03 October 2013

As The Weekend Nears...
Ah, yes...the end of the week doth approach, and if you live in Hoosierland, you might have seen some RAIN outside this morning.
No, you're NOT having a visual impairment...that WAS rain, and we're slated to get MORE of it throughout the day.
Temps will reach around 80, so it will see a lot more like summer than fall, but we've already had 70 degree temps in January (back in the early 70s, long before the global warming scams took place).
I wouldn't go and stow that lawn mower JUST yet, though.
So, let's kick back for a spell, grab another cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer) and let's get busy with the rest of what's going on.
*** First out of the sack today is the answer to yesterday's Motto of the Week:
"That's the way things come clear  All of a sudden. And then you realize how obvious they've been all along."
This was attributed to Madeleine L' Engle (29 November 1918 - 6 September 2007), an American writer most noted for the children's book A Wrinkle In Time. And here is her WIKI:
Her life and career are typical of many authors, in that she suffered numerous rejections of her writings.
After graduating cum laude from Smith University in 1941, she moved to NYC and met an actor, one Hugh Franklin in a play she appeared in called The Cherry Orchard. She married Franklin in less than a year after that and they had two children (Josephine and Bion)
The family moved to Connecticut and supplemented thier income by running a small general store.
Madeleine also became the choir director for the local Congregational Church.
In 1959, they moved back to NYC for Franklin's acting career, but preceded the move with a cross-country trip that lasted ten weeks.
And it as at this time Madeleine wrote A Wrinkle In Time, which was rejected over 30 times before finally being published.
During the next three decades, Madeleine wrote dozens of books for children, with one of them being a memoir of her marriage to Franklin, who died of cancer in 1986.
L'Engle was seriously injured in a car accident in 1991, but recovered enough to visit Antarctica the following year.
Her son died in 1999 at the age of 47.
Madeleine was a strong Episcopalian and believed in universal salvation.
She caught flak from both sides of the religious aisle. The christian stores refused to carry her books, citing her promotion of christian universalism, while the secular critics claimed her works were TOO religious.
I found her life to be one of perseverance and persistence, and those are good qualities for one to possess.
Moving on...
*** I know you've heard the story about the WW2 VETS from the honor flights that were denied the chance to visit their OWN memorial in D.C.
Here's the video from Fox News in case you want the details:
Okay, so who the HELL does this administration think it is to deny access to an OPEN-AIR memorial  to a group of  80-90 year old vets that may not be able to return to visit ever again anyway?
This kind of stuff REALLY pisses me off royally!
I am GLAD these vets (and their guardians on the Honor Flight) moved the damn barricades and went in to see their memorial. Lord know they won't be with us that much longer, and it's damn time we do all we can to show our appreciation.
Other memorial sites were also "off-limits" like the Vietnam Wall, and the Lincoln Memorial.
Cripes, we have MORE GUARDS at THOSE places than we had in Benghazi a year ago...and how much is it costing to KEEP those guards there anyway?
-- But wait,...it's gets even better...
There is an historical FARM (on federal land) in McLean VA, near Langley, once called the Turkey Run Farm, but now known as the Claude Moore Farm.
It's PRIVATELY OWNED, STAFFED, and FUNDED, but there this administration goes again...CLOSING THE PLACE to tourism., purposely causing unjust and unwarranted "pain" to all those wishing to visit.
Here's the story:
For God's sake, the National Park Service hasn't bothered with this place since 1980...!!!
But all of a sudden,. on the orders from our "fearless leader", they close off access to this nice place.
That would be like closing down our own "Fort" here in the Summit City...(also staffed and run by volunteers).
THIS is the kind of scare-tactic lunacy you get with these liberals...make no mistake.
And the worst part of this is that the blame is not falling where it's supposed to fall.
There were even tourists from overseas denied access into the Statue of Liberty...but you can ride the ferry to Liberty Island - small consolation.
Makes me wonder HOW MUCH all these "closings" are costing in manpower, because if many of them like the OPEN-AIR venues were left open, THAT would save more than a few bucks, don'cha think?
Technically, this shiutdown should close GETTYSBURG, too...and since that town relies on tourism and many places are staffed by volunteers or privately paid people, here's another instance where any closing need not happen. Makes me wonder how NATIONAL CEMETERIES are being (mis) handled?
It's just another progressive leftist clusterf$ck...period.
*** Lastly today...it really bothers me whenever the government (at ANY level) oversteps it's boundaries...and we DO have boundaries for them, just as we all have  personal boundaries...or should have. The founders of this nation knew as much...and while placing their very lives at stake, preceded to create a set of laws that were to remain immutable over time.
And although time moves forward and is susceptible to "change", these laws designed by those founders should not be tampered with, for contained within them are human rights, God-given rights, and an overall sense that those men knew there was a higher being, and that their rationale and morality came from religious beginnings.
To change things "because you can" has no reason, no purpose, and only serves to befuddle many who believe that such things are (and will continue to be) folly. And in order to have a better life, one must have reason...and purpose.
We have ignored that which made this nation great for too long, and perhaps we are required to rekindle the things that not only make ourselves better, but makes this country better...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Pretty inspiring story about Madeleine L' Engle. I guess her story proves once again that persistence is king. Or, in this case, queen. :)

That situation with the WW II Memorial really has me steamed. Playing politics, plain and simple. And you can add Mt. Vernon to the list of privately-owned sites the gubmint is trying to close.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Madeleine did alright considering all she wehnt through in boith her personal and professional life.
Intersting to note that in her most famous book, she mentions the concept of TESSERACT (or wormhole)...not bad to have a handle on scientific theory...for a Christian.

Mt Vernon, huh?
Geez, can't go anyplace to learn about OUR history...and perhaps that's what this administration wants all along (as they attempt to REWRITE it)?
Let's hope not.

Thanks much for stopping by to comment tody.

Roll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

A friend of mine posted a really good explanation of the government shutdown deal. I have permission to share, its at http://thehouseofhale.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/catching-up/
A lot of silly stuff at the beginning, but when she gets on the subject, look out!

Bob G. said...

Sounds like a link I WILL have to check out...today.
Thank you for being able to provide it.
And thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there.