04 November 2013

Monday Musings...
And it's a brand spanking new week staring at us, beginning with a marvelously colorful sunrise.
Today's temps will climb to the mid-50s, with no precipitation and very little if any breeze.
A nice day to watch the leaves fall.
(or rake them all up...sheesh)
We've lots of stuff to get into this morning, so fill up that cup of whatever you're having, and let's get this show rolling.
*** First off the floor today, I would say that we DID make it through the weekend WITHOUT anyone getting shot...
But WAIT, there is more.
We had a double shooting "two-fer" at an apartment complex (Black Bear Creek) on the city's NORTHEAST side located at 1600 Lake Ave. and Reed Rd. (not that far from Snider High School). And you can bet good money that those involved might be your usual suspects (never to be confused with MY "usual suspects"...lol)
One was listed as serious, the other DEAD...so get ready for HOMICIDE NUMBER FORTY, people.
The initial call went out as an argument between girlfriend (CP), boyfriend and ex-boyfriend (typical). Obviously, it escalated beyond reason.
This happened around 0620 hrs this morning, and Wifey said to me:
"Who the hell goes and shoots someone THIS early? I'm busy getting ready for work."
Point well taken, dear...but you have to remember that most of THESE people DO NOT WORK, so they have all this time (and people) to "kill", as it were.
I had heard this on the PD scanner and advised her to be careful, in case the LEOs had the area cordoned off.
No schools were placed on lock-down as of 0700, so I take it to mean everyone's open for business today
I'll update this as needed.
((Editor's Update - 1200 hrs - According to WANE, it was a home invasion by two males. One was shot dead by the resident who was also shot and was taken to hospital in serious condition. He was at home with a woman and a child. The other male suspect is still at-large.))
Moving on...
*** Sunday's paper had some really good stories in it, as I use the time to check ALL the media sources around the city to find out everyone's take on things. And, it's rare that I am discouraged.
-- Kevin Leininger had an excellent commentary on the (rising) homicide rate in Ft. Wayne, and it makes a LOT of sense
Here's this link:
Apparently Kevin picked up what I did when viewing this meeting...councilman John Crawford came to the rescue with facts, figures and stats that PROVE that this city has a problem in it's minority communities. Now, if we can only get the right people to LISTEN...instead of just hear what's being said...for a change.
-- Then, Frank Gray had a riveting commentary, and here's the link:
Frank goes into some of the differences as well as many similarities between THIS year and 1997.
And he talks with someone that was involved, one Kyle Bolton, who grew up in the 'hood, spoke with Gray and paints an image of the so-called "hood" that is neither kind NOR sympathetic.
Bolton stated that FEAR equals RESPECT, and that respect is "earned" through violence.
He says "To kill someone is not out of the ordinary. Anywhere you see a large African-American population, it's like this."
Yeah, I would tend to agree...it's not how things USED to be decades ago, before crack and gangs came to town...ANY town.
Gray says that Bolton broke the pattern by having a role model - someone who gave a damn.
And that "someone" happened to be the NATIONAL GUARD (which he is still a member of).
Bolton believes there are layers upon layers of problems that contribute to these homicides and shootings.
This is that sub-culture I have spoken about many times here...and it is a LEADERLESS sect of our society.
There used to be organization many years ago with most ANY criminal gang or mob, but these days, it's just packs of youth, running amok, causing chaos and settling the most insignificant disputes with extreme violence.
It's a situation where going to prison or getting killed is viewed as honorable.
Now, how f$cked up is THAT, folks?
*** In a related article, there was a story about another problems directly tied into all these shootings - that is VANDALISM by firearms.
Here's the story link:
And naturally, this all seems to happen on the city's (where else) SOUTHEAST SIDE.
The writer of the well-written piece, Archie Ingersoll, interviewed some people who seem to not be as bothered as I would tend to be (and am at this point).
The story relates how several houses were struck by stray bullets, and how some of the residents escaped serious injury.
My only (technical) beef with this is that the bullets are described as "casings", when the casings (cartridges) are what contains the bullet (powder and primer). The casing is what is ejected from a semi-auto pistol...the BULLET is what goes through a house wall.
It would have been better to refer to them as "expended rounds", but let's not split hairs this early.
Police take DOZENS of calls such as these every year, and I can say there are few days that pass WITHOUT some type of "gunplay" in much of the SE side.
We have more shooting of guns than those living in rural area...during deer season.
I plan to email Mr.Ingersoll, and tell him about the 4th of July and (especially) New Year's Eve in these parts...when a Ft. Wayne police cruiser is harder to find than a good neighbor...or a retail business that hasn't closed.
So far THIS year, there have been 105 reports to police for gunshot vandalism, more than ALL the other 3 quadrants COMBINED.
Speaks to the effectiveness of the FWPD command staff down here of late.
Yet, there seems to be no correlation between the gunshot vandalism and the homicide rates.
Some are random in nature, others are "targeted" houses, and others are houses that just "get in the way" of those dumb bullets.
Funny, the law states that "it is illegal to discharge a firearm in the city limits", according to Off. Mike Joyner.
I'm sure there are EXCEPTIONS...like when I drop some perp that decides to break into MY HOUSE, right  Mike?
Not to mention it's OK for police to discharge THEIR weapons...but try telling that to the thug-ass gangs and cliques around town.
The SAME jerkoffs that don't obey ANY law whatsoever, like the law that denies them the ability ot legally PURCHASE a firearm.
Same can be said for parking laws, noise laws, and so on...these people don't give a rat's ass when it comes to LAWS.
*** And along those lines, we have THIS story:
TV judge Glenda Hatchett stopped by to confer with those at Imani Temple church who were interested in halting the violence, and she cited the lack of mentors by the older folks.
Now, while I agree that her approach does deserve merit, there is ONE important caveat to remember...
Youth today simply DO NOT RESPECT the adults or older folks around them.
The old days of "respect your elders" has all but fallen by the wayside, so HOW exactly will Judge Hatchett's idea work?
The allure from the streets is hard to overcome for some, and the loss of any type of traditional black family "unit" in at least 62% of their demographic households bears that out. It's FACT...not fiction.
Let's hope that "in one ear, out the other"  wasn't the message taken from her talk.
*** Lastly today, Fort Wayne DOES have a black community problem, and try as they might, the problem-solvers of that group never seem to find the "heart of the matter", but rather prance all about the real cause of the violence, and all that stems from it.
When has anyone taken the time in that community to teach the youth what ETHICAL BEHAVIOR was.
They've been too busy sticking that "N" into the word ETHICS (turning it into ETHNICS), that they've lost the way on the right path...and at a terrible cost.
It's the whole moral compass gig...when you lose CHARACTER...you've about lost it ALL, and ETHICAL behavior derives from a person's character.
In fact, it all but makes a person what he or she  will become.
It's a ship's rudder of the human condition, and without a rudder, you're in for some rough sailing, tossed about at the mercy of life's tempests.
God helps those who helps themselves, and sooner or later, we ALL have to make that first initial step. God can walk with us in life but it is each of us that has to decide to put that first foot forward.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"Who the hell goes and shoots someone THIS early? I'm busy getting ready for work."

