04 October 2013

Friday Follies...
Well, here we are again...at weekend's door.
And it will feel unlike autumn, with Hoosierland temps today getting up into the low to mid-80s. expect a partly cloudy (or partly sunny, depending on your point of view) sky today and some humidity just to make it seem like we're still in the throes of summer.
Today will be a good day to get out and mow a lawn, which is what I'm planning on doing after I finish this, as we're looking at more rain tomorrow.
So, with that said, let's get started with all that's been going on...
*** The D.C. mother, alleged to be suffering from post-partum depression who led police on a merry chase between the White House barricades and the Capitol was shot and killed after that brief chase by Metro police.
Now, I don't claim to be an expert on post-partum depression (just depression in general), but when someone has to be hospitalized for it, one could surmise that the problem IS a bit out of hand, and needs some level of medication AND supervision, lest they cause harm to themselves (or others) and try to commit suicide, right?
Here's the latest in the story:
Okay, so her mom knew she was depressed, but DIDN'T know she was in D.C.
The woman, ID'ed as Miriam Carey, 34 of Stamford, CT (that's quite a drive to Washington, isn't it?) had no history of violence (just a history of deep depression).The 1-year old, also in the car was taken into child services custody.
The woman was a dental hygienist and a former resident of Brooklyn...yeah, I prefer to have depressed people poking around in my mouth.
The NY Daily News reports that a former boss said she fell down stairs (2 years prior) and suffered a significant head injury...THAT could have produced a depressive state. She was let go from that position when she constantly parked in a handicapped zone.
Here's the entire story from the NY Daily News:
One D.C. Metro officer was injured in the melee, but it was not anything life-threatening.
Sure makes you wonder WHY some people go off like this, and why we can't do better when he have the best health services in the world...(and that's soon to change, thanks to Obummercare).
How people can consistently fall through the cracks and wind up as this woman astounds me.
We can do much better to prevent this...and should.
Moving on...
*** A longtime and very dear friend of mine recently got back from a trip to AFRICA, to visit his kids who are missionaries in Kenya (of all places - God bless them for that).
He missed the Nairobi mall attack by less than two days, and was shocked when that happened (as I would be).
Sleepy Momma "Kitty".
He did send along some pictures...and no, these were NOT taken at the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo.
That's the FOR REAL Serengeti National Park...in AFRICA (the continent)...LOL.
Dem's a LOT of wildebeest out there.
I'm just glad he's back unscathed and INTACT.
*** Next up, all of you know I follow John Stossel, and while I don't agree with everything he has to say, more often than not, his take is pretty damn close to mine.
Well, he's got 100 things that he hates about government, and the link is HERE:
My FIRST thought was "Only one hundred???"
But, it's a good list, and makes SO much sense.
His show last night (10PM - FBM channel) was about the shutdown...which all of this crap really IS NOT.
And when you hear Pelosi say "we can't cut anymore - the cupboard is BARE"...don't believe one single word of that.
Stossel proved there is LOTS we CAN cut (because that "cupboard" is FULL of waste and money), without affecting anything...except the bureaucratic juggernaut and it's minions.
Was a damn good show.
*** Lastly today, it's been just over a week, and I am getting a little better around the house when it comes to no longer having TWO cats, and even the surviving male cat doesn't look around for his sister that often. He does wander about as if looking for her.
And that made me think...(always a potentially dangerous proposition).
Memories are something we keep with us always...kinda like "The Force".
And whether it's memories of a lost pet, a family member, a dear friend, or even a life mentor or educator, THOSE memories become much of what ultimately defines us a human beings.
It can also be memories of better times, like when we were children...we recall with vivid clarity the manner that we were brought up. Many times it's good, but we also will remember bad times.
Yet, ALL of these memories,  good and bad serve to strengthen us, help us learn, and moreover, teach us to emulate that which we find helpful, and prevent ourselves from imitating the destructiveness of the harmful.
At least, that's the way it's supposed to work, right?
Yet, through all this, it is WE who determine our path, and hopefully we DID learn from those in our lives, as well as sought solace and counseling from a "higher authority".
We are all complex beings, and I think God meant it that way, so we could make our own choices in life, and by paying attention, be able to make those GOOD choices. Would it be that more people would stop, look and listen, NOT just at railroad crossings, but at every intersection that occurs within their own lives. We might all wind up much better off.
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I LOVE that picture of the lion. Say, you have a slot open. Thinking about adopting? All you'd need is a big tree branch in your living room, a deep freeze full of zebra meat, and a little cash for the animal control people...

Bob G. said...

My longtime friend Mark is "my brother from a different mother", so to speak.
He knew I'd like that picture, too.
We go WAY back to 1967 when we first met...and we're cut from much of the same cloth, although our lives have had their own share of twists and turns.

Yeah, with that 4-footed vacancy, I should run right out tomorrow and grab ALL that stuff...and then see if Black Pine can let one of THEIR fenale cats go to a good home...ROFL!

I can hear the neighbors now:
"Damn, dat's wun funny-lookin' dawg y'all gots dere".

Betcha we wouldn't have ANY trouble with TRESPASSING, though.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment and sending me into this weekend with a smile.

Have yourselves a good one and stay safe up there.