21 November 2013

Rolling towards the Weekend...
We're getting there, people...the end of the week is beckoning.
Still. we've got to deal with TODAY first, just so you know.
The Hoosierland weather is...WET this morning, with temps in the low 40s.
But never fear, because we're looking at a high in the UPPER 40s.
The rain will be off and on most of the day, and will continue into tomorrow.
At least it's not snow showers...that's coming this weekend with a substantial cool down.
By next week, you might begin to believe that Winter can't be THAT far off.
In the meantime, let's see what the hell has been going on. Grab your morning beverage and follow me.
*** First out the door today is the answer to our Motto of the Week, otherwise known as WHO SAID THAT?
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."
Like I said, if you were following my posts this week, your guess might have been correct.
This was spoken by President  John F. Kennedy and does HE have a WIKI:
While some might argue about Kennedy's "experience" that would qualify him for the Oval Office, let's remember that he WAS a naval officer, had an excellent rapport with the men under his command during WW2, and was not only a Massachusetts representative from 1947 to 1953, but was a U.S. senator from 1953 until 1960, when he defeated Richard Nixon (by slightly more than 500K votes) for the office of President of the United States.
Jack had the "cred" needed for such a job...and he was the ONLY president to have won a PULITZER PRIZE for his book PROFILES IN COURAGE (which was REQUIRED reading when I was in school).
It is a very good book, and I recommend it highly.
Unfortunately, there has been controversy about the book, it's historical accuracy, the author(s), and yes, even a "gamed" voting for nomination for the Pulitzer, by Daddy Joe Kennedy to his friends in the media.
The JFK WIKI goes into detail about much of Kennedy's life AND his time in office.
The major boondoggle from a foreign view was the Bay of Pigs incident, while the Cuban Missile Crisis was a marvelous game of political poker, with Kennedy calling the bluff. In the 1960s, it was about brinkmanship.
There is so much of JFK and his life, that neither time nor space permit any in-depth study, but I will say that if you want your interest "peaked", then read more into the life of our 35th president.
Moving on...
*** I know you've been hearing about this new "game" called KNOCKOUT, where some punk comes up and assaults a total stranger with ONE PUNCH, in the hope of knocking them OUT.
Well, here's a story from the NY Post that goes into more detail.
Here's the link:
Sick doesn't begin to cover how I feel about this.
Some in NYC say this has been going on for YEARS, with black gangs targeting Jews, Asians, and WHITES...
HMM, sounds like a RACIAL thing to me...so where is the outcry HERE for racial hatred or hate crimes?
(ahh, it's only honkies, kikes, and chinks ...and they're all privileged...say the liberal black pundits)
My thoughts would be that sooner or later, some of these punks will come across a pistol-packing NRA member and one of them will wind up with a free trip to the morgue for all his "gamesmanship". 
Sorry, no "reset" button included...punk!
This is every bit as disturbing as all those flash-mob gangs that run through stores, stealing sh*t.
With the advent of technology in the palm of one's hand...SHOULD come responsibility...but we're sure NOT seeing any of that with our youth (in general), are we? Maybe it's what Pope Francis spoke about in yesterday's post...this whole "Adolescent Progressivism".
I say it's all about too much coddling, and too less of that "board of education firmly applied to the seat of knowledge" gig.
But what do I know? I was only their age once...as were all of you.
*** Next up, does this guy EVER truly just "go away"?
Here's the news brief:
Our mayor, "King" Henry has appointed former mayor Win Moses to the city's Redevelopment Commission.
Now, here's some lowdown on the Moses you would NOT want to have leading the children of Israel in the wilderness.
(yes, he has his own WIKI)
Okay, so what EXACTLY has he done for the SOUTH side of the city in ALL the political jobs he's held?
(nothing, Bob)
And he resigned as mayor in 1985 to accept responsibility for "reckless disregard for campaign financing", His plea agreement spawned bumper stickers which read: "Win Moses - Mayor of CONVICTION."
Yet, people (sheeple) still voted for him until he FINALLY was defeated in 2012 (there IS a God)
He's not THAT Moses, folks!
There was some contention in his 2002 campaign involving his OCCUPANCY when he was running for state rep. He has a home outside of Indy, as well as a residence downtown...and he OWNS a mobile home park (Village of North Oak).
He is a member of the NAACP (???), the Chamber of Commerce, Urban League, Rotary club, and I.U. Alumni assoc.
THAT should tell you he's all for a welfare state with large government intent. Yes, he's a liberal.
He and Helmke are the reason we have the problems we do on the city;'s south side...make NO mistake about that.
Just retire someplace far away, Win...you've had your time, and we're STILL feeling the "love" you had for this city. Just ask those that have to deal with the homicides...yep, that's what democrats provide us with..plenty of  "not much worth writing home about".
*** And speaking of homicides and other assorted shootings...around 1930 hrs last evening, we heard TWELVE shots go off less than a block away from our "Fortress"...I saw JUST ONE FWPD car come through the area...(no lights, no sirens)...and that was it
The shots did sound "stationary" in nature (not a drive-by doppler sound)...and the house at 4801 S. Hanna HAS, in the past, been the scene of drug dealing.
Wonder WHERE those rounds wound up anyway?
No chatter on the radio, and obviously no suspects were found to collar.
