20 November 2013

Humpday Happenings...
And it's the middle of the week complete with all the trimmings...that means we're heading into the homestretch towards the weekend.
You get by today, and you got the worst behind you.
The Hoosierland weather today is pretty much a repeat of yesterday, and that means no problems here (other than the "usual" ones).
Highs will again reach into the mid-to-upper 40s, partly to mostly sunny with winds around 10-15 MPH.
And don't worry, tomorrow is almost a replay of today...except for some rain..
Yes, there IS rain coming...just not today.
So, let's warm up that morning beverage to chase the chill away and see what's been going on around us...
*** First off the floor today is our Motto of the Week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."
There you are - short and sweet, and I think with this particular administration, it's important to think on this quote.
So, WHO said it? If you've been paying attention this week, you just might figure out the person behind this quote.
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the political arena...
*** The BLAZE had a great posting about Pope Francis, with a warning he gave out in his weekly homily.
Here's the link to the story:
Hey, you people know I'm not Catholic, but I found this an amazing statement made by the pontiff.
Face it, we DO live a (very) SECULAR world...at times a bit TOO secular for my taste.
And Pope Francis issues a warning regarding this aspect to our culture when it comes to our youth.
He says beware of "adolescent progressivism"...
I could not agree more.
The article goes on to say that the pontiff told believers that this move toward a single-mindedness may not actually yield positive benefits for the culture as a whole. The Pope also said "The spirit of worldliness also exists today, and today also brings us the desire to be progressive...following a single thought."
Pope Francis also took aim at "a global uniformity", which he said comes from a secular worldliness that could lead them to negotiate faith, as people are oft times willing to sacrifice their personal values and allegiance to God.
Yep...what the Pope had to say works fine with me. I'm on board.
I know what he says is TRUE.
And we'd all be better off if we paid attention to what he (and HE) has to say.
Moving on...
*** If this administration didn't have ENOUGH scandals walking it's halls, how about ANOTHER One?
Here's the story:
Imagine THAT...faking census reports to cook the books for the jobs situation during the 2012 election,...so as to make it "appear" that the unemployment rate was going DOWN?
How convenient is THAT?
I've said for a while that the reported unemployment figures are always LOWER than the actual numbers.
When people stop LOOKING for work, it makes the numbers look like unemployment goes DOWN, when in fact, it REALLY says that people gave the hell UP trying to GET a damn job.
But THIS latest mess makes those numbers seem pale in comparison.
But hey, it's just more of that "Chicago politics AS USUAL", isn't it?
*** A bit closer to "home", there's THIS report about a perp that just HAD to snatch a purse from a 76-year old woman here in the Summit City.
Here's the story:
This took place in the parking lot outside of Hobby Lobby, located at 5519 Coldwater Rd. around midday Monday
And wow, it's a BLACK guy doing the nasty deed...musta been casing the parking lot to look for a "prime" victim.
Police say the thug ran from the area (to a waiting vehicle, no doubt)...they rarely operate alone...that's how cowards do things.
Wonder how a perp like this would enjoy kissing the sidewalk if he tried this sh*t with Wifey and me?
Told you that crime was "branching out" to other parts of the city...and here's more proof.
With the holiday season coming, it can only get worse, so be warned...and be very aware.
*** Lastly today, more about the Kennedy assassination.
Lee Harvey Oswald...a name that certainly has gone down in history as being one of THE most infamous.
And yet, how much is really known about this man?
We know he was, according to FOUR separate government investigations, the sniper who shot and killed JFK.
That's what we're told.
Harvey was born in New Orleans on 18 October, 1939. His father died two months prior to his birth, and Oswald had two siblings, brother Robert Edward Lee, Jr., and a half-brother, John Edward Pic.
Oswald's mother moved the family to Dallas in 1944, where Lee Harvey was enrolled in school, and, after having been given an IQ test (in the 4th grade), scored a 103. As a child, he was described as being temperamental and withdrawn (not the best traits to have as a kid).
When Oswald was 12, he and his mother moved to NYC and briefly stayed with the half-brother. They were asked to leave after an argument where Oswald struck his mother and threatened his half-brother's wife with a pocket knife.
Oswald was a 7th grade truant when attending school in the Bronx, and led to a psychiatric assessment at a reformatory, where the attending someone physician described Oswald as "someone immersed in a vivid fantasy life, turning around the topics of omnipotence and power, through which he tries to compensate for his shortcomings and frustrations."
(( Oh yeah, let's MAINSTREAM HIM...! ))
Eventually Oswald and his mother returned to New Orleans where he quit school after making it to the 10th grade. Mom then moved to Fort Worth and re-enrolled Lee in that school system.
Oswald quit school at age 17 (never graduated) and joined the Marine Corps.
While Lee had trouble spelling and writing coherently, he READ voraciously, and by age 15, claimed to be a MARXIST.
During the Warren Commission hearings, it was believed that Oswald joined the military to avoid his overbearing mother.
He trained as a radar specialist, which required a security clearance, and was granted permission to handle classified matter , including CONFIDENTIAL material.
He finished 7th in his class of 30 in the Aircraft Control and Warning Operations course.
Like all marines, he was expected to be trained and tested in shooting, scoring a 212, slightly above the requirements for a sharpshooter. When tested again 3 years later, he scored 191, dropping him to marksman.
Now, you have to understand that EVERY marine HAS to qualify as a marksman...that's just the way THEY do it (better).
So, he was NOT a super-human sharpshooter...just a regular grunt in this regard.
Oswald was court-martialed after accidentally shooting himself in the elbow with an unauthorized .32 revolver, then court-martialed AGAIN for fighting with a sergeant he mistakenly thought was involved in his punishment for the shooting matter.
(( Pick a fight with a SGT? In the USMC? What, are you NUTS?))
Oswald lost his only stripe and spent time in the brig for his actions.
He was punished for a THIRD incident while stationed in the Philippines on sentry duty - he fired his rifle into the jungle.
In 1959, Oswald got a hardship discharge from the USMC, and started planning his trip to Russia.
When he finally got to the Soviet Union (roundabout way, too), he told his Intourst guide that he was a communist and wished to be a citizen of the USSR..
Well, the Russkies didn't (and still don't) hand out a citizenship willy-nilly to every Tom, Dick, or Lee Harvey, so he got ... "The Big Nyet".
Lee Harvey, on the eve of his visa expiration, suffered a self-inflicted wound to his arm...and THAT only got him some time in a soviet hospital with a side course of psych evaluations.
Soviet officials asked if he wanted to return to the USA, and Oswald stated he wanted to remain in the USSR., but instead of being allowed to attend (his desire) Moscow University, he was eventually sent to an electronics factory in Minsk as a lathe operator.
Lee Harvey got a government-subsidized studio apartment (fully-furnished) and a pay supplement...pretty decent by working class soviet standards.
But, it wasn't as idyllic as Oswald was hoping for, and by 1961, he began to recant his wanting to stay.
On March that year, Lee Harvey met Marina Prusakova, a pharmacy student, and were married 6 weeks later (yeah, Minsk IS boring).
It was then that Oswald petitioned the U.S. embassy for the return of his passport and desire to return to the States.
On 1 June that year, the USA gave Oswald a repatriation loan of $435 (and change) and the couple, with a new born infant in tow made it back to the United States, where they settled in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Oswald skipped about from job to job, but did manage to purchase through mail order (using an a faked name) a Mannlicher-Carcano bolt-action carbine and a Smith and Wesson model 10 revolver.
A conclusion from the Warren Commission and the HSCA believed that in March 1963, Oswald had attempted to assassinate retired general Edwin Walker, but only managed to hit the window frame of the house from 100 feet away, wounding the general with bullet fragments.
(( Wait...a USMC marksman missing from THAT distance???))
Walker was a John Bircher, an anti-communist, and a segregationist. Walker had been relieved of his command of the 24th Division (deployed in West Germany) for distributing right wing extremist literature to his troops. This and the fact that his actions opposing racial integration at the University of Mississippi led to his arrest for insurrection, seditious conspiracy, and other charges. He was temporarily held in a mental institution on orders from (then) Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, but a grand jury refused to indict him.
And to think that Oswald was only getting started.
-- Tomorrow we'll conclude the downward slide of Oswald's life that ended on 24 November 1963...not even 72 hours after the assassination of JFK.
So stay tuned...and stay informed.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

