26 September 2013

Thursdays Thoughts...
It is looking to be another nice day, weather-wise in the Hoosierland today. In the outlying areas in and around the county we're seeing ground fog (some schools were delayed, but not in town). Temps today will again reach into the lower 70s...which means in several months, we'll be wishing for such temps.
Looks to be a sunshine-filled day with low humidity and low pollen counts.
A great day to get outside for a spell and take in the sights.
In the meantime, let's see what kind of stuff been going on...
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"The family unit plays a critical role in our society and in the training of the generation to come."
This was spoken by retired Supreme Court judge, Sandra Day O' Connor and here's her WIKI:
Appointed in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan, she served until 2005, when she announced her plans to retire, pending the appointment of a successor.
On 31 January, 2006, Samuel Alito was nominated to take her place.
And on 12 August 2009, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor of the USA.
The article mentions the votes she cast and how she leaned more to the conservative side when voting, and although many deemed her as pro-abortion, she personally found abortion to be repugnant (that was from Reagan's diary entries).
She didn't do bad for the daughter of a rancher.
Sometimes controversial in certain decisions, she did defend the liberties and freedoms established by the Constitution.
Nope...not bad at all.
Moving on...
*** Yes, friends, ANOTHER shooting on the SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne leaves one woman in critical condition.
Here's the story link:
I heard about this a couple hours before the news posted it...because I saw the FWPD cruisers fly past the house in "hollywood" mode -( lights and sirens). This happened last night around 1930 hrs in the 4500 block of Warsaw St near Congress Ave.
Police responded to a person shot (in a car) in front of 4512 Warsaw, and initially I heard dispatch notify the responding medics that there was a head wound.
A female victim was found in a silver Chrysler Concorde parked at the house suffering from several gunshot wounds, and was transported to hospital in serious condition, but was later downgraded to critical.
A passenger next to her in the car was uninjured.
Witnesses stated that a dark-colored SUV (I heard Ford Explorer on the radio)  left the area, heading south, and had a shattered passenger window. Police were wanting to know if that had anything to do with the shooting.
Now, if this was a "random" act, that should disturb the crap out of ANYONE around here (this did occur within 3 blocks of our "Fortress"), but even if this was a "targeted" hit, that should ALSO bother the hell out of everyone.
Randomness denotes an obvious LACK of regard for human life in general, while being TARGETED says to everyone that we have some people in this area that are living the WRONG kind of lifestyle..(oops, I mean thug-culture) and perhaps ought to go live ELSEWHERE.
((Update - 1300 hrs - The shooting victim has been ID'ed as Jalesia Veazey of New Haven))
What we WON'T hear is he black community up-in-arms over this...again (as usual).
To them, this must be part of "their culture" - the culture that our police should be made AWARE of, and that not everyone gets treated THE SAME...(from my post a couple days ago)
I'm sorry, but ANY culture that allows such deplorable behavior and activities needs to be dealt with...the people who practice such things need to be held accountable, because THEY are placing EVERYONE ELSE...of EVERY ethnicity AT RISK...period.
This sub-culture of deniability, lack of accountability, lack of respect and denigration of their OWN race should be the MOST important factor ANY ethnic community leader should be addressing, and not just be praying and holding a rally now and then.
It takes more than that...a LOT more.
They need to get out their butts out in the damn streets and make a fuss AGAINST such behavior.
Go door-to-door.
In other words...do something REALLY  PRODUCTIVE.
But, I'm sure the crickets will drown them all out nicely.
*** I told you a few days ago about the SOUTHWOOD PARK area of the near SW side of town, and how THEY have been targeted by a rash of burglaries in their neighborhood.
Well, there's a follow-up story...of sorts.
Burglaries are UP...all OVER Fort Wayne, it would appear...imagine that.