(( ** Here is the FWPD report: 13F166978 - 19:26:27 - 113 shots fired - 4800 Hanna St. S. ))
Yep...less than ONE block away.
There is not a SINGLE day that passes where there is NOT some minority asshole firing off a gun for no damn reason ('cause there's hardly ANY whites around)...other than the fact that THEY CAN get away with it...
I jus' havin' sumfun onna SOUF side
Thanks, Rusty and Garry...helluva job you're both NOT doing down here. 
Can't wait until New Year's Eve, when the police will be harder to find than a fully-charged EBT card.
*** Lastly today, more about Lee Harvey Oswald and the events leading up to the Kennedy Assassination.
When last we left our highly confused subject, he had just related to his wife, Marina how he tried to shoot retired general Edwin Walker (who had a lot of issues of his own). This was part of a statement given by Marina during testimony, where she also said he left her a not saying what to do in the event he did not return. Dallas police had oi suspects in the shooting until after the Kennedy assassination, when Oswald's involvement was suspected.
The Walker bullet was too damaged for conclusive forensic testing, but neutron activation analysis later revealed it was highly probable that the manufacturer of that bullet and the two that struck Kennedy were the same...as was the weapon used to discharge them.
Oswald returned to New Orleans on 24 April 1963 (Marina followed a month later), got a job as a machinery greaser, but was fired from that position in July. On 26 May, Oswald wrote to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, based in NYC for the purpose of renting an office in NOLA to front the FPCC. They responded 3 days later, advising against opening a New Orleans office ('...at the beginning.")
Oswald did anyway, and was the SOLE member of that office, and ordered 500 applications, 300 membership cards, and 1000 leaflets with the slogan "Hands off Cuba".
Needless to say ...membership did not "take off"...at all.
Oswald did try to infiltrate the anti-Castro group, Students Revolutionary Directorate, according to a delegate that was questioned by the Warren Commission.
Later, there was  confrontation on a downtown NOLA street between he and Oswald, resulting in arrests for disturbing the peace.
Oswald asked to speak to an FBI agent, and agent John Quigley spent an hour with Oswald.
Within a week, Lee Harvey was back on the streets, handing out leaflets, and was captured on the local TV station news.
Oswald's 1963 New Orleans activities were later investigated by the NOLA D.A., one Jim Garrison, as part of his prosecution of Clay Shaw  on 1967-1969.Charged with conspiracy in the JFK assassination, Clay was found not guilty.
It was then on 27 September 1963, that Oswald was in Mexico City, where he applied for a transit visa to Cuba. Marina and the baby were staying at a friend;'s house in Irving, Texas during this time.
After a month of inter-country "back and forth" (Cuba/USSR)and days of shuttling between consulates, Oswald found himself back in the U.S., even after the visa was finally approved.
October 2, 1963 found Lee Harvey in Dallas after leaving Mexico City. And on 14 October, the family friend (Ruth Paine) was told there was an opening at the School Book Depository. Oswald interviewed and was hired on 16 October.
His supervisor, Roy Truly called him "an above average employee - did a good day's work."
During the week, Oswald stayed at a rooming house in Dallas, but on the weekend, visited Marina and the baby in Irving.
Between 2-3 weeks before the assassination,Oswald visited the Dallas FBI office, asking to see an agent James Hosty. When told he was not available, Oswald left a note with the receptionist that basically stated "Let this be a warning. I will blow up the FBI office and the Dallas police department if you don't stop bothering my wife". The FBI had visited the Paine house in Irving (where Marina was staying) twice looking for Lee Harvey.
There is contention as to WHAT the note really said, but it was not given much thought and was destroyed after the assassination.
On the day before the assassination, Oswald had a co-worker drive him to Irving to pick up "some curtain rods" (the bag most likely contained the rifle used), When Oswald returned to Dallas, he did leave behind his wedding ring and $170.
The day of the shooting contains inaccuracies as to WHERE Oswald was spotted before the Kennedy motorcade drove by the building. One person says he was on the 6th floor, while another person places him on the first floor, reading a newspaper.
Still another co-worker said at the time of the shooting, NO ONE was on the 6th floor, but he did say some boxes books prevented him from seeing deep into "the sniper's nest".
In any event, we believe we know what took place after this. Oswald left the building, as confronted by Dallas PD officer J.D.Tippit (who was killed by  Oswald), according to 4 casings found at the scene...but didn't Oswald have a REVOLVER?
So why would he dump the brass (being from the military, you learn to police your brass) when he knew that could put police on his trail? That doesn't make sense to me.
Oswald was arrested and taken into custody at a movie theater,and we know the rest...short as it was.
Rule#1 - Assassinate the assassin.
And there you have it...lots of controversy to go around...with a few inaccuracies tossed in for good measure.
Tomorrow...50 years ago...the tragedy that brought a nation together, and some thoughts on the details.
Also, this evening, I hear WANE will be doing a followup on IS FORT WAYNE A SAFE PLACE?
Should prove interesting...at least I hope so, because in my opinion...it's really not.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Nice quote from JFK. I think he was the last good dem POTUS.

