05 November 2013

Tuesday's Tidbits...
That guy with the leaf blower will be here soon, Odie.
Today will probably be the nicest day of this week, weather-wise.
We're looking at temps rising to the mid-60s, with plenty of cloudiness, in expectation of rain later tonight into tomorrow.
Sounds like a great day to get out there and fire up the old leaf-blower (hadda go remind myself).
Well, it's much easier to move DRY leaves than WET ones, plus, next week starts the 2nd pickup schedule for the SOUTH side.
(early as usual - before all the leaves have fallen).
But we do what is required, because as we all know, leaves do not gather themselves at the side of the street or curb-strip.
With that said, let's get into the...rest of the story for today.
*** An update (such as it has become) for the latest shooting/homicide up on Reed Rd. yesterday morning.
Here's the link:
Now, I want to preface any commentary by saying that back on 12 April of 2012, there was another shooting at this complex (Black Bear Creek) where a would-be robber was shot dead by a resident (later cleared of wrongdoing by issue of self-defense), so I have to question the reasoning behind further robberies at such a place.
If you're wanting to rob someone, WHY pick a complex where you know that robbers get shot by residents?
That to me seems a dangerous tactic...better to go to somewhere that residents just hand stuff over, you can tie them up, and take your time, right?
Or, select a complex where you KNOW residents are at work (like what happened to Wifey and I back when we first moved here in 1997 - a notorious year in other ways). But, again, the timing for this "heist" seemed wrong (to me). Mid-morning is better, and after midnight is better yet.
But when people are getting ready for work or prepping the kids for school?
Something doesn't track right with me on this one.
I still believe that robbery could have been a convenient "motive" at this point, and the lack of a description is odd to say the least.
When the dead perp gets ID'ed, we might have a better idea as to who the other one was, because it wouldn't appear to be connected to the rash of apartment robberies we had months ago...THOSE robberies were more or less successful, compared to yesterday's.
I still have this feeling that this particular apartment was targeted...and not a random act of stupidity, and it would not surprise me if there was some sort of relations between someone at the apartment and the perps that broke in...
Or, it could just be two dumbasses looking for a fun time...with one finding a one-way ticket to the morgue.
Curious also were messages left for the FWPD PIO (Mike Joyner) by the Journal-Gazette that went UNanswered. NO description of the other robber...other than he was a MALE suspect...
((...rolls eyes...))
Well now, THAT narrows it WAY down to about 123,000+ people in Allen County.
Stay tuned for more when it becomes available.
Meanwhile, back on the streets...
*** Fort Wayne seems to have this unique ability to have the greatest number of DIFFERING overpasses...when it comes to HEIGHT requirements.
This story caught my eye, simply because of the level of incongruity connected with it:
Somehow, "OOPS" doesn't seem to cover THIS one Harry!
Yes...not one, but TWO semis were stuck under the Fairfield Ave. overpass yesterday...
This overpass is a mere 11' 8" high, while another one only 500 ft. north has a 13' clearance (Clarence).
Another problem is the circle (roundabaout) off of Wayne Trace (heading to Coliseum Blvd.) Wifey nearly got caught behind a truck that DID get stuck there just last week.
If you go around the city and happen to read the posted signage for these overpasses, you clearly see a pattern...of NON-uniformity.
Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark!
And that can play hell with drivers of those tractor-trailers, when trying to navigate UNDER them.
Sometime, the trucks can be extricated if the air is let out of the tires...other times, they have to be pulled out.
What SHOULD have been done a long time ago, was to make ALL the overpasses the SAME HEIGHT...how hard could that have been?
Thing is, I suppose the city found itself immobilized into inaction by a simple conundrum...
They could use this at the K-Mart that's closing.
(hint, either one would work well and keep traffic from becoming a SNAFU)
They'll learn some day...just not today.
*** I was listening to Pat Miller on WOWO yesterday (as I always do), and he had Kevin Leininger on, talking about the story I mentioned HERE yesterday (31 October column)...and then Rev. Bill McGill called in, and he and Pat were talking about the loss of retail on the SE side.
Rev. McGill mentioned that Sears claimed it was a MONETARY decision to close the S. Anthony K-Mart, and not a decision based on the atmosphere of the area (I am paraphrasing). Pat contended that we had one OTHER K-Mart (on Colisuem N.) that was NOT considered for closing...and we had already lost TWO others a year or so ago (which was due to lack of profitability,  the parent company stated). The S. Anthony location stayed OPEN because it was bringing in MORE revenue than those stores that were closed...imagine that.