Could it have ANYTHING to do with the LACK of FWPD officers on our streets?
(no doubt)
Good thing we can redirect a couple officers DOWNTOWN on bikes and on foot, though...
(because THAT'S what's important)
Like I've said here numerous times...crime IS spreading...both WEST and NORTH.
Look at the stats and read the news.
The SE mooks aren't content to just remain here, and with good reason...
There's not a helluva LOT of good people and decent places left to steal from these days, although some still try.
A PDF file in the news story concedes the fact there is MORE burglaries taking place in the city.
The worst part is that MORE of them are occurring when people are HOME...it's called being BRAZEN.
Off. Mike Joyner says the best thing is to HIDE.
Okay, we can call this a "WTF???" moment.
Why HIDE when Indiana has a "Castle Doctrine" law?
Who can afford a "safe room", and can any of these nice, older homes really accommodate one?
Closets aren't the BEST place to hide...watch ANY horror flick!
Why not just SHOOT the damn thieves when they enter?
Seems THAT would make a much stronger statement to the crims out there.
Maybe the citizens over in the Southwood Park area might do themselves a favor and ARM UP...a LOT!
*** A woman might have to give up her "pet" squirrel...
Here's the story link:
Sara...and "Rocky"
So, a woman takes in a infant squirrel after a tree is taken down on their property, nurses it to adulthood and lets it live in her home...what the f$ck is wrong with that?
It's not rabid, has been domesticated to a large degree, doesn't go outside...I see nothing wrong.
I mean, it's not like taking a damn MOUNTAIN LION out of the wild and making THAT a pet, right?
Well, the DNR thinks otherwise (as do all government agencies these days).
I suppose catfish or lake bass can't be kept as pets either?
Hell, I treat these critters better than any of the locals around here... because I CAN!
"Rocky" is kinda cool, even if he does leap from lampshade to lampshade.
These people know what they have to do to insure a good life for this little guy.
To turn it out NOW would be a death sentence for the squirrel.
Sara Householder plans to do what it take to keep her little buddy...and I for one, hope she can.
*** Lastly today, there are people that will care for the smallest of God's creatures, and those who would take the life of a fellow human being.
Now THAT is about as differing of views as east is from west.
What makes one person want to help, while the other person wants to hurt or maim?
Perhaps it comes down to our old friend...CHOICES?
Perhaps it was a better sense of FAMILY that dictated the better behavior?
Perhaps it was the whole "if you do this to the smallest of my creatures, you do this unto me" thing from the Bible?
Well, we know what might drive the one person who cares...but what about the other one that doesn't give a rat's ass about themselves, society or life?
Again, it's got to be a plethora of BAD choices, or the desire to not HAVE to make ANY choices...apathy can do that to people.
With good upbringing comes good results...can't really argue that.
Maybe it's time to put THAT into practice...a lot more often.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Dead on on "the culture"... and on Rocky. Soulless government agencies, one size fits all decision making... but that's what our loving, caring liberal friends want, right?

Bob G. said...

Yeah, these peop'e couldn't have any REAL culture if they were standing still in Kroger's YOGURT aisle!

BTW I don't think EITHER of us HAVE any liberal "friends"...right?

All this nanny-state crap is really pissing me off.

Whatever happened to all those "mountain folk" that used to have WOLVES or BOBCATS as pets...and what about GRIZZLY ADAMS?
That wasn't a stuffed panda or throw rug he had at the cabin.

We ALL used to be a LOT more self-reliant and self-sufficent...like to get some of that back again for a lot more people.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe (and wildlife-friendly) up there.

CWMartin said...

Actually I have a few... both on the blogs and off. However, these are the intelligent, thought out kind, not the mouth-breathing Occupy Stupidity types.

CWMartin said...

Oh, and Grizzly Adams became a hockey team in the German DEL, from Wolfsburg.

Bob G. said...

Good to know you don;t associate with knuckle-draggers...LOL.

I never knew that about Grizzly...guess the bear became his agent?

Stay safe.