And all this time, I thought I held the gold medal in Monday-hating.

"Youth today simply DO NOT RESPECT the adults or older folks around them."

Exactly. Watch any sitcom and you'll see smart-aleck kids mouthing off to dopey adults. All in good fun, of course. Respecting your elders appears to have gone out of style.

Bob G. said...

John D.:

Nah, we detest Mondays as much as you out in Cuomo-Land...!

Actually, coming from the EAST coast, I've always believed that was our GOD-GIVEN RIGHT...LOL.

When the youth refuse to respect, admire, revere, or even acknowledge the "elders" among us...that's a REALLY bad start down the road to chaos.

Hell, in MY day, ANYONE (at least)ten years OLDER than me was like having God-On-Earth...especially when it came to parents and relatives!
(that was particularly keen with teachers and policemen, too)

We respected them ALL..because we WERE TOLD TO (or else)...end of subject, right?

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Another post well-enough done that I have no need to bloviate excessively on its merits. Thus I'll use uneccesary and enormous words to make it look as though I am.

Also, the part about the boyfriend/ex-bf makes it make a lot more sense of why the resident happened to be, shall we say, prepared for the attack. I'd say, "Next time, don't warn him!" but it would seem that that liner has left dock.

Bob G. said...

By the manner in which the call came across the radio, it sure SOUDNED like we had a frowing domestic dispute with a former "BFotM" (boyfriend of the month), and you never let the FORMER know where the CURRECT boyfriend is cribbing...word to their mother.
Hence, the "home-invasion".

Now, all we need is some "doctoring" of the stats regarding homicides, so we can avoid the "record"...
(like that will make all this crap go away).
You watch and see what happens.

In the meantime, thank you very much for taking time and stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there in Sambonia!