I like that, "adolescent progressivism." Think about it, what are progressives obsessed with? Fairness. And what are adolescents obsessed with? Yup, fairness. "It's not fair, how come he's got a car and I don't?" Um, because he got a job and earned the money for it? Duh. Yup, radical lefties are, in my opinion, stuck in adolescence. And they seem to want to make children of us all. Sorry, I'd rather take my chances with adulthood.

CWMartin said...

So let's see... got a slide despite violence as a child, check... got a slide despite three disciplinary actions in the USMC, check... Got a slide from the Russkies despite shooting himself to avoid deportation, check...Got a slide despite missing a general's assassination by a razor-thin margin of incompetency, Check... Does this begin to sound familiar? I know where I've heard this! It was the gun's fault! No, wait, it was society's fault! He was bullied! No wait, his great grandfather was a slave! No, wait...

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I really like the comparison you made between libtards and the "youts" of America .
Liberals ARE stuck in "the teen years", no doubt about it.

Adulthood might not be AS "fair", but it does have it's fun moments and learning experiences...to be sure.
And you even meet great people online!

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah...exactly HOW many "second chances" did this poor schmuck GET...and STILL not "get it"?

Well, he "got it" later, but not the way he imagined.

It sounds TOO familiar...and the same people could be the culpable ones...as they are today...it's just a different generation of the same asshats.

Nice to know SOME things never change...

Thanks much for swinging by today and taking time to comment.

You stay safe up there.