This knockout game is profoundly disturbing. I share your hope that someone with a CCW license puts an end to one of these "games" (think of it as having gone into "sudden death").

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I was very surprised by the NUMBER of JFK quotes that aer rarely, if ever used.
We ALL know the usual ones, but there are a LOT more.

A "Sudden-Death" for the knockoput players (just like in the PROS)...yeah, now THAT would be nice.
You KNOW it'll wind up ccming down to that...and not one mention of RACE in the mix thusfar, unless a shooter of one of these (black) thugs turns out to be WHITE (or Hispanic or Asian).

Then, we start the "Bread and Circuses" all over again

Thanks much for taking rime to roll up today and comment.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Jack Kennedy was a conservative's Democrat.. and in a Catholic family like mine, was close to a saint.

Oswald's whole bio reads like a "here's an idiot we can use" tattoo on his forehead.

And Win's only redeeming purpose was he once gave Laurie a ride to her car in a rainstorm in Glenbrook. Me? I think he's scuzz, walking out off his job when things wouldn't go his way with the rest of Indiana's democRATS.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I agree with you there...JFK was way too "moderate" to be a true LIBERAL, that's for sure.

Regarding Oswald...the words "perfect patsy" come to mind with he as well.

Glad Laurie had a good experience with Win.
(I'd rather walk in the rain, but I've been "soaked" before...LOL)
I would concur that he is more about the PROBLEM than about the SOLUTION.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe up there.