27 September 2013

Yep, It's Definitely Friday...
Sorry, no "follies" this week, and we'll be revealing why that is as you read farther down.
Meanwhile, it's another nice autumn day today...although temps will get a bit warmer, topping out in the MID-70s. Still plenty of sunshine to go around and maybe a mild breeze and a cloud or two to pass the time.
And yes, some trees have already begun their fall foliage display.
One of our trees has the outermost leaves turning a nice red-orange.
So, time waits for no one, especially on the weekend, so get comfy, pour yourself another cup of whatever you're preferring this morning, and let's get started with what's been going on...
*** First out of the litter-box today is YES...ANOTHER SHOOTING on the city's...(...all together, folks...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE!
And it's a FATAL shooting to boot, so add another notch onto the homicide tally.
This happened last night around 2315 hrs at the Southbridge Apartments (behind the old location of the Southtown Mall) in the 8000 block of Hanna St. (extended).
Here's the story link:
Police responded to a call for a signal 113 (shots fired) and when they arrived they found a man in front of one of the apartment buildings.
The man was unresponsive and soon pronounced DOA on scene.
Two black males were seen fleeing around another building on foot.
A K-9 unit was called to locate the suspects, but was unable to get a good track.
Again, no motive, no suspects, two runs, one hit, and no errors...helluva inning, wasn't it?
Yes, this marks the 4th shooting in about a week...so, I guess we DO have a problem, especially in the MINORITY COMMUNITY...at least by the body count and ethnicity of the vics, sure LOOKS that way. I hear one pastor is holding an "emergency" meeting to address the violence.
Jordan Lee Calland
Now, if you ADD in the man that was shot a week ago in the parking lot of the Twin Oaks Apartments (22 year old Jordan Lee Calland), was later declared brain dead, and taken off a ventilator SUNDAY, the coroner will most likely call this one as a HOMICIDE also...so that will make the total this year (so far) of  THIRTY THREE HOMICIDES...
I know, you need a damn score card to keep track of the body count as they all roll by, don'cha?
*** Okay, this next (and final) part of today's post is gonna be kinda rough for me, so I hope you'll understand.
Yesterday, our female cat, Penelope entered into eternal rest after a rather brief illness.
Yawning was a great hobby.
She had been losing weight for a time, as I mentioned before, but recently, she had taken to leaving "piddle-puddles" on the rugs...not a big deal, I  cleaned them all up.
She was still skinny as hell, even though she was eating.
And yesterday morning was pretty much usual...until I heard some crying from the back room.
She got into the litter-pan, but could not get over the lip of the pan, and she was stuck halfway out.
When they were both but babies
I picked her up and noticed she could no longer stand on her own at all.
I carried her back into the family room, curled up my jacket for her to lay in, and cuddled next to her.
For me, it was the start of a very emotional ride on that roller coaster.
She loved a grocery bag when hiding
She tried to get up a few times, but could not.
I tried to get some water into her on my finger...no go there.
She did bat lightly at a small green "mouse" we bought for her last Christmas...and then she laid back down.
The only sounds she made were plaintive little meows with each breath...and that will tear your heart out, trust me.
When it was time for "din-din", Rassie (her brother) came out, but Penny wasn't answering the bell, so I took her dish to her and she did eat as I held it up for her.
One of a few "outside" patio adventures
And yeah, I cried more than I have in a LONG time. Didn't think I had it in me at my age.
Goes to show you can even surprise yourself.
When Wifey came home, she could tell I was a wreck, and I asked her if she could take Penny to the vet for what was to be a final trip.
I've already had ONE cat die in my arms...and Penny's feet were ice cold already, her breathing was a bit on the labored side, and she was as limp as a rag doll in your arms.
Well, I got the carrier down and before I placed her on her blanket inside, I hugged and kissed her good bye...one last time.
Penny loved Christmas boxes - very comfy.
I told her that we were going to stop the pain and suffering and that she would be in a better place, even if we weren't there with her.
Yeah, it sounds corny, but somehow, you get a feeling as if they know and appreciate all you do for them over the years.
When Wifey got back, she told me she was sorry, but Penny wasn't coming home. I knew that much and was trying to resign myself to the fact that our small home was going to be a somewhat larger and quieter, and our family was going to be smaller, without having her roam about wanting attention and meowing for her food.
And she had a great singing voice.
Wifey and I had Penelope (and Rassie) since before we were married, so it's a bit on the traumatic side to lose someone that's been with you for almost 18 years.
Yes, this was my favorite chair.
And I say "someone", because a pet BECOMES a part of your family...they endear themselves to us, and we look forward to them always being there...until it's time for them to move on...
And I suppose that's where this story has a somewhat happy ending for our little lady.
A long time back, I came across a poem called THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, and it's meant for those of us who have lost a beloved pet through our lives (and I've lost a god number of them in MY life).
The odd thing is that the author of the poem is UNKNOWN...
Here's a link to the poem:
Pet Heaven has a new angel.
Now, as a believer in God, His son, and the Holy Spirit, I also have to believe that God holds wonders in store for us when we depart THIS life.
And I believe that HE would not want us to grieve incessantly, and therefore demonstrates to us the things in which we should have hope.
I want to think that our Penelope is waiting...for us. IN a place where she no longer has to suffer from infirmities, much like where those family members that have passed on before us also wait.
Maybe it sounds kinda dumb, but it's what I feel.
You need some form of closure.
And in that, there will be a wonderful day of reuniting when OUR turn comes around.
We will miss you, "Neepers".
So, here is to our little princess...who made us laugh, loved to play with us, always liked to hide, was a faithful sister to her (litter-mate) brother, and because of her, we got to know more about ourselves...and that's a pretty good epitaph for anyone...no matter HOW many feet you possess.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
( and if you have a pet...give 'em a hug...for no reason at all)


ms nk rey said...

Bobby G I am so sorry to hear of your pet's passing. nkr

Bob G. said...

Thank you very much for your condolences.
It's going to take some time to get the grief thing over with for me.
But someday we'll be back together.

Bless you for taking time to stop by & comment.

Have a good weekend and stay safe down there.

John DuMond said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Bob. While ending her suffering was the humane thing to do, I know it doesn't make things any easier for you. I've been through it myself and it was a rough time for me.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I was telling Wifey after all this was over yesterday, that "no matter how many loses you suffer loss in life...it NEVER gets any easier."

She is the first pet I've ever had THIS long, too, so that's an added "bonus" to the grief.

Thanks for stopping by today and providing comforting words.
Much appreciated.

Have a good weekend, and roll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Every step of that was what I went through when we lost Scrappy's predecessor, Fred. Right down to being torn apart when he looks at you like, "Daddy, do something," and you just can't.

I lay my head on his until his ears went cold and the vet said, "He's gone." Hope I never live through a harder moment.

Somehow, I knew when I saw the top picture what was coming. Hope you don't mind a blog hug from me to you.

Bob G. said...

In over six years of blogging, I have never had such a difficult and yet wonderful time posting as I did today (as a celebration of Penny's life).

You definitely know what I mean in this regard.
And I do appreciate you sharing your experience here.

Every life that passes from our own life leaves an indelible mark...or more precisely, a small hole in your heart.
And these days, seems I can play Vivaldi (or Meat Loaf) with all the holes...when the wind blows just right.
Heckuva combination there.

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment here today.
Know that I am comforted by your words at this time.

Have yourselves a good weekend, God bless, and do stay safe up there.