I knew where Pat was going with this...he was thinking like a follower of Bobby G. - it WAS the crime that was dictating the closure, and that citing money woes by Sears happened to be very "convenient" - a ruse to disguise another reason.
Well, think about it...if you owned BOTH K-Marts, would you rather keep the one open that's in a bad area of town, or the one that's in a better part?
Thing is, the lone location left will funnel ALL the shoppers of OUR K-Mart into THAT one, and that means (as I've stated here) crime will move north...as it HAS been doing,. It just has a little more "help" by closing the S. Anthony K-Mart.
And THESE are the nice aspects to the SE.
Oh, and it was noted that BOTH the Menards and Wal-Mart (down here) were "government-subsidized", so the private sector didn't have ANY dog in this hunt...imagine THAT.
*** Yes, they have moved that M-41 tank (this past weekend) from it's concrete slab near Johnny Appleseed Park to it's new location out on Carroll Rd (veteran's memorial cemetery), and it will be dedicated on Veteran's Day...this coming Monday at 1000 hrs..
(great photo op for our "king", too)
Makes me wonder if the city (or some private group) will find ANOTHER tank to take the Bulldog's place.
There must be some tank in need of a good place to "live".
Would be a nice tribute to those who serve and have served.
But that's me...I'm an old-fashioned kinda guy.
Besides, I know of one "general" with four legs (and his owner) who wouldn't mind taking their walks past another part of American military history.
Carroll Rd has got to be a much longer hike, anyway.
*** Lastly today, history is the best teacher on the planet (with apologies to the lovely Mrs. Bobby G.).
History is something all of us live...some more than others. We are all involved in it, whether we choose to be or not.
Some of us go through it up close and personal, some chronicle the events and people, and still others might appear to be bystanders, but remember with their memories what takes place.
As I say...we're ALL involved at some level.
And history is not only a good teacher, but an important part of how our future can be shaped...at ANY level.
Doesn't matter if it's a global scenario, a national one, or even a local event...we can still be (and often are) a part of it.
The assassination of JFK is coming around, and this time, it's the 50th anniversary of that event...if you're old enough, do YOU recall were YOU were?
How about on 9/11/2001...remember what you were doing when that took place?
And for the very senior among us...remember what you were doing on December 7, 1941?
Sadly, those who do recall such pivotal events are being lost to the ages, and with them, much of what makes this country great.
We need to task these people...and ourselves to recall the facts and the truth surrounding such times in OUR history, to secure a lasting legacy OF that history.
There are those that would seek to "amend" history to fit their agenda...but the truth must always be preserved,  for now...and for generations to come.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"If you're wanting to rob someone, WHY pick a complex where you know that robbers get shot by residents?"

No idea. But I'm always grateful when a dirtbag self-selects out of the gene pool.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Isn't that called SOCIAL DARWINISM?

Or is that "urban renewal"?
(either way, right?)

Thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Rpll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I'm thinking- first, I'm not swallowing robbery was the true motive... maybe in either case, IDK. Second, idiots with the attention span of a bifurcating microbe can hardly be expected to remember something on the news, which would require either reading or looking at something other than a phat booty, both of which I doubt are in their skill-set.

And yes, Carrol road is a bit too far....

Bob G. said...

I feel we'd both be surprised if this was "just a robbery"...
Sure didn't sound like it from what went out on the PD radio.

BTW, does "stealing some trim" qualify as a ROBBERY in these parts?
Home invasion...perhaos, given the possibility of a "lust-trangle".

--Yeah, I figured Carroll Rd was too far for a nature walk.
(perhaps a drive for the "General"?)

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Much apprecated.

You three stay safe up there.