbors that want their crime to STOP...all of us should be as vocal (or active at least) in our intent to halt crime whenever it rears it's head.
And the reason for doing so is simple:
If you do NOTHING...then that's EXACTLY what will get done, no matter WHERE you find yourself.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"if you build it... they will pay..." Me thinks our king needs to lay off the movies and wake up before Fort wayne becomes a "ghost city " to rival those of China.

Bob G. said...

You surely nailed that one down tight!
I can't imagine ANY so-called great downtown that could well wind up with loads of blight surrounding it.
(our spreading crime is evidence enough)

The closest analogy I can find is in good old ATLANTIC CITY, NJ!

You go less than just TWO blocks off of the casino-infested boardwalk...and it's a damn GHETTO...!
Makes me wonder if the hair pomade of choice at our City Hall is still BS?
(what a wonderful smell you discovered)

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe and sound up there.